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Thrills & Chills

Find all things sour and sweet here! For the kids, find their new favorite Halloween and Fall picture book. For the adults, find a creepy tale that speaks to you. Whether you're into dark tales of magic, true tales of terror, or monsters, we have the perfect October read.

Recommended Articles

Madams of Macabre and Damsels of Darkness
Published by Ashly Moore Sheldon
October 09, 2019

It may seem that the horror genre is overrun with male writers, but women have long been dark horses in the field, with one of the frontrunners being a certain Ms. Jackson (and we're not talking about Janet). As we move into the season of spooky stories, we present the consummate Shirley Jackson, plus six more of our favorite horror authors (who also happen to be female).

Stephen King: Master of Horror, Prolific Writer, Cameo Actor, and...Voracious Reader
Published by Beth Clark
October 15, 2018

If you've ever wondered what gives Stephen King nightmares (we have, and yes, it's possible), then take a peek at the latest book recommendations by the guy who's made most of us at least temporarily afraid of the dark (and clowns, OMG…clowns) at some point.

9 Authors Who Aren
Published by Ashly Moore Sheldon
February 26, 2020

Here's the last in our Black History Month series, featuring great black writers from four genres. The publishing industry is sorely lacking in diversity, so it is important to shine a light on authors of color. This week, we feature Horror and Mystery. Here are nine writers who offer scary, thrilling, addictive reads.

32 TEEN HORROR BOOKS - Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Published by Melina Lynne
October 26, 2015

Vampires, werewolves, monsters, zombies, wizards, witches, and all things that go bump in the night. These topics used to be relegated to fiction pulled out in the fall to get us geared up for Halloween, but now have their own presence in the literary world. So how did they make the leap from October reading material to year-round "go to" reads? I have three words for you: teen paranormal fiction, and I’m not just talking about books, or in our case, used books like Twilight and Harry Potter. Sure, Stephanie Meyer and J.K. Rowling made it “cool” again to write about fantastical elements. It helps that these are usually easy reads and always leave us wanting more; another series, another set of characters, and another chance to further our paranormal addiction.

Our Obsession with True Crime
Published by Ashly Moore Sheldon
October 16, 2019

It may leave us sleeping with the lights on, but true crime tales are still a staple on our bedside tables. Why do we love these stories of grisly murders and twisted secrets? We came up with a few "benefits" of exploring the dark underbelly of human nature.

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