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Mass Market Paperback Flowers in Attic Book

ISBN: 0671462970

ISBN13: 9780671462970

Flowers in Attic

(Book #1 in the Dollanganger Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Good

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Book Overview

Celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the enduring gothic masterpiece Flowers in the Attic--the unforgettable forbidden love story that earned V.C. Andrews a fiercely devoted fan base and became an... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

11 ratings


However the writing is very good the story just seems to drag on and on. Nothing new has really happened since the kids got locked in the room with the attic. The mom keeps coming with new outfits and telling the kids stories etc. I read a few other reviews and decided that I didn't want to finish. I don't think I will read the other books in this series either.

Favorite, love!!

I seriously loved this one more than most.

Disappointed with the edition I received.

I'm trying to collect the original series of VC Andrew's Flowers in the attic. The dust jacket included was not the original printed one and that's the one I specifically picked. The other books I ordered in the series didn't include the dust jacket at all.

Still haunting after all these years.

The best series VC Andrews wrote!

This isn't the book that I ordered....

I saw that my book had been delivered and excitedly ran to my mailbox to get it, only to find a book called "Switch On Your Brain. " and while it seems weirdly relevant to my needs, lol, it's not Flowers in The Attic or even close....

My absolute favorite

This book, plain and simple, does not compare to anything else I've ever read. I first read this book in middle school and to this day, it remains my absolute favorite book. I pride myself in owning every VC Andrews book to date, but this book is truly a treasure. It's complicated to explain to people who don't understand the lives these 4 children live. They hear the word 'incest' and automatically dismiss the book. But, I assure you, it is so much more than that! It's love, heartache, coming-of-age, mournful. I cannot praise the book enough. It does deal with some heavy subject matters, much like the other series from Ms. Andrews, but it does it's job of pulling you out of reality, and plugging you right in to Catherine's world, as she sees it.

Absolutely amazing

I was first interested in the series after seeing the movies, not knowing it was from a book. I then ordered the books and loved them. They're happy and sad and mysterious all at the same time.

The Most Powerful Epic I've Ever Read, Seen, Heard

Bottom line, I've been alive 28 years on this earth and I've seen thousands and thousands of stories in the mediums of film, television, anime, books, and comic books, but they all pale in comparison to this. And I do not say that lightly. I enjoy horror and thought nothing more could scare me. Nothing has in years but `Flowers In The Attic' caused me to lose two full weeks of sleep. I never thought a book could affect me so much. VC Andrews' writing style in very emotional. I really believed I was one of those children being tormented in that attic. Most of what I knew about `Flowers In The Attic' was from the fans reminiscing on how they first read it as a teenager and it was their first "trashy book". A guilty pleasure of vulgarity. `Flowers In The Attic' is vulgar, but far too disturbing to be classified as a "pleasure" or "trash." "Sick, depraved, disgusting, depressing, vile, and horrific," are better words. I could never have even envisioned that the darkest demon in hell could concoct such an atrocity. Were these the missing chapters of `The Necrnomicon' Satan removed because they were too offensive? What's truly scary about the book is the way the children are tortured and destroyed mentally not just physically. The physical would be just a mere description of pain. The mental is evident in 12 year old Cathy's narration. We are not just seeing her pain we are feeling her emotions. Feeling her mind become twisted. VC Andrews really gets into the reader's mind and soul so that like Cathy we share her insanity of thinking. When people think of incest they are typically disgusted and or amused. "Ewww West Virginia." "Ha ha, Jerry Springer." Instead we end up cheering them on! Andrews makes us feel such empathy for the children that we are thrilled that anything (no matter what) has put a smile on their faces. The romance between the two is so intense. The drama of their love comes not from sex, that could simply be attributed to the raging hormones of teenagers, but rather the romance and how they are truly in love with each other. Cathy and Chris holding hands and staring into each others eyes is far more powerful and demented than anything they could have done in bed. In the sequel `Pedals In The Wind', Cathy and Chris agree that their love is no doubt only a result of the trauma they suffered. The reality is that they did suffer the trauma and they do feel this way. How did this come to rate as my ALL TIME FAVORITE EPIC? First and foremost is undoubtedly VC Andrews' writing style. She can make paint drying seem fascinating. The conflict between good and evil could not be more intense. Children make the best heroes because they are innocents and when they achieve courage it is more rewarding. The villains being adults is effective. They are far more evil than any dictator on a throne because they are victimizing their own children simply for sadistic pleasure. There is no logic to it. In the attic the children experience everyth



Mesmerizing, Frightening, a story I still think about

I read this novel several years ago-when I was about 15 or 16-for the first time. It has remained my favorite since then. I have often thought that this story, more than any other, exemplified the dark shadows in the human heart. The story speaks volumes-if the reader can put aside their own paranoia about incest and abuse and the other things that go on in society that most people want to sweep under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist. The story speaks to the vulnerability of children, how every child is really at the mercy of their parents. What happens in childhood reverberates throughout one's life. I thought Cathy was the most painfully real heroine-all of her emotions poured out on the pages-enough to fill your eyes with tears for all she could have been and what, you knewm she would become. She is full of justifiable hate, yet racked by guilt, desperate for love, consumed with desire, but at heart a good person. The incest was disturbing, but written so well, that even the most cold-hearted reader couldn't help but pity Chris and Cathy. Circumstances forced them to make choices that they might otherwise not have made. The story is haunting, the kind of thing that keeps you thinking long after the book is finished. Wondering if the children's horror were yours, how would you have turned out?

An excellent novel and I recommend it to all.

A story of a widowed mother of 4 young children who takes her family to her own very wealthy mothers house to live until she can get a job and support herself and children. A number of years before, she fell in love with her cousin and her father said that if they were to ever get married he'd write her off of his will, and if they were to bare children, he would never ever forgive her. She did marry him, and she was written out of his will. However he did not discover that they had children, but the evil and cruel mother did. So, the children live upstairs in the attic, where their grandmother brings them food everyday, until hopefully their mother can be forgiven by her father, and be written back onto the will. However, the few days that are supposed to be taken to get written back on the will, turn into years and the children are eventually forgotten. They escape after 4 years of being locked up.

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