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Paperback The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness Book

ISBN: 1591430283

ISBN13: 9781591430285

The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness

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Book Overview

El calendario prof tico Maya no est ajustado al movimiento de los cuerpos planetarios, m s bien funciona como un mapa metaf sico de la evoluci n de la consciencia y registra c mo fluye el tiempo... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Provocative, Mind-Blowing Esotericism

I've bought approximately nine copies of this book. When I first started reading it I wanted to shout from the rooftops that Calleman had discovered the spiritual rosetta stone that would unify all religious traditions. I found it inspiring, provocative and informative. Having bought so many copies and distributed them to interested friends and acquaintances I can also say very few will respond to this material the way I did. I would recommend it to anyone interested in comparative religion, Mayan and Aztec religion & History, World History & Religion and for those who want to speculate what the next decade may hold in store for humanity.

Do not go back to sleep

Well researched well written book about the Mayan Calendar and what it might mean to us today. Easy to read and understand.2012 is not to be feared but looked at the possibility of how the world is changing and why. Barbara Hand Clow uses this book in her current work as I do to help people wake up to the changes that are happening. It is not the end of the world but a new world everyday to awaken to, appreciate and live in.

The Mayan Factor Part 2

Review rewritten on 09-APR-2009 Mr. Callemans books are thoughtful and include original ideas. It would take your finding a copy of The Mayan Factor from Joe (aka Jose) Arguelles of 1987 to realize that Mr. Calleman has expanded those concepts and put them in a much more understandable framework (with somewhat less hyperbole). Apart from John Major Jenkens and Barbara Tedlock most other sources on the Mayan calendar are either academically dry or mainly fantasy. This book in particular provides a road map for the conscious evolution of humanity over the next few years. This evolution is guided, in part, by energetic eminations from the center of the Milky Way. The Mayans call this source the HUnab Ku. This concept is clearly Arguellian, The book does need to be read carefully and with meditative reflection. There is much here that you will not get if you approach just with the rational mind. This book is a serious treatise of many concepts and not all of them are Mayan. It requires you to approach it as a new human being to be able to understand what it is saying Calleman provides a general timeline for this period in the years leading up to 2012. He appears to have been correct about energy moving from the West/USA to the East/Asia. His writings on Mayan Fifth night during 2008 and it's portend for the world economy appear to have been an accurate prediction. However, as things worsened in 2009 I began to wonder whether Calleman's correlation of the end date of the Mayan Calendar at Oct 2011 was off by a year and that Dec 21 2012 was indeed the authentic end date. After spending time in April 2009 reading the 1999-2001 exchanges between Calleman and John Major Jenkins I am leaning more towards the standard 2012 interpretation for many reasons. When I asked Calleman in 2007 about how he arrived at the end date of Oct 28 2011 he referred me to his first book on the Mayan Calendar. The evidence and argument in that book for his end date is brief, sketchy, and unconvincing. You can check out the posts at the alignment 2012 website of JMJ for more information on why the Calleman correlation does not hold water. Calleman's own synthesis of a world view (and galactic view) containing Mayan elements has merit. But the various elements presented in the book were not clearly distinguished and delineated for the reader as Mayan versus Calleman. You have to be very careful reading his material to know what is Mayan and what is Calleman. If you have an interest in the Mayan Calendar and 2012 AND you are a very observant reader with some metaphysical leanings there is much you can glean from this book.

The Scholarly Explanation for Our Conscious Evolution

Ignore Shaman's extremely biased review below of this book in order to promote the sales of Barbara Tedlock's books. "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness" is an extremely well-researched and constructed in-depth explanation of the "true Mayan Sacred Calendar" and count and details the cosmic plan that governs the evolution of consciousness and propels us on a path toward a common destiny. Calleman's implications for how the Mayan calendar coincide with major historical events and how we all should be preparing for the final Universal level of conscious enlightment are profound. Note: Although many think of the Dreamspell/Thirteen Moon Calendar as the Mayan Calendar, the fact is that this is a calendar system that has NEVER been used by the Maya. Adam Rubel of Saq Be, an organization reflecting indigenous and especially Mayan views says: "Regarding the dreamspell work of Arguelles: It has been made clear, I think everybody here understands, the need to distinguish this system from any relation to the Mayan tradition. This is the wish of the elders, that the confusion and misrepresentation cease." The secret Divine Plan is now revealed here. I strongly recommend this outstanding masterwork for those looking to align their intuition with their individual, human and cosmic purpose.

A MUST read for our current times!

For the past 15 years I have danced around Mayan Calendar information, and it wasn't until THIS book came out that I found the `home' I was looking for in the Mayan `Tzolkin' Calendar! This is a MUST READ for our present times . . . as turbulent and chaotic as they are, the information researched and presented by Carl Johan Calleman in a NEW FRAMEWORK gives us more understanding and HOPE!Calleman introduces us to the Classical Tzolkin Count which has been followed for the past 2500 years in the highlands of Guatamala. The Tzolkin Calendar (Count of 260 days) repeats a specific sequence of 20 glyphs thirteen times. His information helps us better understand that the Tzolkin can be (my note: and really should be) studied at multiple degrees of complexity as each day is not just an Energy Tone of that single day, but has multiple layers of information available to us based on Trecenas (13 day sequences), Uinals (20 day sequences), Day and Night sequences (daily as well as in the longer cycles), and in relation to the Nine Underworlds.In writing of the World Tree, he helps us better understand the differences (which are much more apparent in these times) between East and West thinking and cultures. The chapter entitled `The War of the West Against Iraq' is an example of this. As we begin to understand the longer cycles and how the Underworlds have created a `duality' in the consciousness of the peoples of that time, we can better understand how THAT `thinking' has carried over to our current time. In 1999, we entered the Galactic Underworld, which is carrying us on the journey forward to a `whole mind'. . . IF we are willing to step into the Rhythm of that journey. For me, any book or seminar or tool is only as good as I allow it to be. From this newer framework of information, I have designed for myself a Tzolkin-style of Day Counting (sort of a squared off spiral!) that I spend time with every day. Through it I can better see and then put to use in my everyday life the Daily Energy Tone as it relates to the current position it holds in the greater cycles . . . and for me, that alone was well worth the price of the book and time spent within in!
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