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Paperback Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Development From Scratch Book

ISBN: 0789724472

ISBN13: 9780789724472

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Development From Scratch



Format: Paperback

Condition: Good


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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Learn SQL Server 2K the fun way

The author really knows how to make the book fun to read. It spares you from the boring, technical parts and concentrates on the more, interesting and useful applications of SQL Server 2K, though it does feel like a book for kids after a while. The author shows his sense of humour along the way, making you laugh every now and then, which is good! :)The book goes through most, but not all the functionalities of SQL Server and brings you through building a SpyNet database. It even has a chapter on building the frontend with ASP, though it doesn't teach you any ASP and assumes that you either know ASP already or can make sense out of the comments he wrote together with the ASP scripts. The book touches only the surface of SQL Server concepts and thus is great for beginners wanting to start doing something with SQL Server, but not so appropriate for professionals.Highly recommended for beginners.

DB Ops: Spy vs Spy

Mr Hawthorne is well-versed not just in MS SQL Server, but its' main competitor as well. In another publication he describes Oracle's beginnings as a contractor for the CIA. Consequently it comes as no surprise that his excellent beginners' hands-on introduction to MS SQL Server uses a fictional spy vs spy theme.For SQL Server newbies such as myself, reading, learning and building the book's spy database project is a blast! Who said "Edutainment" is kidstuff?

No-nonsense SQL Server 2000 Database development essentials

As a university lecturer, I found this book the ideal text for students with limited time, who needed to rapidly master the essentials of SQL Server database development. The majority of text on the subject is very detailed, very technical, albeit very authoritative, however one has to wade through a mass of concepts before gaining a practical proficiency in the subject. Rob Hawthorne approaches his subject through the development of a single project - the Spynet application which deals with the allocation of secret agents to spying activities. A strange topic to introduce one to SQL Server 2000? Maybe. But you have to read the book and be introduced to the author's wry sense of humour to understand the merits of his approach, which is based on sound technical information presented in an inimitable style which wants you to read more. By the end of the book you WILL understand and be reasonably proficient in SQL Server 2000. What I particularly liked about the book is its analytical efficiency. The author does not simply present code and give a general description of the functions and operations. He analyses each line of code and explains in simple terms exactly what it does. I also like his approach to the data administration aspects, which most students would shy away from. However, as the author presents these aspects, one realizes that the information is actually necessary to be able to work proficiently in SQL Server, and it is not necessary to be a database administrator in order to have sufficient technical knowledge to manage your applications well. The book has a strong section on trouble-shooting and debugging applications and informative information on internet based applications using Active Server Pages and the client server environment.Altogether, a highly recommended book if you want to get into Microsoft SQL Server quickly, without being bogged down by all the technicalities.

Great Book

Coming from a Informix background, I found this book great. I am new to the SQL Server database and was worried about a large learning curve. This book would be great for anyone starting to work with SQL Server. It starts you off with the basics. I knew the basics from Informix but this book showed me how to do it the SQL Server way. Great buy.

Worthwhile for beginners to intermediate

I thought that this book is worthwhile to use in a teaching environment for beginners to intermediate SQLServer users because is does what it sets out to do, build an app with SQLServer and ASP (read the back cover before you buy). ASP and how it can be used with SQLServer 2000 is what the real world SQLServer user needs. A user has a problem; how do they solve it efficiently with the right tool. If you want XML read XML. What idiot would build this small app with XML! Get real. ASP is the best tool that fit the project, and not the programmer's desire to build a universe.Most of the world is not cutting edge and willing to go to XML since most apps developed in-house for business are for specific projects on an intranet for a department. This is a down to earth title that has a real world cause and effect example. It did not get bogged down with all of the tools that you could use to be a DBA, there are other books for that. However, more specific examples of SQLServer code would have been useful, as well as running scripts and stored procedures. Cudos to a job well done.You delivered your goal.
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