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Paperback Truth Vs Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference Book

ISBN: 097150072X

ISBN13: 9780971500723

Truth Vs Falsehood: How to Tell the Difference

(Book #4 in the Power vs. Force Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Reveals a breakthrough in documenting a new era of human knowledge. Only in the last decade has a science of Truth emerged that, for the first time in human history, enables the discernment of truth from falsehood. Presented are discoveries of an enormous amount of crucial and significant information of great importance to mankind, along with calibrations of historical events, cultures, spiritual leaders, media, and more. In this cutting-edge presentation,...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Don't confuse the map with the territory.

As a spiritual student of Dr. Hawkins since 2001, I want to encourage people to understand that Dr. Hawkins doesn't teach kinesiology. Truth is absolute yes, but this type of research is not linear. Think about it. Can you prove that you love your child? How much? Can you even prove that you had the dream you dreamt last night? Consciousness is subjective and non-linear folks! The scale of consciousness that Dr. Hawkins has developed is a relative scale. It's a tool. It's the map. Don't confuse the map with the territory. Also in regards to politics, Dr. Hawkins points out that extremism on both the left and the right side are dangerous. Too far to the left, you have Marxism; too far to the right you'll find Fascism. In Truth Vs. Falsehood, Dr. Hawkins provides you with a re-contextualization of many belief systems that we take for granted. For instance, you can't get a scorpion not to sting you by just being nice to it. Likewise, extremist radical terrorist groups will not embrace peace just because America tries to make nice. Another example, giving poor people and poor nations more money actually doesn't make them more affluent. I originally approached Dr. Hawkins' work with only the deep appreciation for the resonance of truth I felt with every message he conveyed. I tried kinesiology myself without a great deal of luck. I didn't lose interest in his teachings because I couldn't master his technology. Later, I found a kinesiologist who I worked with for almost 5 years. She was able to confirm truths for me that sometimes took years for me to substantiate experientially. I owe a great deal of my successes at avoiding big pit falls in my life to her ability to calibrate things. After a while, I noticed that I would get a gut feel on every question I asked her. I would hear a yes or no in my head the moment I asked a question. My stomach would tighten up when thinking of non-integrous thoughts or situations. I've come to rely much more on my own intuitions about things. All along, I've aligned myself more and more with Dr. Hawkins' teachings. If you focus too much attention on the kinesiology bit, then you will miss the rich, deep, and profound wisdom that he can share with you about the spiritual path. His teachings helped lead me straight out of a hellish existence into a place of joy and abundance and sincere happiness. I've learned to live my life like a prayer. I've let go of positionalities and learned how to forgive people in my life. Dr. Hawkins has such a way of synthesizing his teachings that I believe that his insights make up for thousands of books on religion and God one would have to read in one lifetime. I am deeply grateful for his work.

A masterpiece - ahead of its time

I'm very grateful to live synchronously in a world with a man the likes of David R. Hawkins. Through his teachings, I've become more introspective and have learned to look within as the source of my own frustrations as well as my happiness. Truth v. Falsehood is just another example of how he helps guide those of us willing to be guided to the truth. I've read with amusement, some of the more scathing criticisms by readers of T v F, where great offense was taken by the results Hawkins obtained - especially regarding politics. Contrary to these readers' beliefs, this book was not written by him as a vehicle of propaganda to voice his own opinions. Had they simply read the "Caveat: A Note to the Reader" on page xi, this would have been clear. There he states: "Emotional reactions are personally determined by one's inner positionalities and belief systems... As [readers] ... have discovered, an initial response dissolves, upon reflection, into a broader understanding and compassion for oneself and others... For those who are aligned with truth, the path lights up; for those who refuse it, the path is darkened. All of us are free to choose." This caveat indicates to me Hawkins realized far in advance the risk he was taking in alienating people by presenting the truth. He could have taken the easy (and safe) road and simply stayed silent about his findings. Instead, for the betterment of all, he chose to courageously share the results, in spite of the outcome to him. That anyone would take offense to the truth is bewildering - why condemn so noble a messenger? The findings he presents certainly toppled many of the beliefs I had been attached to for a long time. But that's why I read the book to begin with! I wanted to know which, if any, of the "illusions" my ego clung to should be surrendered. For those willing to open their hearts and open their minds, Truth vs Falsehood, as with all of Hawkins' works, is truly liberating.


I'm a 64-year-old male. In the last 26 years I have examined myself extensively, through a large variety of methods and with the help of a large number of other people, including many Psychiatrists, other therapists and authors and females with whom I have been in relationships, and other Experts. And I'm not finished. Virtually all of the time now, I am free of the need to be right and the need to take an absolute position about anything. As a result, a part of me is cautious about blindly accepting anything in total, including this book. Yet, during any of the brief and infrequent times that I have wondered about the credibility of this book, and the kinesiology and other phenomena it is based upon, I have been able to learn of yet another of my positionalities. So far I have studied six of Dr. Hawkins books - Power Vs. Force, The Eye of the I, I: Reality and Subjectivity, Truth Vs. Falsehood, Transcending Consciousness, and Devotional Nonduality. Each of these books is an incredible learning tool. Truth Vs. Falsehood is no exception. I live in gratitude to Dr. Hawkins, and to Spirit, of which I am an integral part. I most highly recommend Truth Vs. Falsehood and all of Dr. Hawkins aforementioned books. (Using the O method of kinesiology, I have confirmed the truth of this review.)

