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Stephen King's classic #1 New York Times bestseller and the basis for the massively successful films It: Chapter One and It: Chapter Two as well as inspiration for HBO Max's upcoming Welcome to... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

17 ratings

Good condition, fast shipping

This book arrived in the promised condition and was shipped/received very quickly!

Good condition but dust jacket is missing

Though the book is in good condition, but the dust jacket is missing. If it was included in the description, I would've waited longer for a copy with the dust jacket.

Great story, bad quality book

I ordered a "very good" hardback copy and received one with stains on the pages and a not so great spine. I feel the quality only extended to the dust jacket.

A long tenuous ride trying to survive evils with pre-teens

3/5 stars because the first thousand pages were interesting enough to keep someone reading which says a lot and I think Pennywise is a great character idea. BUT the last <200 pages basically upended the book I in my opinion. Its hard to read, the focus becomes kind of silly, suddenly both heavy on spiritual and something similar to sci-fi? It reads like an entirely different book to me and it’s not a fun ride anymore, reading it became a chore. Then .. I got to the last 100ish pages and had to just close up shop and call it quits. I’ve never had to do that before with a book. I won’t spoil the book but it’s probably as taboo as King could’ve written, which is fine but the problem to me was that it read like a really forced narrative and gratuitous taboo that didn’t make sense with the story.


I loved the movie and want to read the book but I'm cheap the outside was a little not pretty but the inside was fine the pages aren't ripped but there yellowing for aging on the ends

Good book if all the copies weren't junk

Sadly every copy I had gotten was falling apart

Good copy?

I ordered a good copy... I'm OK with wear and tear. But it had a huge hole in the bottom of the cover.



Great book.

Didn’t mention no DJ. Disappointed. Great story.


This book is terrifying and funny at the same time. It goes between them as adults and them as kids and the difference is outstanding. This has to be his best work. Anyone who enjoys the new movies will love this book! It's so much better.

Stephen King is my favourite.

I loved the twists and turns of the book, I disliked some of the scenes themselves, although I understood the messages it relayed.

Great story

Pennywise is one of the best bad guys I have ever run into. Loved the story the first time I read it and the second time too.

greatest yet by Stephen King

The is absolutely the unable to put down book by Mr. King. A fantastic ride!

This is It

"The terror, which would not end for another twenty-eight years--if it ever did end--began, so far as I can tell, with a boat made from a sheet of newspaper floating down a gutter swollen with rain."This is the first line of "It," the beginning to one of Stephen King's masterpieces, and probably the most incredible story I've ever read. Those who complain about it's length... they need patience. Those who complain about its characters... they need to look around at themselves and others. Those who complain about it being vulgar, vile, or horrific... that's part of the story, and not to embrace it means you miss out on something extraordinary.In the summer of 1958, seven friends encountered something horrible in their town of Derry, Maine. This something fed on children, hunting them, preying on them, and devouring them. It could shape itself in any way It liked, whatever their nightmares suited, but always with one trademark: the semblance of a clown. The seven friends all had something in common: They had all escaped It at some point. And in that summer, they learned about It, confronted It, and killed It... or so they thought.28 years later... A boy named Adrian Mellon is apparently thrown off a bridge by two other boys for his sexuality. It seems like an open-and-shut case, but the boys claim that there was something down below... a clown and a cloud of balloons.Soon the friends are being called back to Derry, told that It is back. They made a vow, sealed in blood, to return if It wasn't dead. Each of them is now very successful, and the thought of returning to Derry, of going back to the horror that they'd all forgotten, is more than they can bear, but they had made a promise."It" is two stories being told at once. One is the story of their childhood, of their first encounter with Pennywise the Clown, their troubles with the local bullies, the impact of It upon their lives, their own personal struggles, and the eventual defeat of It. This is told from the beginning of the book to the near end of it. At the same time, the story of the return to Derry, of the research done to see what It was, the memories that were now urging to return, and subsequent events that followed which I won't spoil here. Both timelines alternate in their tellings to fit one another perfectly, even if not in perfect chronological order, and they're even further juiced with quick points of time long before their own, dipping into what else It has been up to. This construction is utterly beautiful in how it's placed, and completely builds the story up for all its plot points and climax. "It" also easily avoids a problem with many long Stephen King books: Plot threads that go nowhere. The characters are completely immersive and none are the all-too-well-known cliches. Bill Denbrough is the leader of the group, with a bone to pick with It, and his own problem of stuttering. Richie Tozier has a smart mouth and a big ego, one that hides things from the others that he's asham

Without doubt the best novel ever written by Stephen King

I was 12 years old when I was reading this book and, having a vivid imagination, it scared the hell out of me. I slept for weeks with lights on in my room and I always had a slightly bad feeling while going to the toilet (read the book to know why)...I guess why this book captivated me so much is that the heroes are children, young and not among the most popular, smartest or strongest. Young boys and a girl you could yourself identify with. They arent the most popular, strongest or smartest kids... All are haunted because of their bad family situation, rough pupils, health problems... And its those loners, finding together and finally confronting a century-old evil force living in the Derry canalisation... An evil force, IT, that the adults of Derry dont want to realize it exists...The books is cleverly made, offering insight in the life of the main charcters both as youngsters and adults, confronted again 20 years later by the evil they thought they had destroyed in a memorable fight a long time ago...This is the best Stephen King ever achieved.

i still have nightmares about clowns...

this was and is still the only stephen king novel I have ever read. i have read it at least twice and plan on reading it again when time permits... it is a long book (over 1000 pages).it is the 1950s...the book tells the story of a group of teens in derry, maine and their horrifying experiences with an evil entity that lives off their city. when it seems the evil is put to rest, the teens part ways, grow up, and pursue adulthood. they have, however, vow to come back to finish the evil off if IT is not really dead.enter the mid 1980s... murders have started again in derry. IT has returned. the only teen who stayed behind in derry is now a libarian. he calls his friends back to finish the evil that is IT once and for all.this book is absolutely amazing. it makes for a very enjoyable read. the characters are so real, derry seems like it could actually exist, and the horror comes on early and plenty. once I was finished reading this book, it felt as if I had lived my life with these people, experienced the terrors that they went through. I was satisfied emotionally and intellectually. King's IT is a must read, if you like horror or not.

This book is only scary to the intelligent.

I had never been a fan of Stephen King until I saw the film version of IT at age 10. It effected me for months. Suddenly walking past a drain pipe became excruciatingly horrific. One year later my brother bought the book and I took it upon my 11-year-old shoulders to read it. Being the same age as the losers at the time I was intrigued. While it is well over 1,000 pages long, I have read it about 6 times. The time setting for the childhood horrors couldn't have been better. The innocence of the 50's clashing with the evil living inside the drainpipes of quaint Derry, Maine. I have never loved a book this much. King does a great job of switching from the respectable well-off grownups of the 80's to the strong children of 1958. On second viewing I hated the movie. It did nothing but cheesily retard the book. It barely stuck to the storyline. If you have some time, definitely read this horrorfest.

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