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Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Our selection of Comics and Graphic Novels is perfect for the collector looking to discover a new story line or booklovers new to the art form. Find new and used manga, DC comics, Marvel comics, Dark Horse, and more. We have everything from children’s favorites to bestselling graphic novels, popular classic comic strips, superheroes, villains, fantasy, action, humor, science fiction.

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Alison Bechdel

ALISON BECHDEL has been a careful archivist of her own life and kept a journal since she was ten. Since 1983 she has been chronicling the lives of various characters in the fictionalized “Dykes to Watch Out For” strip, “one of the preeminent oeuvres in the comics genre, period.” The strip is syndicated in fifty alternative newspapers, translated into multiple languages, and collected into a book series with a quarter of a million copies in print. Utne magazine has listed DTWOF as “one of the greatest hits of the twentieth century.”

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Comics have a rich history that includes superheroes, literature, comedy, and a range of other genres. Modern comics date back to the early 20th century, and since that time, they've only soared in popularity. Indeed, the marriage of text and illustration is a potent tool for storytelling. Comic books are hotter than ever, and the medium has expanded to include graphic novels—which, unlike comics, are typically published as a longer, standalone narrative. If you're ready to dip your toes into the world of comics and graphic novels, you're in the right place — ThriftBooks has a selection of all the best cheap graphic novels.

What Are the Best Comics to Start With?

Many people are familiar with comic books through adaptation movies such as those found in the DC and Marvel cinematic universes. If you've seen one of these movies and wondered about the source material, comics can offer a whole new view of your favorite superheroes. Some of the most widely read comics in this genre include the Astonishing X-Men series and the Batman & Robin series penned by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely.

Of course, superheroes aren't the only fixture in modern comics that's become a massive success. Peanuts, the iconic comic strip by Charles M. Schultz, has long been one of the most popular and successful comics to ever be released. It ran for 50 years, proving the longevity of the comics medium and the versatility of its content. Like Marvel and DC comics, it's been adapted into several successful movie franchises.

What Are The Best Graphic Novels to Read?

If you prefer comics that are closer to literature, you'll likely enjoy graphic novels. As the name suggests, graphic novels are typically novel-length entries exploring humanist themes and philosophical ponderings. Though they tend to focus more on the natural world, there are many successful superhero graphic novels, including Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller. It's notable for its inclusion of darker themes and more literary text than the comic version of Batman.

Another one of the best graphic novels is Blankets by Craig Thompson. This dreamy graphic novel is often cited as one of the most masterful examples of the genre, combining poetic meditations with poignant illustrations. It tells the story of a doomed relationship between two teenagers who are questioning their faith and seeking an escape.

Another critically acclaimed entry is Art Spiegelman's Maus series, which details in excruciating accuracy the experiences of Holocaust survivors. The novel exploits its graphic form, though, by creating a visual cat-mouse allegory for the Nazis and Jews in the story. It's a Pulitzer Prize winner and commonly considered one of the best graphic novels ever created.

Graphic novels are also notable for their inclusion of many authors who may not otherwise find a venue for their voice. One such example is Marjane Satrapi, the creator of Persepolis. It tells the story of the author's experiences coming of age in Iran in the late 70s during the Islamic Revolution. It offers a heartbreaking insight into her struggles, told through beautiful illustrations and imagery.

Discover the Magic of Comics and Graphic Novels

Comics and graphic novels are perhaps the most versatile literary medium. Though it's become synonymous with superheroes, the genre has much more to offer, as is evidenced by the aforementioned titles and recommendations. Whether you're a longtime enthusiast or a newly interested reader, you won't find a better selection of cheap graphic novels and comics than the selection at ThriftBooks.

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