Opened to the All...for Truth seekers only

I read this book after it first came out. I was so excited I ordered it in advanced. Then I read it. I was extremely offended, no, thats an understatement, I WAS OUTRAGED. As a life long Quaker, agnostic, pacifist/peace protester and Green party member, I could not believe what I was reading."Liberals" less evolved than "Conservatives"? Atomic bomb justified as "triage"? Just one more zealot pushing his agenda and morality down our throats. I was tempted to throw it in the fireplace, but I tossed the book in a box to be packed away for my upcoming move. I Just finished my second reading of the book. This book (as well as the author's other works) is amazing. It is possibly the most controversial book regarding spiritual matters (or politics or anything else) you will ever read. If you are serious about spiritual evolution, you should definitely consider it. Not easy stuff. This book is not "spirituality lite". If you are looking for a gentle, politically correct presentation, it will not be found here. This book takes the events unfolding in the world today and over the course of human history and brings them down hard into your lap. If you read it with serious intention, the material presented will challenge everything you think you know. It will get under your skin, kick down barriers in perception and belief, and will do it by poking the ego in it's most sensitive spots. If youre seeking Truth, are unafraid to challenge your belief systems, and are possessed of a genuinely open mind, this book is for you. If you need the security of your personal opinions, and are only interested in being "right", this book is not for you. Political (left or right), religious or secular "fundamentalists" will not be comfortable with this book. Dr. Hawkins is not afraid to "tell it like it is" and doesn't evade issues many in the "spiritual circus" are afraid to tackle or would rather white wash with pious sounding talk. He does not limit his teachings to only the spiritual realms or only spiritual people, he deals with the entire spectrum of human consciousness. "The good the bad and the ugly" are all here. So those who misunderstand his teachings on "global conflicts" or "the current administration" mistake his explanations of "the way things are" for a personal endorsement. He has no personal stake in the matter. Dr. Hawkins is presenting the information his research has revealed, and has no political ax to grind. Those who would like to limit him to a specific political opinion are only doing so out of ignorance. Although some of his comments could be taken as "conservative," or "neo conservatism" many (like those concerning universalism, reincarnation, scriptural infallibility, abortion, birth control, population control, death penalty, the war on drugs, current foreign policy of spreading democracy, civil rights, racial issues, comments on the Clinton Presidency and government responsibility) could comfortably be labeled as "liberal". Let me point out th

Some Confusion

When I say Hawkin's first 3 books changed my perception of reality, I believe most readers will know what I mean. The primary calibration I had trouble reconciling from the first 3 books (as well his audio tapes) was the idea of "the exact moment of death is set at the moment of birth". Somewhere, somehow, I expected a clarification in all 4 books which never appeared. Does this mean this moment is inviolable? Is it a time frame that can in no circumstances be changed through accidents, suicide, etc.? I have no problem with a predetermined length of time, but I do have a problem with putting this pre-ordained time span into terms of inviolable predestination. I just can't reconcile it. Also, some of the data seems to contradict itself. For example, kinesiology tests "no" to extraterrestrials, but on virtually the same page, it tests "yes" to life forms on Mars, not to mention the high calibration of the Drake Equation which postulates a minimum of 10,000 et civilizations in our galaxy alone. Wouldn't whatever life is on Mars be extraterrestrial even if nothing more complex than a microbe? In all fairness to Hawkins' calibrations toward all the allegedly "channeled" info from ets, he doesn't dismiss all of them as negative or marginal, but he does say that less than 5% of entities who come through channels calibrate above 455. That's a little lower than I expected but not much lower, and I can live with it, but it should be pointed out that the work that Hawkins seems to hold in incredibly high regard is ACIM, which is channeled info. So therefore, how far is one to extrapolate his dire warnings regarding channeling? There is little doubt that Hawkins does take a profoundly dim view of most things "New Age", but he seems sometimes to clump integrous and non-integrous items together which of course would produce a negative or significantly lowered calibration (if he is indeed doing this sometimes). New Age is a term he seems to apply rather broadly. His primary point, which to me is a pertinent one, is that many New Agers operate from an incredible level of naivete, and that there are indeed dark forces which seductively lure many by appealing to the ego's desire for specialness, elitism, etc. The point is well taken. However, the term "New Age" is a very big umbrella which appears capable of covering most things spiritually unconventional - including Hawkins himself. In other words, is he sometimes throwing out the baby with the bathwater? Another example of what I'm saying is the concept of Atlantis which almost everyone not "new age" would label as a "new age" concept. Yet Hawkins himself in one of the charts kinesiologically assigns the historical political system of Atlantis a calibration of 290 which happens to be the highest of all the historical governmental systems listed. Interestingly, not another word in the entire book that I could find mentioned this. I presume an entire book could have been written on this alone. Reading this book,
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