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Paperback A Walk to Remember Book

ISBN: 0446693804

ISBN13: 9780446693806

A Walk to Remember

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Book Overview

The heartbreaking story of star-crossed high school lovers--a rebel and a minister's daughter--who find love and courage in each other, from the world's #1 beloved author of love stories. There was a time when the world was sweeter....when the women in Beaufort, North Carolina, wore dresses, and the men donned hats.... Every April, when the wind smells of both the sea and lilacs, Landon Carter remembers 1958, his last year at Beaufort High. Landon...

Customer Reviews

13 ratings

Sweet,simple and sincere

This is one of the rare times when I enjoyed the movie more than the book. But, the book is still wonderful and is beautifully written .

It is indeed, a walk to remember 😊

Prepare your tissues. Prepare your heart. Prepare to hope. Prepare to never lose hope. Prepare for a great story 😊

Nice story

Enjoyed this book. I always avoided this type of fiction however, recently purchased three Nicholas Sparks books and really was entertained. Lovely story. Worth a read

Comfort Read

Finished this in about 3dayz lol. The story was really nice and sweet and I did definitely cry a little at the end. Kleenex Rating was a 2/5 😁

A love story to remember!

I remember seeing the film version of this book, and instantly loving it! A lot of guys would probably say I should be embarrassed to admit it, since I’m a guy. But I’m not. My favorite genre of fiction, in movies and in books, is horror, but I won’t deny to anyone who ever asks that I have also been a fan of romance for probably most of my life. And why not? The emotion is something that probably everyone on earth has experienced at one time or another, whether or not it ever led to a serious relationship. While I was in school, I had a crush on two different girls; the first time was when I was only in the second grade, when I liked the girl enough to pretend to marry her on the playground more than once. The second time was in high school, and that’s just because the girl was someone I thought was a pretty blonde. We’ve all experienced the feeling of either being in love, or at least thinking we are, at least once or twice in our lives. And even in real life, we’ve found ourselves unable, sometimes, to keep from watching a couple interact with each other in public, because it’s sweet, particularly if they’re a young couple. That’s why I think so many movies or books in this genre are about young people. If you’re in love, I’ve always thought that the feeling was never sweeter than when it happens to you as a teenager; during those years, I’ve often been told, is when people experience those emotions at their most intense. Whether he writes about adults or teenagers, Nicholas Sparks seems to be a master at writing about fateful romances. As A Walk to Remember proves, I don’t think anyone does a better job of writing powerful love stories about teenage characters. He’s an especially great choice for readers who love romances that are also tearjerkers! Landon and Jamie will steal your heart in this heartwarming story; then, as the book, which is satisfyingly short enough to guarantee a quick read, progresses, these two endearing characters will also BREAK your heart! A strong warning to those who first saw the movie, as I did: You will probably still be a fan of the movie after you read the book. I still love watching it occasionally. But there are big differences between them—I know, I know, there always are—but, in this case, the biggest one may surprise you. Since the movie was released in 2002, I believe, it takes place the same year. Even though the book was published in 1999, however, it is actually set back in the 1950s. If you’re a fan of Nicholas Sparks, I certainly hope you enjoy this book because I thought it was amazing when I read it. It’s only the third book of his that I’ve read, but it will always be a big favorite! To Sparks’ fans who have yet to read it, it comes with my highest recommendation! The same goes for the equally fantastic movie!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thumbs Up!!

When I started reading this, I figured it would be just like the movie. I was surprised to find that it was nothing like the movie. Some things were the same, yes. But for the most part, it was so different. You found out so many more details and backstories on the characters. It was a great read. I highly recommend it.

Love love love

His storys are the best, i hadnt seen the movie so i read the book first then saw the movie but i def love the book better.

Definitely not like the movie

I thought since I looooove the movie so much I’ll give the book a read. Boy was I wrong, I definitely did not like the book better. I guess the only thing nice I can say is I like that we got alot of background on Landon and Jamie’s family.

It really us a memorable walk

This book is wonderful. It is far more sensitive and sweet than the movie version, but it still gives vivid insight into the effects we have on others- how we can all change for the better if we just have someone in our lives who expects it of us.

A Real Tearjerker that tugs at your heartstrings.

