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Mass Market Paperback The Wrong Number: Volume 5 Book

ISBN: 0671694111

ISBN13: 9780671694111

The Wrong Number: Volume 5

(Book #5 in the Fear Street Series)

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Format: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Acceptable

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Book Overview

It begins as an innocent prank: Deena Martinson and her best friend, Jade Smith, make sexy phone calls to the boys from school. But Deena's half-brother, Chuck, catches them in the act and threatens to tell their parents--unless the girls let him in on the fun. Chuck begins making random calls, threatening anyone who answers. It's dangerous and exciting. The teens are even enjoying the publicity and the uproar they've caused.

Until Chuck calls...

Customer Reviews

11 ratings

Short read

I read this book in half a day. But, I will say it was a good read. It was suspenseful, and I was honestly curious about how it was going to end. The story line made sense and you definitely had a feel for a teen’s headspace. As a goosebumps lover when I was a kid, this book gave me the same enjoyment.


I will not be ordering acceptable items anymore! The book I received was damaged part of the back book was ripped off! I can’t even return it. Not satisfied

Could not put the book down

I am not a fan of reading but this book caught my attention. I could not put the book down from how impatient I was to wanting to know what would happen with Deena, Jade, and CHUCK.

Read this in my teens and can't wait to read it as an adult!

This book was amazing! Scary, gripping and I couldn't put it down. It sparked my love of horror and scary stories. This is highly recommended. I love the Fear Street series and have re-bought them as an adult.

When prank calls are no longer harmless.

One of my fondest memories was spending my summer between 7th and 8th grade at my bestie's house. We listened to the Spice Girls, played Super Nintendo, and we made prank calls. Well not like most people...We would dial a random number and just start talking to the person. We actually found a few "friends" that way. This was 1993, so *69 and caller ID were not a thing yet, luckily. The Wrong Number brought back those awesome memories. Deena and Jade decide to prank call boys from their school. Nothing crazy, just a Oh you're so hot kind of call, leaving the boy wondering who it is. But Deena's brother (half brother that just moved in, but I don't feel that is a necessary detail), Chuck, catches them and begins to make threatening calls to random people. One of those is a house on Fear Street. "Please! Please come quickly! He's going to kill me!" Chuck springs into hero mode. Sure calling the police would be the logical thing to do, but see Chuck doesn't want to get in trouble for the previous calls he made. So they speed over to Fear Street and find a woman dead and her murderer still in the house. After a chase, they get home safely and call the police only for them to link Chuck to the murder! The police don't seem to listen so Deena must now prove her brother is innocent. She begins to investigate and finds the killer's identity, but she needs proof. Eventually she gets what she needs. This one was a great read. Deena's dedication to her brother is touching and she fights for what is right.

Was a great book but some other Fear Street books are better.

The theme of the book seemed very interesting to me which is why I bought the book. But actually it was a bit boring in the start. It did get fun and suspensefull during the climax. But compared to the other Fear street books that I've read like Dead End and Ski Weekend this one wasn't that good. Still kids around 16 will love it probably.

A Great Book!

Deena has a new phone so she and her best friend use the phone to make prank phone calls. But Chuck finds out that Deena and Jade are making phone calls. He insists that they let him join or else he'll tell. So Deena and Jade let him join. Then Chuck calls a house on Fear Street and interrupts a murder. Deena, Jade and Chuck go to the address to help the woman screaming. But it's too late because the woman is already is dead. A masked man chases the three warning them to mind their own business. One day after, the police drag Chuck to jail, now that everyone at Shadyside knows that Deena, Jade and Chuck are the ones behind the prank phone calls. The police say that someone saw Deena, Jade and Chuck that night. It was Mr. Farberson. Deena and Jade know that Farberson is wrong so they decide to find out more about him. If you want to find out more, read this book.

The Wrong Number recommended to you

The most important thing I remembered about this book "The Wrong Number," was that it was super interesting and intense! Someone else would definitely want to read this book because it stays very good throughout the whole story. It really keeps you interested and wanting to read more. Any one who is any age can relate to this book. Since, it is about two teenage girls, a boy might want to read the back of the book first. My favorite section of this book is when the two girls obviously make the wrong call. They have caller i.d., and then they track down the person that made the call. After that, the girls go down the Fear Street rode and hear screams coming from the caller's house. The two girls fear for their lives as they try to catch the murderer in action. I recommend this book immensely.

The Phantom of Fear Street

Book title: The Wrong Number Author: R.L Stine Number of pages: 165 Publisher and publication date: Parachute Press, 1990 ISBN: 0-14-20.0073-6 Price: $9.64 To prove to his sister Deena and her friend Jade that Fear Street is like any other street Chuck calls the first number he sees in the phonebook that has an address on Fear Street. "Please! Please come quickly! He's going to kill me!" A woman cried out. "Who is this?" A man asks, "You've got the wrong number!" "But I was just..." Chuck said "You've got the wrong number!" the man interrupted, and then he hung up. This book gives great details. For example, "The blob of green gel oozed like something from the bottom of a decaying swap." Another reason why you should read this book is because it makes you want to keep reading it until your done, and here is the proof: Just beyond the door to the living room, illuminated by his circle of light, lay an outstretched arm. Next to its hand was a telephone receiver. Splattered over both were bright drops of blood. Deena and Jade remind me of me and my friend Carrie. The lesson of this book is to never let your friend pressure you into doing anything you don't want to do. Overall, this is the best book I have ever read that was wrote by R.L Stine this is even better than the Fear Street Cheerleaders series. I recommend anyone can read this book, unless you're under five years old or less. Both boys and girls would like this book. So don't ever make any prank phone calls because you might hear something you shouldn't have heard, and you might not have anywhere to call for help. You're not afraid, are you?

Great read!!

One night, Deena Mertinson and her best friend Jade Smith start making prank calls to people from their high school. Whether it's the school's biggest nerd or the most popular guy, Deena and Jade have fun calling and teasing them. Now Chuck, Deena's half brother is coming to stay with them in Shadyside because he got into a lot of trouble in Central City (where he lived before). At first, he is totally rude to Deena and her dad, and also starts causing trouble at his new school. One night, he discovers Deena and Jade making prank calls to some students, and blackmails to let him in on their game. Deena gets scared when Chuck starts making threats in his calls. In fact, things become worse when, one day, to prove a point, Chuck calls a random number and they all hear a woman about to be murdered! From this point on, the story turns into a murder mystery, where Deena, Jade and Chuck have to find out who the killer is, and which one of them is going to be his next victim! Author R. L. Stine has he nicely put all the right elements to make this a good murder mystery book, containing moments of horror and suspense throughout. Once you start reading this book, you will find yourself turning the pages to see what happens next, and won't be able to put the book down at all. As the story progresses, you will find yourself at the edge of your seat, anxiously figuring out as to whether everything will be ok in the end or not. This is one of the best Fear Street books that the author has written, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes reading horror/mystery books.

No one to call for help - when murder is on the line!

To Deena and her best friend, Jade, making sexy and innocent phone calls to the boys from school was their idea of fun. But Deena's half brother, Chuck, decides to take the game one step further: making dangerous threats to those who answer their phones. That's when he calls the wrong number on Fear Street, a number where the gruesome murder took place. Now, the person knows who they are and where they live, but could all three of them call for help? There's nowhere to go when murder is on the line.With great suspense and wonderfully written, "The Wrong Number" will have you gripping on the edge of your seat! A book that you will not put down until it's read from cover to cover.I love reading the Fear Street books, and I'm 22 years old. Hey, I know you're laughing at me! I bet you there are people my age or older who read R.L. Stine.
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