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Library Binding The Nightingale [Large Print] Book

ISBN: 1628995017

ISBN13: 9781628995015

The Nightingale [Large Print]

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Book Overview

In the quiet village of Carriveau, Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband, Antoine, as he heads for the Front. She doesn't believe that the Nazis will invade France . . . but invade they do, in droves of marching soldiers, in caravans of trucks and tanks, in planes that fill the skies and drop bombs upon the innocent. When a German captain requisitions Vianne's home, she and her daughter must live with the enemy or lose everything. Without food...

Customer Reviews

47 ratings

Crazy popular

I don’t understand the hype on this book. Everybody’s It’s great and you have to read it. Well I did! It’s not a page Turner until you hit around chapter 22 and then it’s really good after that. But the whole lead up is just long and drawn out. The characters are good well thought out in a good storyline, but the book just ok. Did I enjoy reading it? Not really. Am I glad I read it. Yes. Would I recommend it to other people. Probably not.

A Must Read

I read this book several years ago but I have to tell you that it has left an indelible impression on me. Kristin Hannah told this story so realistically that you “lived” it with the characters. You felt their pain. A must read for anyone that is interested in learning about the war years. Kristin Hannah is a great writer. Don’t pass this book up if you’re interested in reading about WWII.

Empowering tale of heroism

The Nightingale was wonderful written. Many twists, some suspenseful and heartbreaking. Powerful messages throughout. Brave women during a dark time in history. Loved every moment reading this novel.

Excellent book!

This is a great book! I had a hard time putting it down. Needs to be a movie

A wonderful love story that embraces bravery, courage, and self sacrifice

I absolutely loved this book. this is what got me back into reading.


Loved this story, at times tough to read through the tears.

Recent order

You sent me the wrong book. I received a children's book, called The Nightingale, by Hans Christian Andersen. So I am going to try to order this again. Thanks

An extraordinary story!!

If you love history, specifically WWII, then you will love this book!! You will get lost in this story, in the characters, the challenges and triumphs. Beautifully written. Will be an all time favorite of mine!

Highly recommend!

This book was incredibly well-written and it had me in a chokehold to the very end. The realities of the struggles they faced and the intricate way that Kristin Hannah portrays the characters is unbelievable. It’s also relatively clean, which is a huge plus!

Great history insight and storyline

I loved being taken back in time. Although the world war was not a great time in our history the story was written in a captivating way to have you fall in love with the characters.

Great Read.

Once I started reading ,it was hard to put down.. I was drawn into the story & after reading some parts I reached for a tissue . Totally enjoyable if this type of story line is what you like. Very believable characters.

Couldn’t put it down!

I loved this book! It was the first book I read by Kristin Hannah and now I’m a fan. Don’t pass this one up!

Hard to put down

I just started reading again and this was the first book I read recently. It was an easy read but also detailed and capturing. If you like books of heroines and love stories, this is for you.

Historical fiction, thriller, romance and family all rolled into one!

If you like reading books by Kristin Hannah, you will definitely like this book. It has a little of everything all being set during WWII in France.

Tear jerker

This is not my usual type of book but I gave it a go. The beginning was rough to get into personally, but once the book got going I couldn't put it down. I grew attached to the characters. Many of the situations described were heart wrenching and so real that they made me cry. I definitely recommend this book! STRONG female lead characters in different ways! I will probably reread it in the future

A MUST Read!!

I recently read this gem by Kristin Hannah, and OMG - straight to the top of my favorite books list. It was very well written and researched. The characters were fictitious, but their actions were based on true events during WWII. This book had everything from the terrifying truth of life during the war, to comradery, and even a love story. Highly recommend this book if you enjoy historical fiction.

Great book

This is one of the best books by Kristin Hannah. I book everyone should read.

Best Book I've Ever Read

This book was recommended by my sister. I found the detail of this book well thought out. The story line was moving all the time, and many surprises along the way. I never thought of myself as a fast reader, but it was finished in one week. This book made me cry, and no book has done this for a long time. I fell in love with all the characters and their friendships. The details of the events that happened during the war were incredible, and very personal. The author took extra pains to make sure this historical fiction was accurate, and interesting. Never living through a war in this way gives a person a magnifying glass into history, to understand what many had to go through physically and mentally. It truly is the best book I've ever read (aside from the Bible:)

Historical Fiction

This is a historical fiction that takes place during WWII. This book bounces from during WWII and present day. In this book we follow two sisters in France during the time period during of WWII when Germany is taking over France. I love the writing in this book because the book made me feel like I was there fighting with those characters. This is a hard to read book, and I was crying by the end. I love this book so much. This is the first Kristin Hannah book I read, and this book made me read more books by her. At the heart of this book is all about great things shining through all the bad things happening.

Love! Made me a Kristin Hannah fan

This is one of the best books I’ve recently read. Couldn’t put it down. Would highly recommend. I really enjoy Kristin Hannah’s books. This one made me want to pick up more of her stories.

Read it, will read again..and again

I love the story, the characters, the length of the book. I love a long book that doesn't get boring. I love to be captivated and want to read the second I get home. It is a must read!!

Loved it!!

