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Learn from great historians and get a better understanding of the past with ancient history books from ThriftBooks.
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Have you ever wondered what life was like thousands of years ago? While there are some things about ancient history we may never know, scientists and historians have discovered a lot of information through archeological studies and textual analysis. All this information is available to curious minds in ancient history books, of which ThriftBooks carries the ultimate selection. Any topic you can think of or wonder about regarding the history of ancient times, we have books that cover it.

Why Is It Valuable To Study Ancient History?

Some people may think that studying historical events that are relatively more recent, such as World War I or the American Revolution, is more worthwhile than reading ancient history books. Things that happened so far back in history, about which the information may be incomplete, may not seem as relevant to contemporary life.

However, if you look carefully, you can see that historical traces of ancient times continue to influence life today, often in ways that are subtle and easy to overlook. For example, the influence of the ancient Romans can be easily seen in contemporary architecture when you look at the tiered seating in a sports stadium or the arched ceiling in a church. The Roman justice system heavily influences the structure and format of today's legal proceedings. You can hear and see the Roman influence in the many world languages derived from Latin, including multiple root words in English and its alphabet.

There are many aphorisms about the need to learn about the past to determine what works and what doesn't to avoid repeating the same mistakes. Ancient Rome is only one example. It is worthwhile studying the history of ancient cultures from all around the world. No matter where you are from, learning about your roots can help you better understand yourself, building on that foundation to construct your own identity. For example, learning about the demise of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius may help people figure out how to prevent deaths from volcanoes.

However, the study also has more specific and practical applications. For example, scientists have used physical evidence gathered at archeological sites to track the progression of diseases such as cancer down through the centuries. Learning as much as possible about a disease could lead to a cure or at least more effective treatment methods.

How Is Reading Ancient History Books Different From Learning About It in School?

For most people, the study of history usually starts with reading an ancient world history textbook. This is an excellent way to find out the basic facts which many other books are based on. The best ancient history books bring those long-lost people and places to life, as though you could travel back in time and see for yourself how people back then lived. Some are written like detective stories, with historians conducting investigations and piecing together the evidence to draw conclusions about what happened.

Another important distinction between history textbooks and books about history is that the latter usually look at history from a fresh perspective, sometimes advancing new evidence that challenges conventional wisdom about an ancient civilization or historical event.

It can be thrilling to learn about ancient history from the experts who know it best after years and even decades of study. With a wide selection of history books at the lowest prices, ThriftBooks helps make learning accessible and affordable.

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