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Paperback The Phantom of the Opera Book

ISBN: 1420954520

ISBN13: 9781420954524

The Phantom of the Opera

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Book Overview

First published in French as a serial between September 1909 and January 1910, "The Phantom of the Opera" is a riveting story that revolves around its young Swedish protagonist, Christine Daa, a chorus girl at the Paris Opera House. After a time at the opera house, Christine begins hearing the voice of the phantom, who teaches her how to sing beautifully, bringing her great acclaim. The voice is in actuality a man named Erik, though not his real name,...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Did not look like picture of the purchase! Very dissatisfied!

Small pocket book yellow and well worn!! Actually I threw it away!!

The Phantom of the Opera Book on CD

I do not have much time to sit a read a book, especially a novel. I have to either read items for my work or at night enjoy reflective books on personal growth and challenges. But I do have a 20-30 ride to work each day. During that total hour of drive time, going to work and back home, I enjoy listening to books on CD. My daugther read the book the Phantom of the Opera and said I would enjoy the book on CD. She was right.

No one sees the Angel

The mask, the music, the dark mysteries, and the tortured, deformed genius who just wants love. "The Phantom of the Opera" is so well known that its story needs no explanation. But Gaston Leroux's novel is still a spellbinding experience, full of atmospheric horror, a sense of gothic mystery, and lushly evocative language. But its crown jewel is Erik: a magnificently tortured anti-hero who inspires more horror, pity and sympathy than the rather flat hero and heroine. The Paris opera house is said to be haunted by a ghost with a "death's head," who demands a small salary and a reserved box. Despite the sightings and fears of ballerinas and stagehands, the new managers are determined to stamp out this ridiculous story -- despite threatening letters and increasing accidents that happen around them. Meanwhile, budding diva Christine Daae is taking Paris by storm, although nobody quite knows who taught her how to sing. And when her childhood friend Viscount Raoul de Chagny pays her a visit, he hears a passionate exchange between her and a man -- but there's no man there. She credits her new vocal abilities to the Angel of Music, but of course, that self-same Angel is the opera ghost. As the Phantom becomes even more attached to Christine, Raoul soon finds that the ghost is actually a half-mad, horribly deformed musical genius named Erik -- and that after Christine saw his true face, he made her become engaged to him. The young lovers plan to run away together, but the "Angel of Music" isn't about to allow his beloved Christine to leave him... Apparently there actually were some odd events -- including rumours of an opera ghost -- happening when Gaston Leroux began writing "The Phantom of the Opera." And it's a credit to his imgination that he was able to spin a some odd facts into a harrowing, heartbreaking love triangle that's based on music, obsession, adoration, and a bit of pity. And, of course, a frighteningly sympathetic "villain." Admittedly the style is very "penny dreadful": melodramatic and overloaded on prose. But Leroux's talent shines through -- he drapes the book in a haunted atmosphere, full of snowy graveyards, dark opera backstages and underground labyrinths, all with Erik's presence hovering over it. The plot is mostly a slow, satiny procession toward the inevitable blowup, but Leroux does tinge it with scenes of romantic drama, a feeling of dread, one shocking action scene, and even some quirky humour at times. And Leroux's writing is simply astounding as he describes the corpselike appearance of Erik ("... tore his terrible dead flesh with my nails") and his "death's" head appearance at the party. But he also excels at the more poignant moments -- Erik's final, rambling monologue to Christine after she kisses him is heartbreakingly clumsy and saddening. Though Christine and Raoul are the hero and heroine of the book, they're actually kind of flat. Erik is the real star -- an arrogant genius who is also pitifully lonely. And

Loved it

This is a great book on POTO. Has lots of "extra" things written right in to help make the story even more understandable and enjoyable.

Good reading

I love books of CD. I am in my car a great deal and books make the time go faster. I also miss a great deal (gotta pay attn to driving) so I listen over and over until I get it. This book can be complicated so listening more than once was necessary but I like this book very much.


Just what my sixteen year old, love sick heart needed! This story met all standards that I held for it! Not only did it give insight to Andrew Lloyd Weber's miraculous production of The Phantom of the Opera, but it made me love the characters and want to read more! Unfortunatley, all good things come to an end, as does this book, (and A very tear jerking one I might add) I shared this book with my relatives, friends, and family and they have all come to my same conclusion: This is an EXCELLENT BOOK!! Buy one, read it, and I guarantee you'll fall in love with it! It makes you want to jump up, hop on a plane, go to the Paris Opera House, and look for Erik! (I tried...don't get caught breaking rules!) Great story and have happy reading!
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