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Mass Market Paperback Jurassic Park Book

ISBN: 0345370775

ISBN13: 9780345370778

Jurassic Park

(Book #1 in the Jurassic Park Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Good

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Book Overview

An astonishing technique for recovering and cloning dinosaur DNA has been discovered. Creatures once extinct now roam Jurassic Park, soon-to-be opened as a theme park. Until something goes wrong...and science proves a dangerous toy.... "Wonderful...Powerful." THE WASHINGTON POST BOOK WORLD

Customer Reviews

18 ratings

Really wanted a worn in loved copy of this book, I locally thrifted The Lost World and needed a copy

I can't wait to read the original imagined world of the movies that I have loved for years

Michael Chrichton

This book is typical Micheal Chrichton. His use of technology and science border on annoying but in this instance it works well. It adds to his plot and makes a book about dinosaurs feel very grown-up and mature. A good read.

I could not put it down!

The characters in the movie always felt a little off when I would watch it. I now know why. They are vastly different than their book personalities. Jurassic Park was well written and kept me wanting more. I felt like I was there with them. An amazing balance of science, fear, and action. I can not wait to buy and read the next book.

I'm on my third reread of this book!

It is simply my current favorite book. I ended up hyperfixating on the movie and thought to get and read the book as well since I got tired of watching the movie over and over again. I loved it! A true 20/10! It's got so much action, some gore, amazing characters, and Micheal Crichton is able to paint pictures of Isla Nublar and all its creatures into my head. It is truly worth the read! What I wouldn't do to get to read this book for the first time again

You Must Read This Book And The Sequel!

Love this book! Saw the movie many times over the years. Sometimes it can be intimidating reading a book when you’ve seen the movie first, but this book did not disappoint! I plan to read it many many times again in the future! I love dinosaurs and I especially love books with dinosaurs!!!

Couldn't put it down

I am college-aged and always loved the Jurassic movies so I thought I'd give the book a try and boy am I glad I did. I could hardly put it down, finished it in 3 days. Definitely a fun read, would recommend.

Be cautious if placing an order for Jurassic Park: The Gift Edition

I placed an order for the listing Jurassic Park: The Gift Edition, which is a special, limited hardcover edition from 1993 featuring 12 pieces of paleo-art inside the book. It was marked as on sale, so I ordered it, however I was suspicious. Sure enough, when my book arrived, it was the regular hardcover edition (black cover and missing sleeve), which I owned already. I didn't lose too much money-wise, but I was disappointed. I would have put in for a return and refund, however my husband was interested in it, so I gave it to him. If the offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Ignited my love of reading in 5th grade

This book ignited my love of reading and sci fi in general. Crichton became my favorite author after reading this in 5th grade. Everything about it is magical. To this day, at 38 if I'm not in the middle of a sci-fi novel I get depressed, it sounds dumb, but it led me to delve deeper into Asimov, Harrison, Haldeman, and every Star wars novel ever written. I'm a mom of two and my niece and son are starting to develop my love of scifi and I can go early thank this novel and Crichton for that. Read it 6x before high school and every one of his novels.

Great mix of science and mystery

This book starts out strong but the end is a cop out to get you to buy the second book. But it's a great mix of science and mystery.

Nothing if not better than the movie

I throughly enjoyed reading every bit of the book. The book dives in the characters and there is so much more to the book than is included in the movie. I think the book is appropriate for all ages. I would suggest it to High school aged kids and older. It dives more into the genetics of Jurassic Park as well, so you get a more inside scoop on how the Dinosaurs are made in the book.

Jurassic park is one of my favorite Michael Crichton books


Loved this book!

Couldn't put it down!


A thrilling reminder to respect nature that's just as relevant today as the day it was published! Keeps you on the edge of your seat and really makes you think.

Chaos theory

I learn a new concept in every Chrichton book. And it adds so much to the story. There's even a mathematic formula representing chaos theory on each chapter, expanding and warping. He's amazing and so is Jurassic Park.


I couldn't put it down!

One of Crichton's Best?

It's been a few years since I've read this book, but it still stands out to me as one of my favorite works of (modern) fiction. This book is very fast paced and when I read it, I had a really hard time putting it down. I read it cover to cover almost non-stop. I can imagine this book becoming a little more popular again with all the talk of cloning going on and while the ideas in this book are far-fetched, I'm sure it will help some people make opinions on whether or not cloning is good or bad. So, if you're looking for a great, faced paced sci-fi thriller, you may want to pick up Jurassic Park. I also feel the book is much better than the movie despite the fact that Spielberg directed JP in 1991. The story line is MUCH more devolped and the ending is entirely different! So, if you've seen the movie and liked it and have yet to read the book, I suggest you do - you will definitely enjoy this book.

Best book I've read!

I've searching for an equal to this book but the closest I've read is the sequel! You've got to read this book! You won't regret it!

One of the best I've ever read

This is one great book. This book has some great characters, storylines, and is indeed very intense. The characters are dynamic and the storyline is ever-changing. The sequel to Jurassic Park, The Lost World answers many questions. If you have a few spare moments a day, you'll make it at least half an hour of spare time a day. You WILL READ THIS BOOK! It's that good.

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