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Paperback ????:????,????????? The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself (Chinese Edition) by Michael A. Singer ????? Book

ISBN: 9861754881

????:????,????????? The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself (Chinese Edition) by Michael A. Singer ?????

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Format: Paperback

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8 ratings

New perspective

A beautiful book to give you perspective and knowledge on how to tackle ever day life with was and grace.

What a gift!

This book was initially a gift to me, and after reading it, I have bought many more copies to give to others. My husband and I have both read it TWICE, because it was so helpful in learning how to quiet that voice that used to keep us awake at 3:00 in the morning with all of those worst-case scenarios; and how to let go of past hurts and annoyances, and how to tap into energy that we didn't realize we had! One of the women in my Church group told me that, despite this book not being a traditional "Christian" book, she had gotten more out of it to strengthen her faith and spirituality than any of the many Bible Study groups she has ever attended.

Best Book I’ve ever Read !

I read a lot of books about consciousness , and all of life‘s questions , this book was amazing for me and I am getting another one to give to my mother and plan on giving them as gifts , for I feel like whoever reads this book will have a better understanding of their entire life !

To the point

Unequivocally the best yet for anyone who is on a spiritual path or has had the undeniable feeing that there is more to who we are than what we currently know. For those who are 'answer-hungry' and cannot let go of something until they understand (incessant questioning), this book is for you. I assure you it will touch parts of yourself you may have squelched for years but if you've got the courage to allow 'whatever' to surface, you can tap into a sensation of lightness and freedom and actually 'get more of yourself'. Definitely a book to read and reread and reread. A 5-STAR plus and a welcome addition to the sources of insight that are here now to help us all get in touch with who we really are.

A journey of self discovery

There are moments in your life, that you will never forget, in which you became aware of joy flowing through your heart. Have you ever stopped to study a moment such as this, or contemplate the source, or question why you don't feel that all of the time? It came from within you, didn't it? You were aware of the joy that you felt inside. Are you interested in these things and exploring the edges of who you currently think you are? Take the time to study, as a scientist would, and explore these questions. This book is for those that want to explore such things. In a clear and straight forward manner the author advises us how to take the first step and the next and so on, on what becomes a journey of self discovery. No matter where your consciousness is consumed today, the author clearly illustrates how you may become more aware of how this consumption is presiding over your everyday life. Once aware of these things, you may begin to truly understand why you don't feel the joy in your day to day life and come to know and challenge the edges of yourself.

A simple yet powerful book that reaches across religions and will touch your soul.

Mr. Singer's book pulls from the deepest truths of the major religions and uses them to present a practical look at the "Self", who we are and how we relate to the world around us. The book's simplicity and depth are its power and you will undoubtedly find that it describes difficult situations that you have been in and how to find solid ground in dealing with them. It is a guide to the spiritual life that we dream of living, it provides help in finding the happiness that lies beyond our fear driven perceptions and desires. I found the lessons in this book to be most constructive and especially useful during times of transition or confusion. These teachings have changed my life and I believe that this book can help anyone with a sincere desire to grow spiritually.

Incedible profound simplicity

I have gone through some incredible changes in 2006/2007. Death of parents and other close members, divorce, loss of business in the town I live in etc... so many changes some would say, and I went a little "nutso" I wondered what the heck was going on? I ended up reading books, going to seminars, or getting my hands on anything and everything I could to help make sense of it all. I have also prayed my butt off and it has been a work in progress, and all was valuable. The book the " 4 Agreements" was paramount in my new discovery, and now this book "The Untethered Soul" changed my world and my "mind" forever. Below is a link to what I have found in this journey of my own life--I get it now, confusion is over and I am living a whole new way!

Soar with The Untethered Soul

I simply cannot say enough great things about this profound book! The Untethered Soul gets right down to business answering some of the deepest, soul searching questions I'd had for years but didn't know whom to ask. It's almost as if the author has seen into the inner-workings of my mind! With very straight forward examples, the book emphasizes the pitfalls of relying on the mind to come up with ideas for making ourselves happy. The book points out that relying on the outside world for inner happiness just simply doesn't work. Happiness comes to us when we change and let go of ourselves at the deepest, innermost-level rather than changing the world outside. The Untethered Soul helps to explain the crazy world around us where the unhampered ego creates conflict. This book is a step-by-step guide to the letting go of the ego - a process that may seem counter-intuitive initially, but ultimately leads to freedom from the nagging mind and heavy heart and directs you to the beauty of the self within. The chapter on Contemplating Death has made me truly appreciate each living moment. I no longer want to waste time on energy depleting thoughts and feelings. I am grateful that Michael Singer has written a book so deep that it could actually make a difference in people's lives and help to make the world a better place to live. Consider yourself warned! Once you read this book, there is no turning back from The Untethered Soul within.
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