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Dear Books: You Are the Best Valentine Ever

By Beth Clark • February 14, 2019

A Love Letter to Books

Dear Books,

On this day devoted to romance and all things love, I hereby proclaim my eternally unwavering love for you. I may have an amazing significant other, spouse, kids, bestie, and cat, but it's you I love most of all. You've been with me pretty much my entire life, on my sunniest days and my darkest days alike, through the happiest times, the overwhelming times, the saddest times, the bored times, the Zen times, and even a few enraged times. Oh, in case I never told you, thanks for not telling anyone about the time I tried to take out my frustration by whacking my pillow on my bed as hard as I could, but accidentally caught the crystal lamp on the nightstand and shattered it. Not my most graceful moment, but you made me feel better afterwards when I curled up with you and had four chapters of time to myself.

You always have exactly the right words for me (even if I don't want to hear them right at that moment), and the places you take me are insanely beautiful, which the absence of jet lag only makes more incredible. You introduce me to amazing friends and people who pique my curiosity and inspire me to be better. You make my heart swell, feel fulfilled, and even race, though truthfully, a little too much sometimes (talking to you, Stephen King).

You get my day going (with a little help from our mutual friend coffee), you give me something to look forward to at lunch or in the afternoon, and you gently lull me to sleep at night. You never complain when I smell you or lovingly touch your cover without washing my hands first. You tolerate being carried around with me everywhere a dark bag with who knows what living in the bottom of it, and you've never once gotten carsick. (Thanks for that, by the way.)

I trust you implicitly to keep my innermost secrets and private phone conversations to yourself, to be there when I need you, and to never judge me for looking hideous or not showering for three days (in a row…that one time). You let me dog-ear the crap out of you and highlight your best parts with a stinky marker.

I won't be taking you to a fancy dinner or buying you red roses, red balloons, or silly candy hearts (though you may see me in lingerie since I always take you to bed with me), but from hardcover signed first edition to softcover and mass market paperback, I love you, books! Happy Valentine's Day. ??


Your Number One Reader

A Few Favorite Romance-ish Authors

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