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Top 50 Trending Cookbooks

Looking for fresh ideas for your kitchen? Our Top 50 trending titles in Cookbooks, Food & Wine has everything you need. Try out some new regional and cultural cuisine, discover new recipes from your favorite celebrities, and pick up the latest cookbooks for special diets.


South: Essential Recipes and New Explorations

Southern food is one of the most beloved and delicious cuisines in America. And who better to give us the key elements of Southern cuisine than Sean Brock, the award-winning chef and Southern-food crusader? This is the book fans of Sean Brock have been waiting for, and it's the book Southern-food lovers the world over will use as their bible.
Sean Brock
Sean Brock's South
from $31.57

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

The #1 New York Times bestselling author and Food Network favorite The Pioneer Woman cooks up exciting new favorites from her life on the ranch in this glorious full-color cookbook that showcases home cooking at its most delicious (and most fun).

Magnolia Table

#1 New York Times Bestseller Magnolia Table is infused with Joanna Gaines' warmth and passion for all things family, prepared and served straight from the heart of her home, with recipes inspired by dozens of Gaines family favorites and classic comfort selections from the couple's new Waco restaurant, Magnolia Table.

Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes

Alison Roman's ingenuity seduces seasoned cooks, while her warm, edgy writing makes these recipes practical and approachable enough for the novice. Cooking through Dining In is the next best thing to having Alison right there with you in the kitchen: brash, funny, and full of opinions.
Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes Book Cover
Dining In: Highly Cookable Recipes
from $18.69

Gennaro's Pasta Perfecto!

This new book from celebrated chef Gennaro Contaldo is all about pasta, one of the most popular of all Italian dishes. Bestselling author and much-loved personality Gennaro reveals all of his tips and tricks to making the best of the most versatile of dishes.

How to Cook Everything

For 20 years, Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything has been the definitive guide to simple home cooking. This new edition has been completely revised for today's cooks while retaining Bittman's trademark minimalist style--easy-to-follow recipes and variations, and tons of ideas and inspiration.

Six Ingredients with Six Sisters' Stuff

With only six ingredients or less per recipe, making dinner has never been easier. Six Sisters' Stuff is one of the most popular blogs for quick and easy cooking and entertaining at home for families. From beginning cooks learning the basics to busy parents looking to save time in the kitchen, this cookbook is loaded with entrees, side dishes, and desserts.

Half Baked Harvest Super Simple

Tieghan Gerard is known, both on her blog and in her debut cookbook Half Baked Harvest Cookbook, for her stunningly beautiful meals and thoughtful recipes that taste even better than they look. Half Baked Harvest Super Simple takes what fans loved most about her debut and promises all of those comfort-food forward, freshly sourced recipes distilled into quicker, more manageable dishes using trending techniques.

Betty Crocker Right-Size Recipes

Betty Crocker Right-Size Recipes is the bible for inventive, on-trend meals for one or two--from the right-size pans to just-right entrees, sides, and desserts, Betty Crocker makes cooking for one (and maybe one more) easier and more economical than ever with a complete assortment of almost 200 perfect-fit recipes.

The Gut-Friendly Cookbook

Recent studies have shown that a low-FODMAP diet can help followers to feel better fast. Created by Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, the diet has become a worldwide sensation. In The Gut-Friendly Cookbook, she shares more than 100 recipes for delicious dinners, breakfasts, lunches, and snacks, plus sweet treats, gorgeous photographs of each recipe, and plenty of easy-to-read background information on FODMAPs, a shopping guide, and advice on how to change your eating through the whole cycle of the low-FODMAP journey.

Appetites: A Cookbook

Anthony Bourdain was a man of many appetites. And for many years, first as a chef and later as a world-traveling chronicler of food and culture on his CNN series Parts Unknown, he made a profession of understanding the appetites of others. The result is a home-cooking, home-entertaining cookbook like no other, with personal favorites from Bourdain's own kitchen and from his travels, translated into an effective battle plan that will help you terrify your guests with your breathtaking efficiency.
Appetites: A Cookbook Book Cover
Appetites: A Cookbook
from $19.19

Hope's Table

From the kitchen of Mennonite cook, mother, and blogger Hope Helmuth comes a delectable mix of 150 recipes, stunning food photography, practical hints, and stories celebrating the simple beauty of home.

