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Hardcover Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food Book

ISBN: 0061251348

ISBN13: 9780061251344

Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food

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Format: Hardcover

Condition: Good

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Book Overview

It has become common knowledge that childhood obesity rates are increasing every year. But the rates continue to rise. And between busy work schedules and the inconvenient truth that kids simply... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

9 ratings

Good cookbook

This is a good cookbook. The recipes are easy to follow and it has a lot of pictures so you can see what looks good to you before you waste your time cooking it. I have teenagers and wanted them to learn how to cook so I ordered a bunch off cookbooks. Now they each cook one dinner per week. It is great! And it helps to have cookbooks with practical and easy to follow recipes on hand for them to use. My kids liked the goose berry patch 101 home style favorites a lot more. They also liked taste of home 201 recipes you’ll make forever.

The spine broken

The spine was completely detached exposing all the spiral plastic. A mess of a book.

It wasn't the best, yet it wasn't the worst.

I feel this book has many good recipes and I look forward to buying another in the series but some of the recipes are very..... complicated. Many families do not have the ingredients in the cookbook, and very few recipes can I make with the materials I already have. But the recipes I can make are lovely and amazing. I would recommend this to a family with a passion for baking with lots of baking materials, but I would never recommend it to s family who feels they do not have enough resources.

It's a rip off.

This book is nothing more than a bad rip off of the Sneaky Chef series by Missy Chase Lapine Now that series is awesome.

Maravillosas ideas para comidas saludables

Tiene buenas recetas y trucos para ayudar a Los ninos comer saludable sin que se den de cuenta ....

Very useful!

This book includes total beginners like me in cooking and I really like the easy way food is presented and the explanations given. Thanks! A great buy. Bonus: I could have it in Spanish!!!!!

It worked for me..and just in time!!!

I find it interesting that most of the reviewers that gave this book 1 or 2 stars also went on to say that their kids eat vegetables just fine. Well, why are they looking for other alternatives then? I got this book because I was getting so upset during mealtimes with my 15 month old because she started refusing everything except mac and cheese and fruit. So after a short prayer and counting to 10, I decided to finally check this book out. I was hesitant because I am not into making famous people even more rich if I can avoid it, but I loved the fun, girly look of the book, and thought I would give her ideas a try. My favorite part is the pages that tell you about how to cook each type of veggie and fruit, and what nutrients are in them. I got busy pureeing right away, and felt like I was finally taking a step towards happiness at mealtime! The true test was when I made my daughter mac and cheese with cauliflower.....she LOVED it! I was beaming knowing that she was scarfing down something she liked, and getting good nutrition too. Don't get me wrong, I also believe that they need to learn good eating habits, so I always have a true vegetable on the plate too. This morning I made the applesauce muffins, and they were a huge hit with the whole family! I may not make every recipe in this book, but I will use the ideas and purees throughout all my cooking (including the carrot puree I put in my Baked Penne last night! YUM!) Bottom line: If you need the help, buy the book. If you don't, stop bashing it.

Deceptive Cooking - I'm convinced!

We don't have children in our household - but we (like many adults I know) don't get near enough fruit and vegetable servings each day. I bought this with the intention of my husband and I getting healthier. When I bought this book, I noticed a lot of reviews also mentioned 'The Sneaky Chef', so I decided to buy both and review side by side. While they are both fundamentally the same (adding vegetable purees to food), hands down 'Deceptively Delicious' wins. 1. It is spiral bound - this makes it much easier for keeping open to follow a recipe. 2. There are many full page color photographs of the recipes 3. The purees are much easier. Another reviewer mentioned this and I agree. Jessica's also uses more types of vegetables. 4. The other book takes up a large section of the beginning with... stuff. Reasons to write the book, details about her family, how she's qualified to write the book, etc. Jessica has a small intro, but otherwise get's right down to it - nutritional information, the puree's and recipes! I do think the other book has value, but I believe Jessica's has more value. For the reviewers that want to complain about Jessica copying - I was under the impression these were released about the same time - which means they would been under development about the same time. Besides, isn't every cookbook a copy, for all intents and purposes? Look at all the books about: barbecuing, pasta recipes, chicken recipes, baking, cookie recipes. They are all fundamentally the same with minor differences... just my .02! I tried the scrambled eggs this morning, they were good! They don't taste like traditional scrambled eggs cooked in butter with all the yolks, etc... but these were good - and it felt right knowing I was getting a healthy breakfast. Oh, and for the person who says "you are only getting a tablespoon..." in some recipes that may be true - but it's a Tablespoon more than I would have had without it! Enjoy this book - and enjoy eating healthier whether you have children or not.

This book is the BEST!!!

Well let me begin by saying that I am not a professional chef, nor I am an uber-fan of the "Seinfeld" show - so I could care less who the author is. I also had a feeling that anything that deals with food and children and not being 100% honest with kids in this "kid-centered" world we live in would push a few buttons. And it did! I am a married mom of two boys and I am also interested in better health for my family. I do believe in eating fruits and vegetables in their natural state but let's be honest: Who among us eats five servings a day? I saw Ms. Seinfeld on Oprah and thought to myself, Well I have beeing doing the puree thing myself so let's see what she has to say. How are thre recipes? Pretty good, as a matter of fact. Here is what I did to try some of the recipes out: First, I plugged my Bob Seger CD and got the ball rolling. The Beatles work just as well, the decision is yours. Then I washed my hands, put on my "Lutheran Jello Power" apron and said to myself: "It's Go Time!" I own a Vita-Mix blender which double as a food processor. I own a rice cooker which can be used to stream veggies. If you do not own a food processor or a steamer, do not despair. You can bake a lot of the veggies or put a colander in a shallow pan of boiling water to steam them. You can always invest in a steamer and/or food processor if you want, later. The first recipe I tries was: CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: 5 star.They are delicious! The only tweaking I did to the recipe was I pureed the chickpeas before adding them to the batter. I also used brown sugar Splenda rather than regular brown sugar; when done you have a batch of cookies that have 1/2 cup of brown sugar plus protein in them!! There is no white sugar in this recipe and I also used whole wheat flour. Excellent!! I have actually made these twice in a week. SPAGETTI AND MEATBALLS: 5 stars. My kids are not that into meatballs and they ate them. This was my first attempt at meatballs, ever, and they turned out great. I put the broccoli puree and the sweet potato puree in the spagetti sauce and no one tasted anything different. CHOCOLATE PUDDING: 5 stars. I put the avocado puree in this and believe it or not my two sons complained that is was "too much chocolate tasting!" The pudding was that good. MACARONI AND CHEESE: 5 stars. I tried putting the sweet potato puree in with a box mix and there was no taste difference. I mixed the puree withe the milk and you could taste the puree. The kids actually said it tasted better than before!! FROZEN YOGURT POPS: 5 stars. Very good, very sweet. I do not own popsicle molds so I used those multi-color cups from toddler days (my kids are 8 & 10 yrs old) and although they worked great - I bought popsicle sticks from a craft store - next time I am going to use smaller dixie cups so the portions are smaller. The recipes are mistake proof as well; I put avocado puree rather than the brocolli puree in pizza sauce to make pizza burgers (Je
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