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Paperback The Midlife Bible: A Woman's Survival Guide Book

ISBN: 1931741328

ISBN13: 9781931741323

The Midlife Bible: A Woman's Survival Guide

Resulting from the author's relationship with both 'Western medicine' and alternative approaches, this book covers not only perimenopause, menopause and hormones, but also PMS, bleeding problems, and other alternative therapies. It also offers information about breast cancer, and includes open discussion of the dilemma of childlessness at midlife.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A book of answers that every woman is looking for

Reviewed by Allison King for RebeccasReads (5/08) As I began reading "The Midlife Bible: A Woman's Survival Guide," I felt as though Dr. Goodman was reading my mind. Menopause had always been a `hushed' topic that you didn't discuss as I was growing up. Dr. Goodman discusses alternatives to normal drug options for menopause and other health issues that arise in midlife for women. As a woman about to go through `the change' myself, it scares me that I might not be aware of all of the options for health issues that may arise. This book has given me a step forward in being more informed and confident when going in to a doctor's office. Dr. Goodman writes in a simple language that makes it easy to understand the abundance of information he gives out in this book. He covers many health topics that a `midlife' woman might go through from the different phrases of menopause to sexuality, bone density and insomnia. He talks about not only the drug options available to assist in getting through different medical conditions, but notes how much a change of lifestyle (food and exercise) can be beneficial too. I liked how Dr. Goodman was very open to referencing and referring to other doctor's theories, books and websites to go to for more information on specific topics. I would recommend this book for all women and even men to read to get a better understanding of how this midlife event can change the lives of everyone around you. Dr. Goodman has even written a book for men on the topic called "MEN-opause: The Book for MEN." "The Midlife Bible: A Woman's Survival Guide" has given me hope that there are doctors still out there that are willing to listen to their patients and give alternative treatment options. The author `gets it' that not all women (or men) are alike and should not be given a standard treatment, but look at options that may be best for that individual person. As a woman in the society we live in now, we need to be informed and prepared to put our foot down when it comes to our own health decisions.

A Great Resource for Women

Dr. Goodman's book is a real lifesaver for someone like me who has entered perimenopause. It is thorough and easy to understand. I feel well-prepared now to talk with my doctor and find the best solution for my mid-life issues and symptoms. I just wish Dr. Goodman could have a clone of himself in every major city in the U.S.!

Mind/Body Balance in a Natural Way

I have lots of girlfriends at my yoga studio going through perimenopause. We are all trying to take a holistic approach to aging, trying to find the mind/body balance in a natural way. This book has given us a truly balanced viewpoint of hormone replacement theraphy vs. using herbs and other botanicals. It gives good information and insight about the lifestyle changes that can make the greatest difference - ladies there is no magic pill, but Dr. Goodman gives excellent advice about how to navigate the change with grace and wellness. Thanks to the "Bible" we've gained a better understanding about ourselves and can now tell the facts from the fiction.

Transition, Symptoms, and Alternative Solutions

Michael P. Goodman, M.D., Certified Menopausal Practitioner and sex therapist, has written a complete, yet concise, informative, readable, up to date, affordable book that covers all the issues of feminine midlife. It is an excellent educational overview. Dr. Goodman provides specific instruction on natural, nutritional, lifestyle and hormonal approaches to PMS, Peri-menopause, and menopause. The book deals with sexuality, stress, hormone alternatives, breast cancer, and bone density, as well as relationship issues. Case studies illustrate some alternative choices for dealing with specific symptoms. Dee Adams' illustrations add a touch of subtle humor with droll captions to lighten up the frustrations of the transitional adjustments of midlife. I enjoyed Michael's conversational writing style. After reading his book for men "Men-opause" I felt compelled to read more on the subject of midlife survival for women to better understand the changes my wife is experiencing so that we can work together to experience an ongoing, growing, and intimate relationship. "The Midlife Bible" is an invaluable resource tool for women experiencing menopausal transitions and for husbands who want a better understanding of how to be supportive for their partner during this traumatic stage in life.

Finally! A book that really helps from a doctor who cares!

I am extremely fortunate to be one of Dr. Goodman's patients! In an era where HMO's have a stranglehold on the standard of medical care we receive and most doctors are forced to treat their patients in an "assembly-line" fashion, it's very refreshing to find an experienced and caring physician who has successfully rebelled against that trend for the sake of being able to totally care for his patients. He spends the time to truly listen to the concerns of women, and takes a holistic approach to the challenges most women face during perimenopause and menopause.All of the care and concern that one would experience in an office visit with him comes through in this book. Using a friendly, conversational style rather than complex medical terminology, Dr. Goodman's book reviews all of the changes women may experience during midlife, and discusses an array of options for treatment to alleviate symptoms. Everything is covered in depth and is easy to understand.I have already given the book to a few of my friends, who have also praised it heartily. If you are beginning perimenopause and are struggling with the changes within your body, you're not going crazy! Purchase this book and be informed about your options as to how to ease the natural transition into a new phase of your life. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
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