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Hardcover The Last Song Book

ISBN: 0446547565

ISBN13: 9780446547567

The Last Song

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Book Overview

From the author of A Walk to Remember comes a moving tale of redemption and first love when a rebellious teenager decides to spend the summer with her estranged father in a North Carolina beach town. Seventeen year old Veronica "Ronnie" Miller's life was turned upside-down when her parents divorced and her father moved from New York City to Wilmington, North Carolina. Three years later, she remains angry and alienated from her parents, especially...

Customer Reviews

8 ratings

The Last Song is great book

I recommend this book for teenagers. I like how Sparks made the characters. He makes like your really there in the story.


Love these books written by Sparks. He has just right way of telling a story. This one is no exception. Can't wait till my order comes in with two more.

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks!

This is an amazing book! I recommend it to all NS fans, you won't be disappointed. Grab your tissue & enjoy...

The Last Song

The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks: This book was about a seventeen year old girl known as Ronnie. Her parents divorced and she has lived with her mother ever since the divorce, but then her mom decides to ship her off to her Dad's for the summer. I enjoyed this book because it was very entertaining and suspenseful. Once I started reading, it was hard to put the book down because I wanted to know more about Ronnie and her relationship with her father. Also I wanted to know more about this Will character as Ronnie starts to fall in love with him. The book is about two different kinds of love; a relationship between a father and daughter and a relationship between two teenagers in love. I would like to tell you about how the title fits in with the book but it's hard to say without giving away the ending! I would gladly recommend this book to anyone in all ages. I'd definitely give it five stars.

Love for The Last Song

"The Last Song" by Nicholas Sparks is a fantastic book about growing up and finding yourself. The strongest components are are mood, dynamic characters, and symbolism. Throughout the book you always seem to be feeling what the characters are feeling. For example, if a character is miserable then you too will have a sense of misery. This book has a way of making you feel like you are standing in the shoes of that character. Another literary element that truly stands out is dynamic characters. Ronnie, the main character changes more than any character. The book starts out with her really resenting her parents, especially her father. She does not do anything her parents ask her. She is a very difficult teenager. In the beginning, she is not really sure what she wants to do with her life. As the book progresses you start to notice that Ronnie is finding herself. She begins to become a better person and understand the people around her. This book is about Ronnie's journey of finding the person she truly is. One of the most important literary elements in this book is symbolism. A symbol that is truly notable is the stained glass window. Throughout the book, Ronnie's father and brother are working on a stained glass window. It means so much more than that though. The reader starts to find out what the window actually means. The book is an incredible read and it has extraordinary literary elements.

The Last Song

The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks, was a great book full of comedy, drama, grief, and most importantly, love. The main character, Ronnie, starts off as a "bad girl" complete with the attitude, clothes and the permanent record. Her brother, Jonah, is a sweet little boy who loves annoying his sister. The two of them are forced to spend the summer with their dad who walked out on them when they were younger, and Ronnie is not too happy about it. Her summer gets off to a shaky start but it all changes when she meets Will Blakelee, the local heartthrob with a big secret. Over the course of the summer, Ronnie matures as life throws out obstacles that she was not expecting, but she realized she needed to be strong for her brother. I was a little bit hesitant to read this book because I had heard many rumors about it being written for Miley Cyrus, a person of whom I am not a big fan. I eventually decided to give it a shot, and I am very happy in my decision because Sparks really got his point across with his brilliant writing. He showed the value of a father-daughter relationship and that a father's love for his children is infinite and indestructible. He also showed the power of friendship and that a true friend is always there when you need one. An example is how Ronnie was there for Blaze after everything she had done. It really says a lot about a person's character when they are able to go out of their way, forget the past and help out someone in need. I agree that this book is most likely going to be enjoyed by the teenage population because of their ability to relate to the situations portrayed in the plot. However, I believe adults who understand the teenage mind will enjoy the book just as much. Many people also have said that this book was too predictable, which is true, but most romance novels are like this. Boy likes girl, boy asks girl out, they fall in love, they fight, they break up, they make up and they live happily ever after. This book followed the trend but I think Sparks did a good job of throwing in twists and turns that one would not expect within the plot. This is what really made the book go from good to excellent. Nicholas Sparks is an outstanding writer. I cannot stop reading his books over and over again. In this book, I cried and laughed multiple times for reasons you will see as the plot progresses. I thoroughly enjoyed every page. I highly recommend this book to everyone and any other books written by Nicholas Sparks. You will not be disappointed.

