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Paperback Make the Connection: Ten Steps to a Better Body and a Better Life Book

ISBN: 0786882980

ISBN13: 9780786882984

Make the Connection: Ten Steps to a Better Body and a Better Life

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Book Overview

The #1 national bestseller that helped millions to get fit for life--finally in paperback! Revealing her often heartbreaking, life-long struggle with excess weight, Oprah tells of her fortuitous meeting with Bob Greene, who helped her change her life by creating a diet and exercise program that worked for her. Color photos.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

If You Do It Most Likely You'll Lose a Lot of Fat

I had to write a review about this book. I was about 40 pounds overweight and jumping from program to program and yo yoing about 10 pounds with no significant results. I found this book in a used book store and kept it in a box for several months before getting around to trying it. Contrary to the other reviewer, this book is not about common sense and the majority of people need it. It is written by an exercise physiologist who specializes in weight loss and fitness. This man knows what he is talking about. While the specific steps may not seem that different from the mass of ineffective diet information out there, this book actually goes far beyond them. It explains when to exercise, how much to eat, what to eat, whether alcohol will harm weight loss, how intensely to exercise-all things that nobody would know using their own common sense. My philosophy is that when you need a question answered go to someone who knows the topic. Bob Green (the exercise physiologist) has proven that this program works because Ophra lost a lot of weight on it. Further, the weight loss is very fast, 1.5 to 2 pounds per week. I started the diet in August at 204 lbs and 44% body fat and am now 184 lbs and 39% body fat. The only additional thing I did was to take a green tea supplement called "Super Green Tea Diet" by U.S. Nutrition to help fat metabolism (very cheap, only $5 per month). I am amazed more people don't follow this book since it was released in 1996. It would destroy the diet industry. I am still getting used to having pretty girls check me out but that is the kind of problem that I like to have.

Oprah rules

I absolutely love this tape. It is the most motivating weight loss tool I have found. Oprah is a hoot, and her common sense approach to battling a low setpoint and low metabolism are so inspiring. This book, narrated by Bob Greene (who was her personal trainer for this journey) and Oprah, documents Oprah's journey to self-discovery and her mastery of the necessary tools to achieving permanent weight loss. In typical Oprah fashion, she dives into the project and emerges victorious. The only caution would be that Oprah exercised vigorously spurred on by training for various races. Since this is not a pace she will maintain for life, she still has ups and downs. Exercise is one of the steps outlined in this program and it advises 20-40 minutes daily at a certain level. Each person needs to decide for themselves what works for them.The 10 steps outlined in this book are relatively easy to achieve and are healthy, being based on common sense. This book is not about dieting down to a certain weight. It is about changing your life. It has changed mine. I keep this tape in my car for constant motivation. I have quit smoking in the last year and this tape is my cigarette substitute. The money I spent for this tape was well worth it. If you love Oprah, you will love this tape.

An Inspiration: The Answer for the Chronically Overweight

This is BY FAR the best book I have ever read for those with lifelong weight problems. Bob Greene is so compassionate and knowledgeable that I completely trusted what he had to say. Oprah's vulnerability and achievements are amazing (and yes, she still runs--she just ran an 8k in Chicago). Don't skip the beginning part of the book that sets the stage for making the decision to become fit. This part talks about how the real issue is self-care and self-love, not weight loss. It all made sense to me and prepared me to take on the steps. I'm happy to say that I have been applying the steps for two months, have lost 18 pounds and am running almost 3 miles a day! I feel like a million bucks mentally, emotionally and physically. If you are overweight and ready to become fit, this is the book to read and re-read! Thank you, Bob and Oprah!

Too bad Oprah isn't still making her connection

This is still one of my favorite exercise/diet books, and one of the few I actually own. After hearing about how Oprah is now on a "Carbo-addict" kick, it's really sad to see her grasping at trying to find a magic weightloss formula, just like she did in the 80's with Optifast, when she already knows what she needs to do. Don't let Oprah's recent apparent weight gain stop you from reading this book. Everything is laid out and simple to follow (yes, you DO have to make time to exercise but I found if I want something badly enough I will do whatever it takes). Take it from me - I am currently 149 lbs and 10 years ago I weighed 265 - the ONLY way to lose weight and keep it off is diet and exercise. If you are only going to get one 'diet' book, this is it.

Wish I'd have started the steps sooner!

Make The Connection was motivational, informative, easy to follow, and written with the reader in mind. Oprah contributed her personal story of struggle and triumph, while Bob offered his expert information and advice. Never once in the book does Bob or Oprah imply that these are easy to follow steps to a better life. They simply state that if you do follow them, you will get the results you're after. I began the steps 2 months ago and have lost 23 pounds. I have 25 lbs to go and am enjoying every single step of this journey. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is intimidated by the weight loss/fitness industry. Exercise is for all of us, not just the fit! Bob Greene and Oprah provide you with the information you need to begin your own journey.

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