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Our Favorite Series

We asked our staff for their favorite book series! You can be sure you're getting a good read with these selections from some of our staff. Who knows more about books than ThriftBooks? If you're not in the mood for a series, check out our Staff Picks favorite books.

Our Office Admin, Catie, suggests: The Stormlight Archive

Rhythm of War by Brandon Sanderson was just released on November 17, 2020. This is the long awaited book 4 of Sanderson's high Fantasy series, The Stormlight Archive. Beautiful imagery, amazing and interesting magic mechanics, and characters you can connect with and relate to are some of the basest reasons for my recommendation of this series. Sanderson builds beautiful worlds with characters that grow with each chapter, becoming more complex, interesting and empowered. If you love fantasy, you do not want to miss this series.

Barbara, VP of Marketing, suggests: The Terrible Two

I'm always looking for books to engage my 11-year-old son on more of an entertainment level so that he supplements his "must do" school reading with books he enjoys. It's a fantastic find when I come across a book he enjoys so much he cannot wait to pick it up during his free time, and often even over video games. It's even better when that book is part of a series. I found all of this in The Terrible Two series and my son has loved them all! A fun, entertaining set of books about a young prankster who finds a soon -to-be new friend who is a prankster just like he is and all the fun and craziness that transpires. I wasn't aware the first book was part of a series at first but thank goodness it was so that his enjoyment of these books could continue on. I suggest ordering the complete series all at once. I'm sure your child won't be disappointed.

William, Regional Director, loves: The Dune Series

My favorite book series is Dune, by Frank Herbert. This collection of novels is considered canon of the science fiction genre. The reason why I return to them time and again (I can pick up any of the books, turn to any page, and start reading from there) is the combination of politics, religion, planetology, ecology, and intrigue that are infused in each novel. There is no better companion for a rainy day than a Dune novel.

Our President, Mike, recommends: Foundation

This series of books was first written as short stories published in magazines and Asimov wrote these over the course of many years. The sweeping scale of the story is immense and this groundbreaking series has become the trailblazer for almost all science fiction that followed. I'll admit I had not read it yet, although I am an avid Sci-Fi reader. I was prompted to start because a brand new TV series is in production based on the books and I always try to read the books first. I am almost done with the 2nd book and I'm hooked. I love it. I have the rest of the series purchased and stacked (in order) on my desk ready to plow through.

Theia from our Collectibles Department recommends: The Happy Hollisters

A unique series intended for children ages 4-12 modelled upon the real-life family of the author, Andrew Svenson. Svenson adopted the pen name of Jerry West, and wrote all 33 titles himself between 1953 and 1969. Over 16 million copies sold in the United States and abroad. Behaving as amateur detectives, the Hollister children seek to solve various mysteries with the assistance of their parents and though obstacles present, they don't dissuade the children's objectives and goals. The series was illustrated by Helen. S. Hamilton and published by Doubleday & Company.

Customer Service Representative Jennifer's favorite: The Last Kingdom

I love the Last Kingdom series by Bernard Cornwell. I have watched the television series on Netflix, which is amazing, but the books are even more amazing. This series is historical fiction about England in the ninth and tenth centuries, and focuses on a character named Uhtred of Bebbanburg, an Englishman captured and raised by the Danes, who is recounting great tales of his life.

Marketing Coordinator Amanda's favorite: Little Women

My favorite series is one from my childhood, Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. Many people familiar with the multiple (amazing!) movie adaptations don't even realize that there are more stories with this sweet family, so I wanted to recommend this to bring attention for all the March sister fans out there. My favorite aspect of the series is that it is truly slice-of-life, each chapter a moment in time. You can pick it up and read one story for a quick adventure, or you can read the full book and experience an entire life with a great cast of characters who you grow to love like family.

Violet, our Product Manager, loves: Wool/Silo Series

I love Wool/The Silo Series so much I wanna marry it (if I was the marryin' sort). This series stands out from the crowded field of dystopian/apocalyptic fiction for two reasons: the depth of the world and the massive amount of fan fiction it has inspired (blessed by original series author Hugh Howey). Without spoiling too much, the Silo universe is made up of many unique siloed worlds, so any type of dystopian society you can think of can be thrown into its own silo. Presented here is the original set of stories, no fan fic. Each novella is available as a standalone book, but I recommend going straight to the Omnibus edition. The order of each novella can be confusing and they are often hard to find. There’s even a graphic novel, but hurry: only 1 copy in stock as of this writing! In 2018, AMC announced they were developing a TV series adaptation. It remains to be seen if it goes into production post-COVID-19, but I’m waiting with bated breath!

Violet's Runner Up: Red Queen Series

The Young Adult Dystopian genre has so many series it can be dizzying. How to know where to start? Check out the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard. I'm not sure if it's fair to say the Red Queen series is my #2 favorite series (after the Wool/Silo series), but it's definitely one of my favorites. The series offers a familiar theme in YA dystopian literature: a powerful group of people with supernatural abilities treat themselves like gods, oppressing the vast majority of less-powerful citizens who look to rise up against their rulers. What stands out here is a "lush, vivid" fantasy world with more depth and less cheesy romance than many in the genre.

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