Love comes in different forms

When I began reading The Last Song, my first thought was this is the perfect book to read to finish out the summer. I thought it would be light, but an enjoyable read. To my delight, it became so much more as I read more of Ronnie's story. Ronnie and her brother Jonah are sent to North Carolina to spend the summer with their estranged father. Their father left his prestigious position at Julliard to pursue his dream of being a concert pianist. His time away put a strain on his family and eventually ended his marriage. He now calls Wrightville Beach, NC home. Ronnie never forgave her father for ruining their family. In fact, she hasn't spoken to him in three years. She's livid that her mother is forcing her to do this. As soon as she sets foot in her father's house, she's determined to plan her return back to New York. As soon as she enters her father's house, she puts distance between them by spending her first night away from his home. It's on this night that she first meets Will followed by Blaze. It's this night that will change her summer. The Last Song is told in four differing points of view: Ronnie, Steve, Will and Marcus. Through each perspective, Mr. Sparks reveals more of the story and at times flashing back to the past to provide more history. Each character has something to add to the events of that summer and reading it in his or her own voice adds to the realness of the story. Early on I had a hint of how the novel would end. As I realized my assumption was right, it didn't prepare me for the emotions I felt as I continued to read. The Last Song isn't only about love. It's also about learning how to forgive yourself for your past mistakes so you can move forward. This is evident as Ronnie struggles to forgive herself for allowing her anger and hurt to prevent her from having a relationship with her father. During this summer, Ronnie realizes despite her behavior, her father's love remained unconditional. Steve, Ronnie's and Jonah's father, spends time quietly reading his Bible. It's during these devotionals, that Steve has forgiven himself and draws closer to God. Mr. Sparks did a fantastic job of using Steve's devotions to illustrate that through God, new beginnings are possible, despite your past, if you have faith, believe and put your trust in God. He continues to illustrate new beginnings by restoring broken relationships between a parent and child, the destroying and reconstruction of a church and learning to love and respect yourself. The Last Song is an emotionally charged novel, one that I highly recommend. I suggest you read with tissues nearby. It will grabbed the reader and won't let go until the very last page.

A Lovely Note is struck again!

When you feel you are ordinary individual living life in a world that demands extraordinary how do you reconcile yourself to that. Is aspiring to be just enough acceptable or will it cause you more angst that happiness. But what if our individual ordinary is extraordinary due in fact to being who you are. It is a lovely ride we are taken on if we just stop talking and start listening to the quiet whisper of the one being that is always going to guide us. Steve Miller is on this journey of inner reflection and has experienced life in the spotlight as a concert pianist and while great he was surrounded by gifted making wonderful not enough in the venue. When it became too much he left New York, his wife and children and moved back to the town he came from, the last place he ever thought he would return. Life there had not ideal having been raised by emotionally stagnant parents but the faith of one pastor inspired him as a child and now as an adult to be and achieve more. Steve aspires to have one wonderful summer with his eighteen year old daughter Veronica (Ronnie) and his ten year old son Jonah. They have been separated for three years after the divorce and Steve knows time is running out on his ability to be with them. He needs to put his life in order, clean out the closets and let his children know how much he loves them and the future he sees for them. The problem is his daughter would rather be anywhere but with her father and while an equally gifted pianist she refuses out of spite to play. She is angry about the divorce, bitter about the way life is treating her and finding out that being in trouble is apparently getting her more attention that behaving. An eighteen year old has enough to deal with and now she has to spend the summer in nowhereville with her father; perfection is not the name of this adventure. But Ronnie finds herself gravitating to trouble at first but as the summer progresses new purpose shows itself and clarifies that life is not all black and white there is some gray. While her father and brother bond while building a stained glass window to replace the one destroyed in the church fire, Ronnie finds that there are other ways to rebuild her broken relationship with her father. But the most unexpected surprise for her is finding love with someone who is not dark and depressed but fun and interesting and likes her just as she is, complicated and moody. But with every silver lining there is a dark cloud lurking behind it and when the rain starts pouring on Ronnie the horror that happens is one she never saw coming. Will she be strong enough to deal with the grief she must face and the heartbreak that is inevitable - not knowing how amazing you are is the biggest surprise for all of us. When you are faced with adversity and owning up to your mistakes a person shows their true character when they rise to the occasion, take ownership of the situation and move past it. With any Nicholas Sparks book you a
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