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Paperback This caldr sky Trd Book

ISBN: 0671836064

ISBN13: 9780671836061

This caldr sky Trd

(Book #3 in the Calder Saga Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

The great Calder empire stretched across the Montana plains as far as the eye could see. Everyone knew a Calder's word was law and that one day Chase Calder would carry the family name to new glories. But for handsome, arrogant Chase Calder there was also beautiful Maggie O'Rourke, who came to him in innocence and stirred in him a deep, insistent longing. But Maggie was determined to be free from the harsh codes of hard men. And even Chase Calder's...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Best of the Calder sagas

Out of all the Calder books this is probably the most touching romance and least sappy cliche story. Chase Calder and Maggie O'Rourke are believable as young paramours and later as mature adults reunited through their son, Ty. The book was written in 1981 but Dailey did a great job in keeping it contemporary and evergreen. For those who have read all the other Calder books, it seems to start in 1968 and end in 1983, but as you go along the events could happen now or in the '90's. The only clue that this was a somewhat period romance is that their are no references to the Internet and more modern technology devices. One does get the sense that Montana is a wild teritory where cowboy values stand the test of time. If you're into rance romances and western sky settings, this is the one Calder book that you shouldn't miss. I grew up near the Montana border before heading East and the descriptions of many scenes in the plains are accurate and do evoke that western feel. The story begisn with Chase Calder, the 22-year-old heir to a cattle fortune. Warning - vegetarians you won't be too thrilled with all the references to beef. Chase Calder first notices 15-year-old Maggie after she throw an Irish temper tantrum at him after falling off a horse. Statutory assault charges aside .... that is the beginning of a western style Romeo & Juliet tale. Hidden meetings, sneaking out at night, all sorts of romantic getaway with Chase the cowboy. The romance gets threatened with Maggie's jealous father begins stealing Calder cattle and selling them on the black market. Tragedy happens when Chase's father discovers that O'Rourke is the cattle thief and in old style Western Justice ... hangs him and makes it look like a suicide. Maggie and her brother see the whole thing and Chase loses Maggie and their son when she runs away to Los Angeles pregnant. Maggie forges a new life for herself in California. She changes her name to Elizabeth. Tells her aunt that the baby's father was dead, and eventually marries a wealthy worldly doctor who raises Ty as his own. Fate brings her back to Chase after her husband Phillip dies and Ty discovers that his real father is Chase Calder. Now 15, Ty runs away to Montana to confront Chase. It works and Maggie and Chase are drawn into each others' lives full of fury and resurrected passion. The drama takes on an intrigue when a jealous farm and confidante of Chase tries to steal the Calder Ranch. Chase, Maggie, and Ty bond together to save the Triple C and pave the way for the sequel ... Calder Born, Calder Bred.

An old favorite

I read this book way, way back in 1981 when it was originally released. (I was in the 8th grade but very precocious!) I don't remember all the details, but I know I loved it and have read every book about the Calders Janet Dailey has put out since. This one, the first one, is still the best! The romance between Chase and Maggie sizzled, and the suspense/adventure part of the book was really good, too. This book starts a long series of books about the great Calder family, and I recommend reading them all.

Calders Sky Writing Review

I gave "This Calders Sky" five stars, because I believe it is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I am not much of one for reading, but when I started reading this book, I was finished by the next day. I could not put it down. From the beginning of the book it gets you hooked. I have always said that if I am unable to really get into a book by the first three or four pages, then I will probably not stick with it. This book is a love story, but more. It is based in Montana, and two seperate families. The Calder family, and the O'Rourke family. Maggie, is a young, innocent, and inexperienced in some ways, young lady. Chase, on the other hand, is not much older, but you get the feeling that he is more experienced in the ways of the world. In the town they live, the Chase family is the name everyone knows. Maggie and Chase, in certain ways, are two totally opposite people. They both are set in their own ways, but they are madly in love with each other. Of course, they have times when you would think that it is the end of their life together, but it always turns out for the best. Maggie is experiencing love, hate, trust, and intimacy, and she must decide whether to stay with the man she really loves, or leave and never turn back. There are family issues that are standing in their way of happiness. Chase is attempting to take it slow, as Maggie is experiencing love and being intimate. As the love grows between them, you can feel the passion growing as well. Just as you think nothing can come between Maggie and Chase, problems between the families develop, and it causes pain and hate to develop. Chase really loves Maggie, but it seems as though they are fighting their emotions for one another. Maggie and Chase eventually end up in the same house together, but the way they act towards each other, you would think it was a battlefield. Chase and Maggie eventually give in to their emotions. Chase, Maggie, and their son finally bond as a family should. They face the world together as a family. Maggie and Chase were meant to be together, and after all of the heartache and pain they went through, their love ended up being strong enough to pull them through. I can honestly say that I would recommend this book to anyone. There are continuing books beyond this one, but I have not had a chance to read them yet. If they are anything like this one, I know I will like them.

Great Book

I read this book in 2 days, didn't want to put it down. I plan to read all 5 books in this series. The story is captivating, yet believable. I liked the strength of the characters, and the beauty of the land. The Calder family is one deserving respect not for their wealth but for their willingness to fight for what is their own. Looking forward to continuing with the story.

Wonderfully romantic, with a touch of suspense!

With Janet's new "Calder" books out, I wanted to reread the first three of this series. I just finished reading "This Calder Sky" for the third time since it was first written in 1981. There is only one author that I have liked enough to keep their books and Janet is the one. I still have all the original books of hers that I have read. This third time around, I found this book to be as entertaining as it was the first time I read it. I can't wait to get started on the second and third books of this series so that I can purchase the new one and begin reading it. Romance in a ranch/western setting is your specialty - so please keep them coming!
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