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Paperback Lord of the Rings in German Book

ISBN: 3608952128

ISBN13: 9783608952124

Lord of the Rings in German

(Book #1 in the The Lord of the Rings Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good


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Book Overview

This description may be from another edition of this product. The first volume in J.R.R. Tolkien's epic adventure THE LORD OF THE RINGS One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In ancient times...

Customer Reviews

14 ratings

Wrong book

I was trying to order a set of the three books. I got one of three with the cover I selected and two with the movie cover on it. I purposefully didn’t order with the movie cover on it because I prefer the designs of the other ones.

Cover art not what I anticipated.

Ordered the book because of the cover art, disappointed to receive a different edition. Already own copies of the book, the pictured art was the only reason for purchase.

Not the right quality

Ordered “like new”. It’s “good” at best. Yellow pages, obviously used more than 10 times. Bent corners and the sides are torn up. Only time I’ve had this issue.

Terrible condition.

Purchased "Like New" but received barely "Acceptable". The rest of my order, which are in "Very Good" condition, are in better shape than what you're trying to pass off as "Like New". I'm extremely disappointed. I get that these are discounted books, but how hard is it to send me what I paid for?

Wrong language

I ordered this book about a week ago. When I order it it advertised that the book was in Spanish, but when I received it it was in English. I will stay with the book because it was in great condition and probably buy another one is Spanish but please advertise the right language.

Not as pictured

Very disappointed. I was trying to get a matching set of the books. Ordered a mass market paper back with an illustrated cover received a movie cover which I am not a fan of.

Not the book i expected.

I love the book but I thought I was buying the Alan Lee illustrated version to match the other two I have. When I ordered the book, the images were that of the illustrated version and that is not what I received.

The book was missing 32 pages!!! Very frustrating 😡

The book was missing 32 pages!!! Very frustrating 😡

The books I received were not the ones pictured.

The books online appear to be the “mass market paperback” with writing and dark colors but what I received are the movie covers. :/

Best book ever


Una genialidad de Tolkien

Este libro es definitivamente un libro para toda persona que quiera tener una biblioteca completa. Esta es la obra maestra de J.R.R. Tolkien. La genialidad de poder llevarlo a uno a los lugares que estan siendo descritos, y la habilidad de poder incluirlo a uno en la historia es fascinante. Espero que lo disfruten

Great book; Spanish translation a little clunky at times

Let me just start by declaring my belief that JRR Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings" is one of the greatest works of fiction -- not just fantasy, but ALL fiction -- ever. And I've read a lot of fiction in my life! Still, the main question here is whether or not the Spanish language translation does the original English book justice. Unfortunately, I'd have to say that from that perspective, "El Senor de los Anillos" has some serious problems. The main problem is probably inherent to ANY translation of Tolkien from English into another language. Professor Tolkien, as a great student of language, chose his words, accents, and dialects extremely carefully. Unfortunately, many of these choices, such as Sam's working class speech patterns ("coneys," "Gaffer," and all his many idiosyncratic sayings and references), or the Orcs rough (Cockney?) accents, just don't really come across in Spanish. I have found the same thing in other translations, such as when I read "Tom Sawyer" in French back in High School. Same deal. In addition, however, I also caught numerous instances of outright errors in "El Senor de los Anillos," which in the case of Tolkien and his care for such things, are truly egregious. For instance, on numerous occasions the translator said "East" when he meant "West" or vice versa. Not good, especially when these directions are fraught with meaning in Tolkien's conception of Middle Earth. Less egregiously, I found some of the literal translations -- "Bolson" for "Baggins" or "Comarca" for "Shire" simply to be annoying. Why translate proper names? Must be a translator thing; I just don't understand!Finally, a problem both with translation into other languages as well as into film is the loss of much of Tolkien's poetry. In the case of the blockbuster movie trilogy, poetry was kept to a minimum in favor of a predictable (heavy) emphasis on action, action, and more ACTION! In the Spanish translation, the problem is that the rhyming schemes which Tolkien uses, which are critical (in my humble opinion) to a true appreciation and enjoyment of the poems, are basically demolished. Maybe it wouldn't matter so much with other authors, but again, in the case of Tolkien, where each word choice is given tremendous thought and care, alteration of rhyming patterns can only lessen the impact of what Tolkien is getting at and the sheer beauty of his poetry.Having said all this, despite the frustrations mentioned above, I enjoyed reading Lord of the Rings in Spanish, which I mainly undertook as part of my studies of the language. Reading a familiar book in another language is not a bad way to improve your vocabulary and general command of that language. Still, I would love to see a translation of "Lord of the Rings" that comes without the sloppy errors and that rings truer in spirit to the original.


Este libro de aventuras epicas nos revela una gran imaginacion de parte de su autor, en el cual poco a poco nos internamos en un mundo completamente nuevo, y sin sentirlo llegamos a ser parte de la aventura. En verdad queda poco tiempo para desviarse de la lectura mientras uno tiene tiempo libre, pues la narracion es tan absorvente que quieres devorar literalmente hoja por hoja cada una de las aventuras de los personajes de esta historia.Si te gustan los libros de aventuras epicas y mitologia, creo que estos libros te van a encantar

Finally a "real" unabridged recording of LOTR

I am not one who usually buys books-on-tape (or CD as in this case) but I have long wanted to obtain the Lord of the Rings so as to hear this incredible story over and over. After having read it several times, my book is in tatters and so I searched for an unabridged audio recording. Many of those that I have seen claim to be "unabridged" but the fact is that they are not complete! They give parts of the books in full but leave out many sections or chapters. This set by Rob Inglis is COMPLETE!!! It is very well read with no drastic voicing of characters. Characters are easily distinguished and thoroughly enjoyable. This set is not full of sound effects and music, so if you are looking for that this is not for you. However, I personally prefer the fact that this is not an over-production and is rather quite focussed on what I wanted in the first place, the characters and the story. Inglis does a marvelous job and I am very happy with this set. Again, not to harp on it but, this is a "complete" package well worth the money!!!

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