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The Carbohydrate Addict's Program for Success

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* After eating a full breakfast, are you hungrier before it's time for lunch, than you would be if you only had time for a cup of coffee? * Do you have a hard time stopping once you start to eat... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

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Long term success with this program

One reviewer said they didn't know of anyone who's had long-term success with the Heller's plan , so I want to speak up. I've been following this plan, modified with some of the Hellers' more recent books, for close to 12 YEARS and am maintaining a loss of 100 lbs! I'm a woman who struggled with weight all my life, lost and regained weight many times, and hated myself for not having the willpower to keep it off. I had pretty much given up hope when I found my way to this book. I have found it to be a workable, balanced and healthy plan. I eat fish, chicken, meat and cheese, tons of salads and other lowcarb veggies, and once a day the carbs of my choice. It might be a bagel or a bowl of cereal, garlic mashed potatoes, chocolate chip cookies -- whatever I'm hankering for. As long as it's part of a balanced meal, I don't have to feel guilty -- I'm still on my diet. In skimming the negative reviews, I see a lot of inaccurate descriptions of this diet. Breakfasts and lunches are NOT protein/fat only - high fiber, low carb veggies are an absolutely essential part of them. I typically eat a brunch of scrambled eggs or quiche with lots of veggies, chicken caesar salad, etc. Dinner is not a carbo-loading binge - it's a balanced meal with my choice of starchy or sweet foods. Snacks are allowed - last night I was hungry and had some tuna salad and bell pepper slices at 9 pm. Having the freedom to enjoy carbs as part of my dinner every single day keeps the diet livable, and avoiding starchy and sweet foods the rest of the day keeps my appetite under control. I hate to sound corny, but after 11 years and 8 months on this program, every day feels like a miracle. I've gone from having to sit down to peel potatoes (because my back hurt from standing) to having a very active lifestyle. My cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar are all great, despite the fact that I was borderline diabetic before I started CAD. Best of all is this joyous freedom that comes when realize you have all the willpower you need because you're not fighting your body all the time. If you're someone who can maintain a healthy weight eating carbs all day long, lucky you. However, please don't think that's how everyone should eat. For many of us, high-carb eating produces insulin resistance, appetite control problems, binge eating and weight gain. Luckily, many scientists and nutritionists now understand this phenomenon, and there are a lot of low carb programs (and books) to choose from. Is this the plan for you? If you've got a lot to lose or have struggled with a lifelong weight problem, if you feel hopeless about your weight and yourself, I encourage you to give this book a serious look. Rachel Heller is one of us and also a psychologist by training, and her empathy, kindness and understanding shine through these pages. I would also suggest looking at some of the Hellers' later books, such as the Carbohydrate Addict's Lifespan Program, because their understanding has grown


I read the book entirely in one sitting, the very night I bought it. Then I studied it at length many times, highlighting, making notes in the margins. As a registered nurse, I learned a lot from the references to their research, and their detailed explanation of hyperinsulinemia. They have over 100 references, and 10 years or more in research of this disorder. It was as though a veil had been lifted and I suddenly understood that my condition is physiological, NOT psychological! I have found a new beginning. I know many doctors who recommend this diet for weight loss, depression, high blood pressure, pre-diabetic conditions, high cholesterol. I cannot diagnose myself, but I know it is working for me. I have been on the diet for 6 months and have lost 62 lbs! I don't weigh and measure, count calories, or deprive myself of any of my favorite foods. I feel better, no cravings, and I have more energy than ever! and above all, I am only 18 lbs away from my goal...6 months ago I would NEVER have thought it possible. Give it a try, and follow the 4 will succeed.

It changed my life

I started on this way of eating a year ago February. Every one on my Mother's side of the family are large people. I have tried every diet that was ever made and nothing worked. I have lost over 25 lbs and keep it off , since last Feb 99. I will stay on this the rest of my life. I have showed this to other people and they are on this also. I am a farm girl and used to eating bacon and eggs foe breakfast, although i eat other thing also. My Husband in on this also and loves it. If i can eat any thing i want once a day for a meal, i think that it is great. I drink lot's of water and don't get hungary anymore. Thanks for giving ud something that we can live with. A KY Farm Girl. Mae Fulkerson


Well, for starters, when I started the Carbohydrate Addict Diet, I was 25 pounds overweight after 1 year of marriage, which affected me really bad. I was moody, I did not feel good about myself and I knew I could do something about it but just did not have the energy anymore to try. I'm 32 now, but back in the day when I was 20 I had gained weight up to 180 pounds. At 21, I started a diet, started working out and within a year-and-a-half I went down to about 130. Within ten years I gained and lost about fifteen to twenty pounds, but I could never seem to find something that would help me control or help discipline my eating. Eventually I would give up and gain weight, then I'd get frustrated and lose it, and then it turned out to be back and forth for the last ten years. About three years ago, it seemed that I did have it controlled. When I met my husband,I was 145 and felt pretty good, couldn't complain, but as soon as we got married I was too comfortable and gained 25 pounds. I was at the end of my rope with this weight gain and was at home on my day off from work, watching Oprah and there were the Doctors talking about this great diet and how a person didn't even have to deprive themselves. I was thinking "no way", but I did have a positive feeling about this. So, it was about a week a later when I bought the book out of determination and know I feel that it is one of the best things I have ever bought myself. It gave me so much insight about MY body and why I would get these uncontrollable cravings, why I snacked a lot, why I couldn't keep the weight off and why I was going back and forth. I knew that since I was getting older that it was becoming even harder to keep off the weight or at least I thought(I needed something to blame for the weight gain). I started the diet on November 1 and saw the weight coming off as soon as the next day. I could not believe it--exactly what the doctors said would happened, happened. And, because of the reward meal and don't even feel like I'm depriving myself of anything, I actually feel a lot freer about eating and I have more of a positive attitude, plus more energy. It is amazing. Its like I was let out of a prison of some sort, a diet prison. As of today, Nov. 19, I have lost 7 pounds, I couldn't even lose 1 pound within the last year. I'm so glad I have this opportunty to share my experience and encourage others to try this diet if they feel that this is your story also.

The book was inspiring.

It took me a day to read the book. At first I thought the diet was too good to be true, but I found that everything I read in the book was true. My mouthwatering cravings that I continuously had throughout my life ceased withing 2 days. My energy level skyrocketed and my mood swings actually stopped. For the last 10 years I wanted to take off 20 lbs., I never could do it. I just wanted to thank the Hellers for wrtiting this book.
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