Loved the story. It was written so well and in such detail. Really got me into WWII books. Loved the sister story line. Definitely worth the 500+ pages!

Very Good Story

Great story about 2 brave women at terrible time in history. They did what they could to help people and their country regardless of the dangers. Enjoyed this book.

A must read!!

Beautifully written. I thought I predicted the outcome of this book, only to be blown away at the end. Grab a box of Kleenex. This book had everything; an epic love story, tragedy, heroism. 10/10

The Nightingale — I would give 10 stars for this book.

This is an amazing author and this book is a real page turner even when you know things are just going to get worse for the people in the story. I didn’t want to say characters because they become so very real to you, like you are walking with them every step. You will find yourself with tears running down your face just wanting them to not hurt so much. A must read for the avid reader

Fantastic book

Quick read, couldn’t put it down!

I Loved This Novel

A page turner for me. I never put this book down. I was hooked from the outset, and had been wanting to grasp this horrible time in the world.

Recommend as courage and suffering.

Believable courage and suffering during world war.


THE BEST best historical fiction book I've ever read


The novel really give you an understanding of when world war broke out back in our time. In this case the book is being taken place in France. Was introduced to this author by discovering this novel The Nightingale. A staple to have while being a renounced author.

Loved it!

Such an amazing book! This one will stay with me forever! Two sisters play opposite roles in WWII. One lives for the safety of her daughter while the other wants to fight back at the regime. They are both brave women who fought their own secret battles to survive the only way the could! I cried a million tears reading the last pages!

The Nightingale: was a very, very great read.

Isabelle, rescued fugitives from Hitler, what a nail grinding book. I could not put it down until I finish what happened next. Blew me away. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a mystery. 🥰🤗

Not my favorite

I liked the descriptions on some of it but there are other parts that she didn't actually describe anything, she the author just assumed you should know it. Like I am not sure what certain parts looked like, and the characters were not all defined well. So, I'm not sure if it was a good book, one I would give to my friends or not, for a discussion I would.

My favorite book. Had me on my seat. Kristen Hannah is a amazing writer

You will fall in love with this book. Had me on my seat. Definitely a tear jerker

Over all really good book

Trigger warning: there is a rape scene, although mild in description and quickly over with. The author was overly descriptive the first couple chapters and it bored me (literally every time a character was introduced you got a detailed description of what they were wearing and it wasn’t remotely relevant), but after a few chapters it got really good and I couldn’t put it down. My only other complaint was that the story is told from multiple points of view with no clear indication of who’s point of view your reading from readily apparent by chapter title, you have to go by context alone. This book made me cry multiple times and I can’t remember the last time a book did that. Over all I really enjoyed it.

I could not put it down!

A remarkable blend of history, suspense and love. Make sure you have dedicated time to read it when you start because you won’t want to do anything else.

Worth every page

The Nightingale has easily found its way to one of my favorite books to recommend. Although some may feel daunted by the over 300 page book, it is worth every page. The characters are well written and relatable. Isabelle is definitely one of my all time favorite heroes.

Another Powerful Story by Kristin Hannah

This is the story of two French sisters and their experiences during World War 2. It is not pretty. World War 2 was horrific even for those who were not Jews. Although this is a work of fiction, the people and events are not. Kristen Hannah has a most engrossing style of writing and is able to transport the reader to a time and place that actually existed This is also .a story of love, courage and sacrifice and a most worthwhile read.

The Nightingale is extraordinary and important.

This is a book that I will remember for a long time. Impossible to put down.

Read This Book

One of the best historical fiction books I've ever read. And it's even better knowing it was inspire by true events. A book of loss, hardships, violence, strength, girl power, sacrifice and love. A must read.

New Author for Me

One of the best books I have ever read...I hated to have it end. Looking forward to reading more from this author

SO good!!! One of the BEST!!!

Definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read & one of the few I actually want to read again!! HIGHLY recommend even if you don’t normally read the genre.

One of the best books I've ever read. A must read

I loved it!

This is probably one of my favorite books of all time!

The Nightingale is my new favorite book

I just LOVED The Nightingale. It was heartbreaking! When I realized that I was almost finished reading the book I took my time because I just did not want it to end. The Nightingale is a MUST READ

Amazing book!

I am reading this slowly because I don't want to come to the end of this beautiful book. Having been born at this exact time (9/42), & my father being in the US Army "over there" at this exact time, in France & Germany, I seem to have a passionate appetite for books like this. At times, I feel like I'd want to just sit down & cry my eyes out. So many innocents killed! Even the German soldiers, some of whom were merely boys when they were conscripted & ripped away from their families against their will. Not only the Jews, but the French, the Germans & others were victims of the insane Hitler & the Nazis. This book details not only the horror, the deprivation, the loss everywhere at this time in history, but the incredible bravery & daring of so many people on all sides. The human spirit is incredibly tough!!

A fabulous read which I will read many more times.

I read this fabulous novel in 1 1/2 days and when I finished it, I could have begun it again but I passed it on to my daughter in law because I loved it so much and we have the same reading tastes. Packed with history and intrigue and adventure; it's totally satisfying and a mystery to the end.

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