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Mass Market Paperback Sugar Blues Book

ISBN: 0446343129

ISBN13: 9780446343121

Sugar Blues

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Book Overview

It's a prime ingredient in countless substances from cereal to soup, from cola to coffee. Consumed at the rate of one hundred pounds for every American every year, it's as addictive as nicotine -- and as poisonous. It's sugar. And Sugar Blues, inspired by the crusade of Hollywood legend Gloria Swanson, is the classic, bestselling expose that unmasks our generation's greatest medical killer and shows how a revitalizing, sugar-free diet can not only...

Customer Reviews

3 ratings

Perils of Refined Sugar and consistent theme: Food Industry and Drug Industry

I cannot add much more to the positive reviews that indicate how the book clearly identifies the negative affects of sugar (and refined and processed foods, by extension) on the human body. The book delves into the detrimental developmental, mental/psychiatric, and physiological affects that sugar has on the human body. Just a few points that I would like to point out to potential readers of this book: (1.) Some of the very few negative reviews point out that the book is a one-track, narrowly focused diatribe against refined sugar (The author very clearly makes a distinction between natural carbohydrates and natural sugars as opposed to refined processed sugars and refined carbohydrates which is something that cannot be overlooked). I thoroughly disagree. There is a consistent and very powerful underlying theme throughout the book....the fact that throughout history the food industry and the medical/pharmaceutical industry have monetarily thrived off of each other at the expense of public health and human welfare. (and in my opinion, they knowingly did so and do so). This is not a conspiratorial left-winged angle on the theme of the book that the author pushes on the reader, but rather a theme that is supported throughout the European and American sugar history. The author uses this richly detailed historical backdrop to reinforce not only the perils and hazards of sugar, but to also provide perhaps an explanation (and motive) as to why and how refined sugar has become so pervasive in society. As is often the case, greed and monetary interests provide the very motives for the medical establishment's "looking the other way" in the face of overwhelming evidence pointing to the health hazards of sugar. The author leverages these historical actions effectively in telling the "story" and providing the facts. Admittedly, some of the facts are wholly anecdotal in nature, but nevertheless they serve the purpose to reinforce the overall theme of the book. At the core, this is the food industry "lobbying" for the pharmaceutical industry's interests, and vise versa. Consider this: 1.Cholesterol free foods, fat free foods-----Cholesterol lowering drugs. Health issues: Good fats (fish oil, Omega 9's)totally eliminated. Absence of these fats induces cardiovascular problems. Cholesterol in and of itself is not damaging to arteries and endothelial function, but the absence healthy fats and statins cause a host of other cardiovascular issues. 2.Polished refined white rice------Vitamin B1 derived from whole grain rice (they initially were able to market B1; there is no money to be made from B1 anymore so they have moved on). The author spends a chapter asking why was it removed in the first place? "How to Complicate Simplicity" all for the sake of money and greed. 3.Refined sugar-------Psychiatry for a host of mental illnesses. Insulin. Allergy industry. All very profitable 4.MSG, food additives--------Psychiatry and pharmaceuticals for a host of neurological d

Changed My Attitude

SUGAR BLUES Howard DuffyI read this book in 1975 when I was 28 years old. I had given up sugar for a year (100%) about five years prior to reading this -- which is what prompted the interest. I had come to the realization that EVERYTHING had sugar in it and I proceeded to even make my own ketchup (with handy instructions from Weight Watchers -- in 1971 they were just a mere dot on the map with products only -- no advertising that I remember). I used to carry around their salad dressings so that I could eat out and still maintain my good nutritional habits.I continue to come across this book on my bookshelf, and have taken up to reading it again just to see what the inspiration was. Sugar still remains in my diet - removing it 100% now would be tough -- even though I have an excellent health and exercise regime. Now, at age 53, even though I still weigh the same and wear the same size clothes as I did 30 years ago, I am prepared to cut back again on the excess becomes more difficult to maintain the weight and physique as time goes on, so removing excess sugar would be a beneficial thing to do right now for my 50+ year old body.Everyone who loves sugar, knows that once they start eating (candy, baked goods, etc.) -- i.e., beginning from Halloween and ending after Christmas, that their system seems to then REQUIRE more and more -- that suddenly eating candy (sugars) everyday becomes a staple diet item. I see it happen every year, if I don't make a CONSCIOUS decision at the end of summer to NOT get caught up in the cycle. That approach has worked for me -- just being constantly aware. However, after coming across another review here, I am going to read "Get the Sugar Out...501 Ways...." as it sounds like that's what is needed now for inspiration to continue on my path from 30 years ago. Removing all, or as much sugar as one can, from the diet, IS the ONE best way to maintain your weight and increase your energy for a lifetime. Recipes and short cuts really, really help get you started.

A true health classic!

I'm sugar-free ever since reading "Sugar Blues." I was sluggish, moody, hungry, etc. I remembered that John Lennon mentioned Dufty's book in an interview once. So I bought it at the local health food store. He starts off with his own sugar hell and redemption and then delves into the whole history of the cane. Very interesting, healthwise and also politically. This is the meat of the book. (The Boston "Tea" Party? More like the rum party.) I like his writing style; he keeps it homespun. (Why did some think this book needs more "hard science"? Isn't it already in there? It's not intended to be in a medical journal [which can't always be trusted!].) When I tell people I'm sugar-free they usually scoff, saying sugar's not that bad for you, why give it up completely. Well, now I wake up clear and I get through the afternoon w/o any flagging of energy. At various times of the day I'll feel some energy racing through my body. (A great feeling; keeps me motivated.) Now I need less food on my plate, and my hypoglycemia has all but disappeared. (Think about THAT one, folks.) Never eat "refined sucrose" again! It can be done! Sky's the limit! Thank you, William Dufty!
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