Pastry Love

A must-have baking bible from the James Beard award-winning owner of the beloved Flour bakeries in Boston, Joane Chang. Pastry Love is Chang's most personal and comprehensive book yet, including 125 dessert recipes for many things she could never serve in the setting of a bakery. Nothing makes Chang happier than baking and sharing treats with others, and that passion comes through in every recipe. The recipes start off easy build up to showstoppers like Passion Fruit Crepe Cake.

Cook Once, Eat All Week

Cook Once, Eat All Week is a revolutionary way to get a delicious, healthy, and affordable dinner on the table FAST. Author Cassy Joy Garcia will walk you through this tried-and-true method and show you how batch-cooking a few basic components can give you an entire week's worth of dinners with minimal time and effort.

Betty Crocker Cookies

There is a perfect cookie for every occasion and Betty Crocker Cookies has them all. This foundational book of cookies covers tips and tricks for making, storing, and gifting cookies of all kinds. With chapters organized by baking circumstances, bakers can quickly find a cookie recipe right for them--whether it's No-Bake Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies when it's too hot to turn on the oven, the Caramel-Filled Snickerdoodle Blondies that are easy to take on the go, or the Festive White Velvet Star Stacks that will light up any celebration.

Salt & Time: Recipes from a Russian Kitchen

Salt & Time will transform perceptions of the food of the former Soviet Union, and especially Siberia--the crossroads of Eastern European and Central Asian cuisine--with 100 inviting recipes adapted for modern tastes and Western kitchens, and evocative storytelling to explain and entice.

Dip into Something Different

Create a perfect night out by gathering friends and family around a pot of warm melted cheese, chocolate, or a cooking style eager to add flavor to your favorite dipper. The Melting Pot dares you to Dip Into Something Different with this collection of recipes from our fondue to yours.

Everyday Keto

Forget everything you know about low-fat dieting! This guide to the keto diet explains the different kinds of fats and how to include them in your diet, and includes more than 100 satisfying recipes to help you stay on track.
Everyday Keto: Easy Recipes to Live the Keto Lifestyle Book Cover
Everyday Keto: Easy Recipes to Live the Keto Lifestyle
from $4.79

The Seitanic Spellbook

Within this spell book lie the keys to ultimate vegan satisfaction. It's both a serious cookbook and a hilariously entertaining read. QR codes lead to YouTube videos of the recipes, and true metal fans will recognize recipes named after song lyrics.

Cheese Boards to Share

Cheese boards are the ideal fuss-free, yet delicious and visually impressive meal option. Though traditionally thought of as just a festive treat, impressive modern incarnations have recently taken social media by storm, as people discover that they can be a show-stopping option for entertaining at any time of year. The 25 themed boards in this book offer the perfect cheese board for any occasion.

The World Atlas of Wine

Few wine books can be called classic, but the first edition of The World Atlas of Wine made publishing history when it appeared in 1971. It is recognized by critics as the essential and most authoritative wine reference work available. This eighth edition will bring readers, both old and new, up to date with the world of wine.

Asma's Indian Kitchen

In this book, Asma reveals the secret to her success, telling her immigrant's story and how food brought her home. The recipes pay homage to her royal Mughlai ancestry and follow the route of the Darjeeling Express train from the busy streets of Bengal, through Calcutta, where she grew up, and along the foothills of the Himalayas to Hyderabad.

Modern Sourdough

In Modern Sourdough, Michelle Eshkeri reveals how mastering the art of sourdough baking can open up a world of sweet and savoury treats at home. Bringing together over 100 mouth-watering recipes inspired by Michelle's heritage, Modern Sourdough expands our understanding of this ancient baking technique.


Cabbage, salt, water...and time. That's all it takes to make one of the healthiest foods. Ferments are amazing. They are not only great-tasting but also very good for you. Used for centuries as a natural way of food preservation, they are now known to actively improve digestive balance and gut health.

