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Paperback Whatever Gets You Through the Night Book

ISBN: 0312364296

ISBN13: 9780312364298

Whatever Gets You Through the Night

At 26, newlywed Bari Jordan has achieved more than most women her age, especially when she lands a highly-coveted position as an advertising executive at one of New York City's top companies. But the long hours takes lots of time away from her perfect husband Earl and their love nest. Her high school sweetheart is having trouble of his own working for his father at their family-owned paper mill and struggling with unresolved family problems that have...


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(4.5 stars) Open Your Eyes

Bari Jordan is a 26-year-old newlywed that has landed an executive position at one of New York's top advertising companies. This position requires long hours away from her husband Earl. Bari's seemingly perfect world shatters when Earl's controlling behavior spins out of control and he becomes abusive. With no one to turn to, Bari resorts to a Jamaican spiritualist for help. But can this spiritualist provide the help that Bari needs to get her marriage back on track? Earl is dealing with unresolved family problems and the pressure of working for his father's family-owned paper mill company. Earl's feeling of inadequacy continues when his loses his job and Bari becomes the sole breadwinner. Earl and Bari's marriage is strained when Earl's sinister behavior becomes dangerous and life-threatening. Whatever Gets You Through The Night is a sensational debut novel by Teri Denine. Denine tells the story of how a young woman's idea of a perfect marriage really isn't that perfect at all. The signs of Earl's questionable behavior were present even when Bari and Earl were in high school. You will see how Bari's own sister tried to warn her about Earl but she still couldn't see it. This story shows that sometimes people see what they want to see instead of heeding the warnings of others. Readers may become frustrated with Bari and will want her to wake up to see the truth about Earl before it's too late. Denine showed creativity by including what is perceived to be the real meaning behind the childhood song "Ring Around The Rosie" Whatever Gets You Through The Night is fast-paced with shocking twists and turns. Hopefully this is the start of a long writing career for Teri Denine. Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert for Urban Reviews

A fast-paced book layered with intriguing themes

This inspirational book takes readers deep into the life of its main character, Bari Jordan, and in the process leads us to explore critical issues in our own lives: the repetitive and destructive nature of substance abuse and addictive relationships, the need for balance between the personal and professional, the unbreakable bonds of family and the fierce loyalty of friends. Drawing readers in immediately with a prologue filled with emotion and spirituality, the author captures our attention and never lets go. As the drama of the story builds, we find ourselves relating not only to the protagonist but to those who touch her life for better or for worse. This includes her husband, Earl, who is plagued by seemingly unslayable demons, as well as her mother, who offers unconditional love from near or far; her brother, protective in adulthood as well as in childhood; and her devoted sister, always there to provide support, even if it means forcing her to confront things she isn't quite ready to face (any readers with loving siblings who insist on "telling it like it is" will catch glimpses of themselves in this relationship!). Denine uses clever turns of phrase to keep the book consistently entertaining--in describing Bari as a young girl, for instance, she writes: "If her head wasn't buried in her books, it was buried in the sand." She also twists the plot so intriguingly we're never quite sure until the final pages how things will end up for Bari and the other characters we come to know and love. Ultimately, deceipt, abandonment, self-doubt and loss of faith prove to be some of the truest themes--and most enduring lessons--of this page-turner: Once we finally accept certain harsh realities, do we fall victim to them or do we emerge stronger, more hopeful, and motivated to help others engaged in similar struggles? In Whatever Gets You Through the Night, that choice is Bari Jordan's. In real life, it is ours.

Outstanding Debut!

Whatever Gets You Through the Night is an amazing book, filled with important themes of hope, self-reliance, and resilience. Bari was such a strong protagonist and an inspiration to all women. I felt like I was on a roller coaster journey with her, and I was rooting for her until the end. Teri Denine is most definitely an author to watch.

4 blue ribbon Romance Junkies review

Bari Jordan has had more than her fair share of heartache. As a child she witnessed her father's abusive behavior towards her mother until he was killed during a gambling argument. For Bari's mom, raising three children without her husband was a struggle but she persevered and Bari, Franki and Ricky grew up to become successful adults. Bari's always been exceedingly smart and driven. As a student she took her studies very seriously until her sister Franki convinced her to skip school to attend a hooky party. It's at this party that Bari meets Earl. His sadness draws Bari to him and she's soon caught up in her whirlwind romance with Earl - ignoring warning signs that there could be some potential problems. He's her first and only love so when he asks her to marry him five years later, she agrees. After they're married, Bari's busy trying to keep Earl happy and working to land the coveted position as an advertising executive. Earl works for his father at the family-owned paper mill. They're both busy with their business lives and doing their best to nurture their relationship at the same time. When Earl succumbs to the lure of drugs their lives spiral out of control. Suddenly Earl's behavior becomes erratic and Bari, who's unaware of the true reason for the change, is convinced that somehow she's to blame. She struggles to repair their relationship using any means necessary - including enlisting the aid of a Jamaican spiritualist. Will Bari succeed in saving her marriage or is Earl already too deep into his secret life of drugs, lies and abuse for even a `good girl' to save? How often do abused women hear `just leave' or `why do you stay?' Teri Denine's WHATEVER GETS YOU THROUGH THE NIGHT takes readers into the mind set of an intelligent woman as her life spirals out of control due to her husband's drug abuse. What I found genuinely interesting about this book is Ms. Denine doesn't just tell Bari and Earl's story, you also learn about the abuse that Bari witnessed as a child between her own parents. I found this book to be shocking and terrifying simply because it's so easy to understand how women could find themselves in Bari's position. I especially appreciate that there's no sugar coating the facts in the storyline. If you're looking for a story that rouses all your protective instincts and has you wanting to step into the pages to smack some sense into some of the characters then this is the book for you. However, I must warn you there is no happily-ever-after, just a love that goes very wrong thanks to the `white lady' (cocaine). Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)

(RAW Rating: 4.5) - Listen to your elders

WHATEVER GETS YOU THROUGH THE NIGHT by Teri Denine chronicles Bari's life, from her early childhood through her marriage to Earl Jordon. She witnessed the stress between her parents and finally the death of her father. She grew up as a rule-following, very smart young woman who loved to learn. Her sister, Franki, was just the opposite. She found joy in life and ignored the rules when she wanted to. One day she invited Bari to a `hooky party.' Bari was afraid, but against her better judgment she went. As she attempted to hide from the partying teens in an empty bedroom, she ran across Earl and the romance begins to blossom. After she graduated from college, they were married and began their life together in spite of her friends' attempts to discourage her. She loved Earl and wanted to not only spend the rest of her life with him, but please him in every way. Earl wasn't quite that devoted and her life took a frightening turn. WHATEVER GETS YOU THROUGH THE NIGHT is a tale about listening, not just to your heart, but also to your intuition and paying attention to the wisdom your grandmother passed on, even if it didn't make sense when you were a child. Bari was living the life that many women live - existing to please a man while ignoring their own needs and desires. It is well-written and should be read by women contemplating marriage as well as those already married. It was quite a page-turner and I also recommend it for men getting ready to make the big step as well as those who are already there. There are lessons included for everyone. Reviewed by Alice Holman of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
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