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Genre Fiction Books

Great variety of new and used Genre Fiction Books at much lower prices than other booksellers.

Readers love books, and we love readers! ThriftBooks offers thousands of genre fiction books at lower prices than our competitors. Whether you're browsing for a new book that catches your interest or looking for the next novel in a series, our selection of new and used books is sure to have what you're looking for.

What Are Genre Fiction Books?

There are many genres of fiction, and each genre has its fans. Genre fiction, or popular fiction, books are written to attract readers who are already interested in specific fictional genres. For instance, an author might choose to write a novel about werewolves, knowing that many readers are likely to purchase their book due to their existing interest in werewolf stories.

There are many popular categories of genre fiction books, although each contains many subgenres.

Fantasy Fiction Books

Stories in this subgenre are often set in alternate universes, and many feature magical or supernatural elements. While characters may sometimes act in "normal" ways, the setting and imaginary rules of the fantasy world capture the readers' attention.

Romance Fiction Books

Romance fiction plots revolve around the main characters' love relationships. Strong, appealing heroes and heroines often face adversities when building their relationships in these books. Authors often use believable plots to attract readers. Most romance fiction novels have optimistic endings with the emotional conflict resolved.

Mystery Fiction Books

Who isn’t intrigued when presented with a mystery? These stories can focus on a recurring character in a series, such as a police detective solving different crimes. Plots frequently involve multiple suspects, encouraging readers to speculate about the villain’s identity while reading. Readers learn about the detective methods for solving the mystery throughout the book, and details about how the crime was carried out are usually revealed when the villain is unmasked at the end of the story.

Horror Fiction Books

These books are written to provoke powerful emotional responses such as fright, shock, or disgust. The frightening plot can involve supernatural phenomena or creatures or disturbing, realistic psychological situations. Authors use detailed descriptions to make readers feel that the scary storyline could happen to them. Suspense often increases as plots develop, and readers are drawn into the characters’ struggles. Endings usually include a dramatic showdown between good and evil forces.

Thriller Fiction Books

Authors write thrillers to create a variety of specific emotional reactions, such as anticipation, exhilaration, surprise, anxiety, and excitement. Plots are often fast-paced and include action scenes, entertaining readers with almost constant suspense, mystery, and tension. Heroes and villains may face off multiple times as the plot unfolds, culminating in climactic, fulfilling endings.

Why ThriftBooks?

We carry a wide variety of genre fiction books at low prices, and we pass our savings on to our customers. Some of the ways you can save with ThriftBooks include:

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If you’re looking for affordable gifts or adding to your own library, you have come to the right place. Browse our selection and find your new favorite story today.

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