Chocolate Bible

Discover a world where chocolate is king, where this most versatile of ingredients is transformed into luscious cakes, tarts, mousses iced desserts, drinks, biscuits, and sweets. Here is the ultimate collection of tempting classics as well as a selection of new and original creations. Success is guaranteed because the recipes have been created by the chefs of the world's oldest and best known culinary institution, Le Cordon Bleu.

Easy Keto in 30 Minutes

All-new easy keto recipes from the author of the bestselling The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook. Urvashi has become famous for her delicious and impeccably tested recipes, and this book will deliver the same with flavor-packed dishes like Broccoli Cheddar Soup, Chicken Sate with Peanut Sauce, Beef Enchilada Casserole, and even desserts like Lemon Pound Cake to satisfy your sweet tooth, all ready in 30 minutes or less.

Ski Town Soups

Ski Town Soups is a beautiful, colorful rendition of 60 North American ski resorts, restaurant dining rooms, and renowned chefs, with over 100 unique soup recipes with ultimate regional flare. This cookbook will delight all winter enthusiasts. Ski Town Soups provides a perfectly balanced recipe for life: a ski town, a comfortable restaurant, and a yummy bowl of soup.

Nothing Fancy

Feeding friends--and feeding yourself--is totally relaxed with Alison Roman, author of Dining In and New York Times columnist. This abundant collection of all-new recipes--heavy on the easy-to-execute vegetables and versatile grains, paying lots of close attention to crunchy, salty snacks, and with love for all the meats--is for gatherings big and small, from the weeknight to the weekend.
Nothing Fancy Book Cover
Nothing Fancy
from $25.58

Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking

A complete course on Korean cuisine for the home cook by the YouTube star and world's foremost authority on Korean cooking. In Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking, she shows how to cook all the country's best dishes, from few-ingredient dishes (Spicy Napa Cabbage) to those made familiar by Korean restaurants (L.A. Galbi, Bulgogi, Korean Fried Chicken) and homey one-pots like Bibimbap.
Maangchi's Real Korean Cooking
from $26.05

Ski Town Brunch

Ski Town Brunch celebrates a mountain morning in this beautiful, colorful rendition of over 65 North American ski resorts, charming bed and breakfasts, legendary cafes, and renowned chefs. Featuring over 140 sweet and savory brunch dishes, this cookbook highlights recipes to set an energizing tone for the rest of the day.

Talk About Good!

Talk About Good! is the original cookbook from Cajun country. A classic collection of time-honored recipes, filled with renowned family mealtime favorites, seafood delights, and 1,200 cross-indexed recipes.
Talk About Good Book Cover
Talk About Good
from $6.09

Half the Sugar, All the Love

Functioning like a cross between Eat This, Not That and Deceptively Delicious, Half the Sugar, All the Love is an eye-opening education, an action plan, and a cookbook all in one. It shows us how to shop smartly to avoid hidden sugars and offers 100 family-friendly recipes that minimize added sugar while maximizing flavor.

Beyond Simply Keto

Suzanne continues where she left off in Simply Ketom furthering the details of her weight loss journey--focusing more on the emotional aspects. She offers insightful tips and inspirational anecdotes based upon her experience to support others as they aim to change their lives through adopting a keto lifestyle. Simply Keto Lifestyle is unique to the keto market as it offers a hybrid approach--using self-discovery intertwined with amazing recipes to deliver a satisfying experience to the reader--both mind and body.

The Defined Dish Wholesome Weeknights

Alex Snodgrass of is the third author in the popular Whole30 Endorsed series. With gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free recipes that sound and look way too delicious to be healthy, this is a cookbook people can turn to after completing a Whole30, when they're looking to reintroduce healthful ingredients like tortillas, yogurt, beans, and legumes.

The Modern Tagine Cookbook

These hearty one-pot meals, flavored with fragrant spices, are cooked and served from an elegant, specially designed cooking vessel called a tagine. In Ghillie Basan's collection of deliciously authentic recipes, you will find some of the best-loved classics of the Moroccan kitchen and some less traditional but equally delicious recipes for beef and fish.

