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Paperback Younger Next Year Gift Set for Women Book

ISBN: 0761166068

ISBN13: 9780761166061

Younger Next Year Gift Set for Women

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

The gift to give others. The gift to give yourself. The gift that combines a bestselling program for becoming younger and healthier with a full-fledged 52-week journal that makes it easier to change your life, bringing planning, record- keeping, and motivation to the equation. For gym-goers who haven't yet bought the book, for the fitness-minded, for husbands and wives making a commitment to one another--for anyone looking to turn back the biological...

Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Puts a Fire in your tailpipe to get up and go

I read Dr. Lodges and Chris Crowley's book and it changed me forever. I first saw these two authors on CBN and then ordered the book, "Younger Next Year for Women". What I like about this book in terms of its style and reading is that it is balanced between Dr. Lodge's biology and DNA subject matter and Chris Crowley's shoot from the hip style. Yes, they do advocate exercise, but nothing so mundane as you find in typical exercise or motivation books. Nothing in any other exercise book ever woke me up like this book. More than just another exercise or fitness book, this book explains why and how we age, why we get fat, why and how we program our body and cells to die instead of grow. This book explains how our modern life style has confused the programming of our body and caused us to get fat, grow old, get stiff, get diseased and finally die. These things don't just happen to us - we cause them to happen! That's right, we program our DNA and cells to age and die by our life style and activity, or lack thereof, which tells our body what to do with the next generation of cells. It also goes into what our bodies were designed for and how to work in harmony with that perfect design to obtain optimum performance. Once I learned this, I suddenly became aware that I had been setting my body up to die, day by day, one dead cell after another. I changed in the instant I read the first couple of chapters. This book is a real eye opener and instead of motivating you to do push ups or do this or that, this book integrates the whole life system of human evolution and biology and social attitude based on the design and makeup of the human genetic machine. It puts you on the right track to do what your body and cells were made to do and to do it well for a long and healthy life. I read this book cover to cover and it motivated me to begin an exercise and "life" program which completely changed my health for the better. I now do six days a week of cardio and exercise, have more energy, more drive, more motivation each day than I've ever had in my life and for the first time in my life, I'm pain free with more flexibility, endurance, and resiliancy than ever before. I've lost 15 lbs and dropped to a size 2 and can meet my daily work challenges with so much energy, I'm amazed. I have no longer programmed my body and cells to die but to live, and live fully and live each day with zeal and motivation. In changing my diet I also discovered I had food allergies which I never knew I had before. This book took me into a new direction and opened a whole other area of thought about my health, diet and exercise and spurned me in a new direction of wellness and wellness research. I've told many people about it and am buying several copies for friends and family. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to awaken their minds and bodies and be alive again. And especially for anyone in that age zone where health becomes a daily issue of concern.

Nothing New, but.......

There isn't anything we don't already know we should doing in this book. And having said that, I do heartily recommend it. I love the chatty informality of the authors. The easy going style gets your attention and keeps it. Its like talking with old friends you haven't seen in a while. And that is one of the points in the book. You SHOULD keep in touch with old friends AND make new ones. So...after you've read this book, get off the couch and get going! It's never too late to start taking care of yourself!

Younger Next Year? It's Up to You

So what's the deal? Can you really be younger next year? As another reviewer says, "Well, maybe." But the "maybe" isn't based on sketchy science, less-than-reliable studies, or even unclear advice; the "maybe" is based on whether or not the reader is willing to follow the very clear and well-supported advice, which is based on new but exciting discoveries in the science of aging bodies. The advice? Seven basic and fairly straightforward rules, beginning with exercise (6 days a week for the rest of your life) and ending with finding something to be committed to and excited about (for the rest of your life), with some talk about not eating crap and a few other recommendations in between. Simple to understand, but not so simple to do, maybe most especially that thing about working out 6 days a week, every week, until they carry you out. That's a tough pill to swallow for many of us, but the authors make a clear and convincing case that it can be a magic pill, a pill that can promote wellness and firmness into our 80s and beyond, and help most of us replace what might have been a frail and desperate old age with a vigorous, joyful "next third" of our lives. And what a great job they do of making that case, not only in the sense of presenting a clear and persuasive argument, but also in presenting it in a witty, entertaining, but also very direct style. The authors are one doctor and one of his patients, and they alternate chapters, sort of a team-teaching style, where Harry, the doc, gives you the science, and Chris, the regular guy, talks about how the science plays out in your life, and has in his. Interestingly enough, while Harry is the scientist, he has a pleasant, almost gentle bedside-or, in this case, bookside-manner, and Chris is the one who's inclined to be a little severe, though in an encouraging, coach-like way. So while Chris admits he wanted Rule #1 to be something like "Exercise 7 days a week," he tells us that Harry persuaded him to let us off with 6 days a week. Chris scolds us severely when we ask, as he imagines us doing, "How about 5 days, or even one day? Isn't that better than nothing?" No! Chris insists (you can almost see him stamping his foot), it's NOT better than nothing. But then he patiently explains his point, and leads us carefully through the reasons why one day, or even three, four, or five days, are not better than nothing. (In a former life, Chris was an attorney, and you can hear the litigator's flawless logic and attention to detailed argument in the way he builds his case for exercise. It's really quite wonderful!) But Chris is no monster. (Here, take a minute to run over all the old lawyer jokes in your head and get it out of your system.) Again, he's the coach, variously demanding compliance or cajoling when it makes sense, browbeating when he has to, telling a joke now and then, and through it all, leading you along the path to success. He has lots of little tips and tricks to offer about all the rules. An

A Great Read

What a great read - an enjoyable approach to a very important topic - women's health. It provides a simple, reasoned and understandable plan for an improved quality of life for women of any age - not just those over 50. Crowley is a gifted story teller, motivator, and a big bonus, hilariously funny.
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