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Paperback YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 3 Book

ISBN: 1591161835

ISBN13: 9781591161837

YuYu Hakusho, Vol. 3

(Book #3 in the Yu Yu Hakusho Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Losing his own life while rescuing a child, teenager Yusuke becomes a ghost with a mission to return to life by raising a "spirit egg" at the behest of the comely Botan and her boss Koenma, lord of the infernal bureaucracy.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

More then FIVE!!!!!

It was AWSOME!!!!!!I coudn't help but keep on reading!!!I stayed up to 11 something reading it!!!!!Yusuke gets his Rei Gun and Kuwabara gets his sword!!!!It was AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!It was so good,I'm thinking about what I'm doing!!!!!!

Yu Yu Hakusho, Vol. 3-The Greatest Manga I've Ever Read

What I enjoyed about this volume was the fact that it was Yusuke's very first case, as well as introducting characters that would return (Kurama & Hiei). The characters were well drawn, the action never dropped and there's comedy by-the-barrel-full (Yusuke defeating Bat Master when Genkai said he was the strongest beast in the forest). Overall, if you can only get 1 volume, get this without consideration.

The real story begins.

Okay, Yusuke has spent 2 volumes trying to come back to life. Now that he's finally done so, we must ask ourselves: Okay, he's done that, so now what? Koenma comes in with the answer. It seems he's seen potential in our newly reborn Jr. High School student, and as a result, is now the official underworld detective, solving problems associated with the other world. His first assignment? Finding 3 stolen artifacts that could spell doom for mankind in 1 week, before Koenma's dad gets returns and raises heck! Continuing the trend of the previous volumes, the 3rd book's primary goal is introduce us to the major players in the storyline, something I consider it does so well. Here, the 3 major new characters introduced are pretty boy kitsune in disguise, Shuichi Minamino, or Kurama as he's truly known, 3-eyed swordsman Hiei, and the aging yet powerful psychic Genkai. Thankfully the series takes time bringing them all in and not rushing their welcome. Although it's the same excellent storyline the anime follows, there are a few differences, for example we go a bit deeper into Kurama's decision to stay by his human mother's side. And also, the artwork continues to excel. I actually prefer the "cutesy" design of the characters as opposed to the more serious designs used for the anime(although those are pretty cool too.). In the end we have another excellent volume of Yu Yu Hakusho, and I definitely suggest fans of the anime check it out.

Yu Yu Hakusho is my life!

I have seen all the episodes and i have buy all the books of it.They are very cool so read them.And now iam reading the ones of Rurouni Kenshin.I have all the movies of Yu Yu Hakusho they are extremly brutal you gotta read them.The first time i see the episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho i taught it was junk but they are excellent.

Yu Yu Hakusho All the Way, dude.

Ok, I saw one eppisode of the show and thought it was cool. Then I bought the manga and I now am totally in love with the whole thing! The books are so cool, and how its read from right to left is really fun! In my opinion, if you love the show, or like me saw one eppisode and thought it was interesting, you will love this no matter what.
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