The Art and Craft of Coffee Cocktails

A Top 10 nominee in the Best New Cocktail or Bartending Book category in the prestigious and highly respected Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards 2019. First take a journey into the history and craft of coffee, the world's most popular beverage, from crop to cup. Next follow expert mixing tips aimed at everyone from keen beginners to bartenders working in the world's best bars. More than 80 recipes follow, covering all styles of cocktails from stirred and shaken through to blended and blazed.

Japanese Patisserie

Stunning recipes for patisserie, desserts, and savories with a contemporary Japanese twist. This elegant collection is aimed at the confident home cook who has an interest in using ingredients such as yuzu, sesame, miso, and matcha.

The Probiotic Kitchen

For optimum probiotic nutrition, it's time to say goodbye to supplements and pills and bring all-natural, all-delicious, real-food probiotic (and prebiotic) meals into your life. Kelli Foster's enticing and reliable book features more than 100 recipes in all, each one as delectable as the next.

The Big Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Cookbook

The official Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Cookbook is here--the pressure is off. When you pair your Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker with The Big Cookbook, getting creative in the kitchen is simple. With 175 foolproof, Ninja-approved recipes that require minimal prep and cleanup, this Ninja Foodi (complete/big book) will open tons of possibilities with your multicooker.

The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook

What's the best way to infuse your barbecue fixings with that quintessential, smoky flavor? This book explains everything you need to know--picking the right pellet flavors, maximizing the potential of your smoker-grill, and mastering cold-smoke and slow-roast techniques. Packed with step-by-step photos and helpful tips, The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook serves up spectacularly delicious dishes.

The Ultimate Guide to Preserving and Canning

In one concise volume, you can learn--and master like a pro--all the ways to put up food in jars, from water-bath canning to pressure canning, from pickling to jam-making, and beyond! This book provides all the information you need to know to get started today, including basic steps to canning foods safely and easily; recipes for preserving everything from tomatoes and jams to soups, sauces, and other hearty meals; and tips on how to find the freshest local produce.

Ski Town Aprés Ski

Ski Town Aprés Ski captures the essence of the aprés ski scene in this beautiful, colorful rendition of 60 North American ski resorts, restaurant dining rooms, renowned chefs, and mixologists, featuring over 200 appetizing small plate and handcrafted cocktail recipes.
Ski Town Apres Ski Book Cover
Ski Town Apres Ski
Out of Stock

Diabetes Meals by the Plate

An easy, graphic guide to planning delicious, diabetes-friendly meals. This innovative, graphic cookbook offers the easiest and most flavorful way to build complete meals that are diabetes-friendly and delicious.
Diabetic Living Diabetes Meals by the Plate Book Cover
Diabetic Living Diabetes Meals by the Plate
from $6.39

Artisan Vegan Cheese

Gourmet restaurateur and vegan food expert Miyoko Schinner shares her secrets for making homemade non-dairy cheeses that retain all the complexity and sharpness of their dairy counterparts while incorporating nutritious nuts and plant-based milks. Miyoko shows how to tease artisan flavors out of unique combinations of ingredients such as rejuvelac and non-dairy yogurt with minimal effort.
Artisan Vegan Cheese Book Cover
Artisan Vegan Cheese
from $9.49

Smoothie Project

Trusted family food expert and Weelicious founder serves up almost 100 transformative recipes for nourishing and delicious smoothies. McCord offers a way to change your life in just 28 days, using only your blender. All you have to do is commit to having one of her smoothies each morning for a month, and every glass will bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

Quick Keto Meals in 30 Minutes or Less

Keto Meals in 30 Minutes or Less presents you with 100 delicious recipes rich with healthy fats--for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even snacks--that are quick, easy, varied, and delicious.

River Road Recipes

This community cookbook with over 1.2 million copies sold is considered by most to be the textbook of Louisiana cuisine. Cajun, Creole, and Deep South flavors are richly preserved in authentic gumbos, jambalayas, courts-bouillons, pralines, and more.

The Whole30 Slow Cooker

The Whole30 Slow Cooker features delicious, no-fuss dinners that cook while you work; roasts that transform into tacos, salads, and soups for easy meals throughout the week; and satisfying one-pot meals that make prep and cleanup a breeze. These creative meals use whole-food ingredients found in any supermarket, and as an added bonus, feature recipes and directions for making your meals InstantPot friendly.
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