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Paperback The Magic of You Book

ISBN: 0552142220

ISBN13: 9780552142229

The Magic of You

(Book #4 in the Malory-Anderson Families Series)

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Format: Paperback

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5 ratings

The magic of love . . .

_The Magic Of You_, the fourth book in the much-loved Malory saga, is the story of Amy Malory and Warren Anderson. Though Amy is only a minor character in the first three books of the series, and at first I was disappointed that Ms. Lindsey hadn't picked a more prominent character to write about, I was pleasantly surprised with this book. Amy Malory may look like her cousin Regina, she may even have the ability to manipulate a situation like her cousin, but she's also inherited a fair amount of her personality from the male members of the Malory clan. Bold and brazen like her uncles Tony and James, Amy has set her sights on Warren Anderson (you'll remember him as Georgina's brother in _Gentle Rogue_) and nothing will stand in her way. Fresh from the schoolroom, Amy is far from naive. Though innocent in action, her unabashed personality is just the match for the iron-willed and often ruthless Warren. Warren Anderson has little use for women other than to soothe the yearnings of his body. Played false by a beautiful woman he thought he loved, Warren's heart is hidden behind so many walls he's sure no one will ever hurt him again. From the first minute Warren meets Amy he's shocked by her bold advances and even as his body responds to her in a way he can't control, he uses his strong resolve to resist her charms. Though I'm a fan of all the Malory books, I'd have to say this one ties for the best book of the series with _Tender Rebel_. Amy's forthrightness is refreshing and certainly a welcome change from the simpering, sighing maidens who can usually be found as heroines in this genre. And, appropriately enough, this ground-breaking heroine gets a hero who isn't a cardboard copy of all the rest. Warren is far from being the perfectly romantic and dashing hero. He's rough around the edges and needs some serious adjustment to his attitude. I'm really surprised with the tepid reviews this book has received, since I think it's among the best of Ms. Lindsey's work. If you're looking for a fiery romance between two strong, independent and bold characters, look no further than Amy and Warren. I know you'll love them as much as I have.

One of the BEST in the Malory series

I am an absolute fan of JL, and my favorite in the Malory series, especially those that include the Anderson brothers! When you have both Anthony and James and you include the Anderson brothers you know sparks are going to fly. So when young Amy decides on the "worst" brother to be her future husband, not many people are going to agree, including the future groom himself. Warren is my kind of man, who doesn't let his feelings show and tries to push everyone away, but you have to love him on how protective he becomes with Amy! She is amazing because she is unexperieced in love and seduction but that is what wins him over. A MUST read, once you read 'The Magic of You' you will want to read the others. Keep them coming Ms. Lindsey, we love your Malory series!!!


The Magic of You is my favourite Johanna Lindsey romance so far, I think I've read it over 10 times already but still, everytime i pick it up again, it makes me laugh over Amy's fiest and tingle over the enchanting romance. The plot is so refreshing and the way Warren tries to resist Amy is so cute! This book is a must have!


I have been a loyal Johanna Lindsey fan for over 15 years. I'll admit that I have liked some of her books more than others,but I have never disliked any of her stories or her characters. I am always amazed when I think about the fact that she has been writing for over 20 years. I have read all of her books and I have never seen similarities in her plots or her stories. They are all unique.I am an avid reader and I like a lot of authors,but Johanna Lindsey stays my all time favorite because of her ability to keep her stories fresh. Regarding this story I thought it was wonderful to see the female do the chasing. Amy Malory acted true to form as far as I was concerned. She acted as the male Malory's had when they decided they wanted someone. She was bold and very charming as James and Tony were without being crass or trashy. I loved it! I thought it was wonderful that unlike other family members that had had to have shot gun weddings, Amy refused to settle for anything less than true love and full commitment. I respect other peoples opinions,but I really don't understand why some people were so upset by a women that went after what she wanted. It was great in the sense that I think that the author was trying to show that even though Warren was twice Amy's age she was mature enough to handle him. Johanna, please keep up the great work! I am one of your greatest fans!


This hands down is the best JL book! I loved the fact that Amy did all the chasing. Her lines just had me rolling. The chemistry between her and Warren is the best i've seen. Every scene was so well written and sexy. This book would bring the dead back to life. We need more heroines like Amy.
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