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Contemporary Romance Books

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Considered one of the prominent romance subgenres, contemporary romance novels are set after World War II, often referred to as modern love. Though the main focus is a love story, contemporary romances will generally encompass the entire romantic cycle. This usually begins with the initial meeting of the primary characters, moving through conflict or other stressful events, and resolving with the full acknowledgment of love between each other.

Defining Contemporary Romance

Contemporary romance gives readers more of a here-and-now experience of love and desire, allowing them to imagine or draw correlations to their own experiences and real-world similarities. Despite being a fictional scenario, this unique timeline of present-day events is what leads contemporary romance books to be considered modern romance. Storylines popular within this genre include finding love in the workplace, LGBTQ stories, or two antagonists overcoming the barriers to discovering true love.

Reading Contemporary Romance

As with any literary genre, there are several sub-categories within the contemporary romance genre for readers of all ages. Famous authors of modern romance stories cover stories that highlight the complications and thrills of love. Whether you are into crime stories, historical reflections, or sensationalized desire, there is a book for you at ThriftBooks. We have new releases, best sellers, and discount deals in our contemporary romance collection, giving every reader just what they need to satisfy their own passions.


When you want the perfect blend of love story and mystery, turn to romantic suspense books. These storylines have all of the drama and intrigue of a cryptic thriller but with the added benefit of steamy romantic plotlines and entangled characters. Check out these bestselling authors for page-turning anticipation.


Erotica is sometimes referred to as the guilty pleasure genre, but that doesn't mean that a steamy, sex-filled storyline can't be engaging with the twist and turns of other literary works. In these books, the characters are seductive, the situations are enticing, and the end results definitely turn up the heat and expand your idea of sexuality. For sensational reads, check out these best-sellers.


Though not fully a contemporary story, a historical romance has all of the same elements of a thrilling love story but with a setting that typically pre-dates the current time period by a few decades. These storylines can cross over into areas of erotica or thrillers, with the key distinctions setting the characters to a pre-1950s environment. Popular titles and authors in the category include:


Even though contemporary romance novels tend to be a favorite among women, the sports category of contemporary romance has some crossover appeal to men or avid sports fans. In these plots, the main character almost always has a connection to the professional sports business. For a glimpse into the world of athletics and a little instruction on how to find love, check out these titles or authors.

Ordering Your Contemporary Romance Titles

Whatever your interest or passion, ThriftBooks carries thousands of bestselling authors and titles across a wide range of categories. With ReadingRewards, our valued loyalty rewards program, you can stock your home library with new and used titles from your favorite genres and authors and earn points toward free books. Give yourself the gift of excitement and entertainment by shopping our contemporary romance books today.

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