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Paperback Vixen 03 Book

ISBN: 0440423147

ISBN13: 9780440423140

Vixen 03

(Book #5 in the Dirk Pitt Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

A RIVETING, DEATH-DEFYING DIRK PITT ADVENTURE 1954: Vixen 03 is down. The plane, bound for the Pacific carrying thirty-six Doomsday Bombs canisters armed with quick-death germs of unbelievable potency vanishes. Vixen has in fact crashed into an ice-covered lake in Colorado. 1988: Dirk Pitt, who heroically raised the Titanic , discovers the wreckage of Vixen 03. But two deadly canisters are missing. They re in the hands of a terrorist group. Their...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Dirk Does it Again!

A long-missing aircraft full of chemical weapons, an icy lake bottom, a deadly conspiracy that crosses two continents, and Dirk Pitt... What's not to love? I think this was the second Dirk Pitt novel I ever read, and it remains one of my favorites. The technology and politics haven't aged very well, but it takes me about a page and a half to forget that as Clive Cussler draws me into the story. Don't miss "Vixen 03." It's undiluted high-octane Dirk Pitt. Now where did I put my scuba tanks? - Jeff Edwards, award-winning author of Torpedo

Great Dirk Pitt novel

Vixen 03 by Clive Cussler has many differant stories going on at one time. There is a plane crashed in a Colorado lake and there is the tale of South African revolutionaries trying to give equal rights to the blacks. That makes this story multi-dimensional and more readable/entertaining. The story revolves around a plane that crashed on a secret mission into a Colorado lake. 32 years later it is found by Dirk Pitt. However some of its precious cargo (a biological weapon nicknamed Quick Death) is missing. Dirk Pitt must find the cargo before an entire city is destroyed. This is a great action story that few won't enjoy.

Couldn't Put It Down

I know it sounds too simple or cliche but...This book is great. A real page-turner. It carried me away, I was glued to it, some mysterious force made me unable to stop reading it. Really moody, lots of intrugue, a myriad of plot twists and tons of action. Cussler keeps changing gears with the skills of a magician. The climax? Breathtaking. Mind-numbing. Exhilirating. I really don't want to give away the plot...Just get it if you want to be hooked by a splendid novel. It never gets old. This really is one of his best novels. The African part of the story may seem a bit detached, but it is no less a blast to read.

Vixen 03 327 pages

Vixen 03 is a Dirk Pitt action/adventure that takes you through a riveting maze of the world of Dirk Pitt, the director of special operations of NUMA (National Underwater Marine Agency). In this book, Dirk Pitt finds the underwater wreckage of Vixen 03, a plane carrying 36 Doomsday bombs that carry a deadly disease that could kill millions of people in a matter of minutes. But when he lifts the plane, 2 of the deadly bombs are missing. Then Dirk Pitt finds out where they are: they are in the hands of a terrorist group, planning to make a move to a major breach in Americas security: Washington DC and the Potomac River. Dirk Pitt is a winding maze with suspense and surprise at every turn. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a good action adventure.

The best he's ever written!

One of Clive Cussler's earlier books, "Vixen 03" is still his best. This novel is great because it combines the wild action sequences Cussler is noted for with a truly interesting story and characters with depth. The plot of "Vixen" is diverse. There are many different strands of the story, from Cussler's hero Dirk Pitt and his sidekick Al Giordino, to members of an African terrorist organization: from various officials in the United States government to the South African Defense Ministry. All of the storylines eventually blend together seamlessly into an amazing story that makes one wonder how anyone could write such a huge, tight tale. The best part, however, lies with the depth of the dozens of characters that Cussler creates for this adventure. All the characters in the story have been written with a quality that makes the story, however fantastic, seem realistic. Even the villians are created with human touch, unlike the corny, comicstrip-like evil guys that populate Cusslers early and latest novels. Simply the best Cussler novel there is. And weirdly prophetic, too. After reading this book, find out what happened to the actual U.S.S. Iowa! The similarity is scary.
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