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Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 1

(Book #1 in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series)

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Format: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

In 2007, Diary of a Wimpy Kid was published, introducing readers to Greg Heffley and his family, his best friend Rowley Jefferson, and the dreaded Cheese Touch. More than 275 million copies later,... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

9 ratings

Pretty ticked about this one

Ordered a "like new" book and got dog ears and writing in pen all on the book. Seriously do better because this isn't it.

Great book but...

I ordered the book and received the DVD instead. While my kid was very happy, I'm going to try to get the book again. It's a great book, I loved it when I read it. I bet my son will love it too. It's very, very funny, and relatable

Received the wrong book

I ordered the first book in this series as pictured above but received Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Do-It-Yourself Book. Howcan I contact someone to get the book I ordered?

It's amazing

It's so hard hard to put this book down it's just so awesome!!

book delivery

My grandson received this book at the stated time and in the stated condition. I do reccommend this source.

Absolutely Brilliant Humor Book For Reluctant Readers

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID just made my list of Top 10 Books of 2007. After listening to my fourth grader rave about the book, which he found on the internet of all places because it's been published there, I ordered a hardcover edition of the book. I know that kids who find a book they love will read it over and over again, and the choice as a parent is whether to buy it in hardcover or buy it in paperback over and over. Since paperbacks don't always stay in print and hardcovers sometimes appreciate dramatically in price, I opted for the hardcover copy. It came in today. My son sat down with it immediately. Even though he'd read the whole book on the internet, he loved the idea of being able to hold it in his hands. He flipped through the pages and made certain all his favorite jokes were still in place, which was amusing to watch because I've done the same thing. One of the amazing things I've learned since is that the whole book is available on the internet. You can find it at Feel free to preview the whole book if you like, the author has generously placed it there, but it's gone on to be a #1 seller in hardcover and paperback all the same. Free on the internet is one thing, but books and portability are best. Since most of the television shows my wife and I watch on Friday nights were suspended or repeats and I needed a mental vacation after the stress of pounding the keyboard all day, I picked up DIARY OF A WIMPY KID and started turning pages. I didn't stop till I'd devoured the last page. The book is a flat-out laugh riot from page one to page 217. With pencil drawings that look like they were made by an early elementary school student, it was also an incredibly fast read. The story is about Greg Heffley, which is kind of like Jeff Kinney if you look at it right. Greg's in sixth grade and isn't exactly a social butterfly or even much accepted by the other kids. In fact, he's lucky if they notice he's alive. Greg's got a regular mom and dad, but Jeff Kinney paints them so vividly with just little details that you can't help feeling you know these people. His dad has a violent streak when it comes to punishing Greg on the spot. Greg even points out when there are good times to screw up and bad times to screw up. Hint: a good time is when his dad is reading the paper; a bad time is when his dad is building a brick wall. Line drawings accompany this. Greg's also got an older and younger brother that helps drive him crazy at home. The younger brother, Manny, doesn't really speak, but he's into everything. Greg's older brother, Rodrick, has his own band and generally stays out of Greg's life. However, the relationship between the two comes to the forefront every now and again. Rodrick doesn't mind putting something over on Greg or making him look bad. The things that make this book work the most, and kept me turning pages, are Greg's insights on life. He's not a good kid. He's not a bad kid either. H

Courtesy of Teens Read Too

If you work with middle grade kids, be sure to check out DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. Greg Heffley is a 6th-grade weakling trying to make his mark in the middle school world. His family includes a mom, a dad, a heavy metal big brother, and a whiny, tattling little brother. His best friend is Rowley, another odd 6th-grader with overprotective parents and the world-class ability to annoy. Greg is always a victim of the big, mean bullies in the school. He constantly seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. In an attempt to be "cool" he experiments with the idea of weightlifting, creating his own haunted house, running for class treasurer, and building a snowman big enough to be considered for the Guiness Book of World Records. However, the only mild success he accomplishes is as a safety guard whose job is to walk the kindergarten kids home at lunchtime. At least with that job he gets free hot chocolate and misses twenty minutes of math class. Readers will be able to relate to Greg's typical teenage problems. His parents ground him from his video games, his older brother picks on him, his little brother gets him in trouble, and the girls in his school think he is a waste of their time. He'd like to pretend he's just a mediocre student when he is really one of the "uncool" gifted kids. The odds are just stacked against him. Kinney bills his books as "a novel in cartoons," which is sure to be a popular feature with middle grade readers, especially those of the reluctant variety. The clever illustrations were a fantastic way to play up the already great humor in the book. Once again, if you have anything at all to do with middle graders, get this book in their hands ASAP. Reviewed by: Sally Kruger, aka "Readingjunky"

get your kid to love reading

My 7 year old son burned through this book in a week! The illustrations are classic, the prose easy to understand, the subject matter: hilarious and appropriate for children who often wonder if their parents are the only ones who make a bunch of rules which seem to revolve around not letting them play the cool video games or eat junk food. It touches on the scatological, as well, and made my son lose his breath laughing on many occasions. I can't wait to see if there is a follow-up!

Or why you never want to play a tree in a school production of The Wizard of Oz

The world has not yet invented a method of finding the best webcomics currently available on the Internet for kids. So basically, for every twenty low-quality/poorly thought out amalgamations of crap, you get one bright shining star. "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," the webcomic, was one such star. The only conclusion I can really draw at this point is that somebody at Abrams is a friggin' genius for plucking the comic up and making it into a book. Now normally I don't like to separate titles into "girl books" and "boy books", but Jeff Kinney has written such a marvelous "boy book" that for every parent that walks in the door of my library I'm going to be cramming this title into their arms. Heck, I'll slip it into their purses if I have to. This book is going to reach its intended audience whether I have to wrestle skeptical parents to the floor with it clamped firmly in my teeth. Want to transfer your Captain Underpants lovers from graphic novels to fiction? This book won't do that. It's just something that every single person will get a kick out of. First things first. Boys do not have diaries. Girls have diaries. Let's get that straight cause things could get messy if we don't. Basically, what we have here are the gathered thoughts and memories of Greg Haffley. Greg's got a pretty average life, all things considered. His older brother is a jerk, his younger brother annoying, his best friend a doofus, and his parents perfect dweebs. To top it all off, Greg's been thrown into his first year of middle school and things are really weird. Suddenly friendships are shifting and Greg's not sure who he wants to be. Add in some haunted houses, wrestling, downhill games involving bodily injury, forbidden cheese, and basic family fears and you've got yourself one heckuva debut. I should specify that in spite of the fact that this book is based on a webcomic, it's not a graphic novel. Not really. Comic illustrations appear on every single page and complement the storytelling, but this is really more a (what's the term again?) illustrated novel. What this appears to be, more than anything else, is a notebook that's been written in by hand with the occasional cartoony illustration here and there for effect. It never breaks up into panels or long illustrated periods. There are just tasty little comic treats on each and every page. Now the term "laugh-out-loud funny" is not to be bandied about. When I say that something is "laugh-out-loud funny" I don't want to be talking titters, mild chuckles, or undersized, underfed guffaws. I want to describe something so amusing that you think about it later and start laughing in an embarrassing manner on the subway. Jeff Kinney gave me that more than once. There was the moment when Greg's trying to get out of performing as an apple-throwing tree in his school's production of, "The Wizard of Oz." He thinks that maybe if he screws up what he has to say, that might be his out. "But when you only have one word to say, it's really

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