A Walk To Remember is my favorite romance book that I've ever read. I read the book this summer for something to read because I hadn't read much books and all the teen books that I looked at didn't catch my interest. I hadn't heard about Nicholas Sparks until actually last year when my PE class was watching Message In The Bottle and I usually liked books over movie. So I decided to give this guy a shot. The minute I began reading it I was hooked.Landon Carter is a senior about to hit adulthood and is still unsure what he wants out of life. He believes that he's been in love with a girl or two. He and his friends shun the minister's daughter, Jamie because she does good things and loves to read her Bible daily. Jamie is a shy girl, who only wants to do good and be there for her father since her mother died when she was little. She also always is involved in something, whether it be the orphange or the annual Christmas play that she always in.Over the course of the senior year, Landon and Jamie end up going to a dance together because he needed a date. She later on asks him to be in the play with her. From there on, Landon sees Jamie as the person she is and how beautiful she on the inside as well as the outside. Love sparks between the two of them and everything seems to be falling into place until Jamie reveals something to Landon. I won't tell you what, so you will just have to read it to find out. This story is beautifully written and it will definetely affect you in some way. Be prepared for tears though. So cuddle up, and have a tissue box near by and you will be all set.

The sweetest love story ever told...

Attention readers: Invest in Kleenex! After reading this book, you will know the reason. Nicholas Sparks has such a gentle, sweet way with words. I thoroughly enjoyed A Walk to Remember, this beautiful love story that pulled me in from the start and held me in rapt attention throughout. So pull out your hankies and sit down for an enjoyable, emotionally charged read.There was only one reason for 17-year-old high school Senior, Landon Carter, to enroll in Drama - a chance to take it easy for an hour. Plus there was only one other boy in a class full of girls, a benefit of the highest degree. Also in the class is Jamie Sullivan, the unpopular preacher's daughter who no one wants to hang around. She is also the only girl left when it comes time for the homecoming dance. Although not his first choice and the fact that he's running out of time, Landon asks Jamie to be his date. Her agreement became the crucial moment, the pedal that got the wheel to spinning, the stepping stone to one of the most beautiful and courageous love stories ever written.What a valuable lesson this novel serves to teach. Those who may be different from us, status or otherwise, can be the most wonderful people to know. Jamie Sullivan is a character that is pure in heart and would be such a joy to spend a day with. There should be more people like her, and like Landon, a boy who took a chance on her and found a love unlike anything he'd ever known. I applaud Nicholas Sparks for writing this bittersweet and uplifting story. The time and tears spent on this novel was well worth it.

A Walk to Remember is a novel to remember

A Walk to Remember is a fictional novel with more to offer than an average love story. Nicholas Sparks creates in-depth characters who are sensitive and receptive to life. The main character, Landon Carter, tells his story of self-exploration which dates back to the year 1958. Landon lives in the small town of Beaufort located in North Carolina. This setting is significant because it plays a large role in the kinds of relationships the characters have with each other. Being a small southern town, the people are close with one another and know everything about one another. Landon is a senior in high school who is searching for something. He bases many opinions on the way things look and tends to go along with the crowd. Landon's outlooks, and views on life change throughout the novel because of a special relationship with a character named Jamie Sullivan. Jamie is an admirable person who is self-confident, secure with herself, and entirely selfless. Being the daughter of a widowed Baptist minister, Jamie possesses a strong faith. She carries a Bible with her at school, cares for orphaned children, and rescues wounded animals. Jamie is different from the other girls at her high school. She doesn't pay attention to how her hair looks, or the latest fashion trends, she is entirely devoted to helping other people and putting others first. With a twist of fate, two opposite personalities are unpredictably brought together to form a unique relationship.The story mainly focus's on the growth of Landon's character and the romantic relationship that is formed between Landon and Jamie. Through different events in the novel, the quality of Landon's character and the quality of the relationship improves. For example, Jamie brings Landon with her to the children's orphanage and this experience opens his eyes and causes him to be more sensitive. He not only changes himself by doing things with Jamie, he also learns from her forgiveness. In the first stage of their friendship, Landon mistreats her because he cares too much about what his peers think. Jamie possesses the quality of forgiveness and is able to pardon Landon for his actions even though she was deeply hurt. Landon falls in love with Jamie for her soul, and for her compassion. Jamie falls in love with Landon's sincerity and his ability to change and accept things. The two teenagers are inseparable and devote all of their time to each other. They share everything in each other's lives except one secret that Jamie has kept from the whole town including her soul-mate. In the end, Jamie is not strong enough to carry this heavy burden. She must rely on the sweet love of Landon to get her through her life-changing secret. After I finished this novel, I felt as though I had been through so much. I felt the emotional effects of the story deeply. I was so attached to the novel; any moment of free time, I read a new chapter. Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the story, I let myself become friends with the charact

Don't miss this one

Although the plot is predictable, boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy looses girl, I found this to be a book that I could not put down. It has also stayed with me long after I finished reading it. The characters, setting and author's narrative are vividly developed. These people and this place feel real to me. No matter what part of the country you're from, this setting will remind you of home and simpler times. It will evoke the spectrum of emotional reactions, from laughter to tears. It certainly reminded me of my own coming of age experiences when many of the world's lessons were yet to be discovered. Part of what lingers is the disappointment when the protagonist realizes that all endings aren't happy. I'm sure most of us can relate to that.
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