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Hardcover Fit for Life: A New Beginning: Your Complete Diet and Health Plan for the Millennium Book

ISBN: 1575665697

ISBN13: 9781575665696

Fit for Life: A New Beginning: Your Complete Diet and Health Plan for the Millennium

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

Beginning with his own story and the eyeopening discovery that eliminated his chronic health problems--and 50 pounds of fat--in just one month, Harvey Diamond focuses on the body's amazing natural ability to heal itself.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Truth Unleashed

This is a great book with Harvey at times unleashing his full venom at the medical profession, food industry and fellow dieticians. He is speaking up for the truth and I happen to believe him. Why? Because I have tested and followed the Fit for Life principles myself and they work. However before reading this book (which I call Fit for Life III), I would advise buying and following the principles laid out in the first two books i.e. Fit for Life and Fit for Life II. They are easier to read, gentler (probably because they were written in partnership with Marilyn!) and cover the essential dietary/lifestyle principles you need to follow. Good luck and God bless.

Preventing Cancer and Disease

I am writing a very favorable review regarding this book. I have read the original "Fit for Life" and "Fit for Life II" and I must say this book in combination with the original Fit for Life is a complete guide to the prevention of cancer and disease. Where it appears that most of the medical community is consumed with curing cancer and disease AFTER it happens it is refreshing to see someone concentrating on how to prevent it from EVER happening.The chapters on the 7 stages of disease and the explanation of the lymph node system are easy to understand. I always liked the way Mr. Diamond's books read as if he is sitting there in the room with you and explaining it personally. His excitement and passion for this subject can be felt as you read and the analogies he uses are wonderful in making sense of complex subject. Please don't think of this as simply a diet book. If you only followed some of the principles some of the time I'll bet the majority of the population would be 100% better off than they are right now. I like the fact that he advocates using it as much as possible and when you can rather than forcing an all or nothing situation. Yes you can lose weight and have more energy than you ever thought possible following these principles. But, even if you never lost an ounce, the feeling of being able to participate in preventing disease in you body as opposed to sitting back and feeling a helpless victim as to when and if it may or may not ever hit you is empowering. It could very well be the best $ ever spend.

Decide for yourself

I have been following the "Fit for Life" principles since March of 1991. Before then I would have five good days a year and 360 bad ones. My stomach ached all the time. As long as I follow the basic guidelines, my stomach NEVER aches. I lost 26 lbs in 13 weeks back then and have kept it off. Harvey Diamond's current book adds a new and different layer to this style of eating. If you notice, all the unfavorable reviews come from people who have never tried food combining. They all say "Where is the evidence? My doctor says its BS. etc." Show me one person that has tried this way of eating and did not feel better. Back in 1992 when I had been a follower for about a year, a well meaning friend sent me a review of the diet from The Harvard Medical Letter that said it was a bunch of bull. Their doctors and scientists said this didn't make any sense to them. I laughed when I saw it because once again, not one doctor or scientist said he/she was on it for a while and didn't see any positive results. This happens all the time. Just look at some of the reviews for this book on this website. A few weeks ago, my wife told me of a summer intern that works with her had taken a day off to go to the doctor to see what was wrong with his stomach. He had pain almost all the time. I told her to tell him to call me. I spoke to him for 10 minutes, highlighted the principles and told him he would see results in a few days. I spoke with him five days later and he told me he had had no pain at all since he started this. My biggest problem is getting people to listen. They tell me it sounds interesting and then some of them go check with their doctor who tells them not to waste their time. Meanwhile I am 53 years years old and do not take one prescription medicine. My father died at 66 from diabetes, heart disease and psoriasis. I wish he was around so I could relate to him what I now know. It's not too late for you. Open your eyes and believe, because what I'm telling you is absolutely the truth...

Disregard Negative Reviews

Don't take the advice of someone who's never followed the diet; North Americans have become the most obese people on the planet by following the instructions of such health professionals as doctors, nutritionists, and the school lunch lady.This works, pure and simple. I lost sixty-five pounds by adhering to the principles outlined in the original FIT FOR LIFE, and three years later, I've never felt better. Although I can certainly understand how following a strict vegetarian diet and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables could be considered "life threatening." (!) Who's the wacko here?Ask yourself this question before you decide to listen to someone with an agenda belittling this diet; who stands to benefit from your ill health? Harvey Diamond? Or some schmuck with an MD and the scruples God gave a rattlesnake? It's the MD's job to make money from you being sick, so you do the math.It's your choice. The only way you'll ever know for sure is to try it out and listen to *your* body, not your doctor, not a nutritionist, and not some misguided reviewer who suffers from a bad case of the Know-It-Alls.

This is a continuation of his previous work...

Harvey has continued his previous work with Fit For Life 2000. If you are not familiar with Fit for life, he does go into much detail reviewing his previous information, and admits that it was probably not complete (hey! we're always learning..) He ties in with previous books the VERY IMPORTANT issue that we are supposed to eat LIVING foods as much as possible. I like Harvey's discriptive way of writing. He really talks right to you, and ever since I picked up Fit For Life II, I know I feel better and have trimmed myself by following his practices. I have been a vegetarian for 6 years now, but many vegetarians don't realize that they are NOT doing their body a service by eating anything just "non-meat". Eat LIVING FOODS!
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