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15 Sequels You Want to Read

By Bianca Smith • October 30, 2017

Recently we asked you which books you want sequels for. And wow, we were blown away by the volume and strength of replies. Some authors really have some explaining to do. In all, you requested sequels for 129 different books or series.

Warning: there are spoilers in this post.

It's interesting to see the mix of genres. Young Adult dominated the tally but there were a few surprises. To be fair, we do suspect some were tongue in cheek (would the sequel of One Hundred Years of Solitude cover 200 years?), but there were some strongly worded requests for others. Thank you to all who acknowledged we can't bring authors back from the dead, otherwise, we'd have Margaret Mitchell in front of a typewriter. But then again, while some dismissed Scarlett as a legitimate sequel, one person requested a sequel to Scarlett.

Stephenie Meyer is the most in-demand author — and not for the Twilight series (it only had two votes). Twilight, The Host, and The Chemist all were requested.

The Top Five Requests for Sequels

The Host - Stephenie Meyer

We have some good news here, maybe. Two years ago Stephenie told Hypable she was working on a sequel but had writer's block. So we know there's a start. Come on, we all need to know what's up with Burns.

The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood

Technically we got a sequel with the epilogue, it just skipped a few years and story lines. What happened after Offred left in the van? Was she reunited with her daughter? And her husband?

The Bible

From your Facebook comments, there's dispute if the Bible needs a sequel. Some say the book of Revelation is the sequel. Others don't.

Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - Susanna Clarke

"They kissed once. Then he turned upon his heel and disappeared into the Darkness." This is a beginning, not an end. When did Jonathan come back? Did he come back? Did Arabella act a widow or did she move on? Was the Darkness banished? So many questions without answers.

My Name Is Memory - Ann Brashares

Note to authors: Don't end a book with the favorite character heading off to battle. Especially if you're not planning to write a sequel. Daniel has left to fight with Joaquim. Lucy is safe for the moment. Wait… for the moment?

Below we've listed all the top 15 titles. Do you agree? Until then, Stephenie Meyer, it's your turn. We're waiting.

15 Books that Need Sequels

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