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Paperback The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood: Ten Ways to Get Your Family on the Right Nutritional Track Book

ISBN: 0316060127

ISBN13: 9780316060127

The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood: Ten Ways to Get Your Family on the Right Nutritional Track

America's foremost childcare experts present a practical, appetizing, easy-to-follow eating plan for shaping children's tastes and metabolisms toward optimal health.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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Finally a book that reflects our approach to food!

I was given this book and didn't know what to expect. I started reading and couldn't put it down because it was a reflection of our approach to eating - whole/real foods with a minimum amount of processed items. I agree that eating healthy is an INVESTMENT and a balancing act. It may cost more to buy wild fish and mostly organic food but if you look in the average shopper's cart the amount of processed/quick foods are really more costly to ones health (and sometimes more costly to the pocketbook too). I don't go as far as making protein smoothies for my 3 yr old but he eats what we eat and that includes "ethnic" food, spicy food, kale, lentils, whole grain bread, plus all the healthy stuff that most toddlers won't touch. We don't buy mac'n cheese, hot dogs, cereal bars (really just candy bars in disguise), instant oatmeal, and you know what? He doesn't know to ask for this stuff and doesn't have a palate for it. I highly recommend reading this book BEFORE baby starts solids as there are a lot of strategies and recommendations for how to untrain a child's already formed palate for fast/processed/junky food. Better to start anew and keep it like that for as long as possible. I cannot recommend this book to new parents enough.

What a great topic

An all too important topic that we think we know about, but in reading you discover how we really don't know enough. Great resource.

Best for you & Your Family / Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood...

I first read this book from our local library. Loved it so much - I bought it as a reference. It is packed with life changing easy to read information to improve your and your family's food habits. A good portion of American health problems stems from our use of processed and trans fat laden foods. What can we do to make changes to give our families a better chance at life? We do not have to buy and feed our families this junk! Read the book to learn how to reverse damage and improve your and your family's health. Your gut will thank you. Behaviors will improve or will be eliminated in ADD children by improving nutrition. Read for scientific basis. Debunking fad diets Dr. Sears (with support from many other Dr. Sears), informs reader of a healthy life change of eating. This does not mean removing the joy of eating. But it does offer ways to reduce risk of cancer, diabetes etc. This book also includes 11 ways to feed growing brains - a must for all parents! Very good informative reading!! Thank you Dr. Sears and family! Happy reading.

I love this book!

This is one of the most tattered of all my books in my parenting library. I find myself constantly referencing it. I loved my copy of The Baby Book by the Sears and so I decided to read this. I was lucky enough to read it right when my son was starting solids, and have been able to put him on a healthy eating path due to its recommendations. People are amazed at the "Super grow foods" he eats happily now in his 2s. When I go over to friends' houses for dinner parties they can't wait to see what I will bring along to feed my son, which is always followed by I can't believe thats and wows as they struggle to get their toddlers to eat anything but processed foods or sugary snacks. I am very thankful to of read this when I did, and feel really positively about the changes it has made in our lives to help our children and us eat healthier. I plan to start my now infant right along these lines. I continue to research healthy eating for my family and this book has been a great jumping off point for that. I have no problems with the organic recommendations and his views on fish.

A must read even if you are not a Parent or Grandparent

This book is easy to read, but it is important to first read the initial 15-20 pages in order to understand the healthy philosophy behind this book. It is a useful guide to good nutrition for everyone, teachers, parents, grandparents and any person who want to improve their health. Even if you don't intend to follow all the advice, you can improve your and/or your family's eating habits significantly. The book doesn't preach yet the message comes through loud and clear, you can shape your kids desire for healthy food by teaching them to be aware, their gut feeling, when eating healthy food compared to junk food.
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