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Paperback The Magic of Thinking Big Book

ISBN: 0671646788

The Magic of Thinking Big

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Great Book. "Action Cures Fear" quoted by David Schwartz.

The quote I mentioned on the headline was an inspiration not for me but my friend. It was interesting when I was reading this book in the bus, my friend came to the same bus by coincidence, sat next to me, and saw this quote. He learned it and often reminded me that this quote pushed him forward to do challenging stuff. Good for him. Individually, The Magic of Thinking Big helped me to identify my strengths over weaknesses in life. It is very important to invest on what you are good at not what you are not. Read this book and learn more.

Best of its kind. Very effective simplicity. Napoleon who?

It is always shady when you see someone using the usual cliché "This book has changed my life!". While I usually don't take those comments seriously (too much money wasted in 'life-changing' books, I guess) I have to admit that sometimesa particular book hits you with more impact than usual and after a couple of years some self-examination might leave youwith the impression that perhaps the author has indeed influenced your choice of paths more than you would have expected.This was the case with me and Dr. Schwartz's "Magic". I am not an intense fan of self-help and motivational literature, but do read a title or two now and then. I have read many of the classics like Dale Carnegie's books (almost all), Napoleon Hill's "Think and grow rich", Covey's "The 7 habits of highly successful people" and others like "How to be a start at work", "The power of positive thinking",Psychocybernetics" and many more that have sold millions, are mentioned everywhere and everybody seems to love. Maltz, Hill, the list goes on. The fact it that so far no book of this kind has proven to be as effective with me as this one. Ieven felt I have wasted too much money. Not the case with this particular book. This is the kind of title where you read things you already know, you are after all mostly just looking for motivation. That extra push to get you going in particular moments when things aren't flowing as easily as you'd wish. And for that use, my preference goes to books that have an honest simplicity. This title isn't verbose, it isn't very technical or full or scholarship, perhaps even some of its examples are fully fictional. The truth is that I don't care about that, because it has proven very effective.If you are looking for something to motivate you (in any area), I suggest you try this title first. The effect with you might be quite different. Perhaps Napoleon Hill's style suits you better (I truly disliked his books) or maybe some other author. But to many of us, Schwart'z approach is perfect. I first read this over a year ago, and can now look back and see certain aspects that were definitely made easier because if it. Overall, the only thing I regret is not having found this title much sooner in my life (I'm 27), but it will no doubt still prove useful for many years. As a side recommendation, I suggest you combine this with the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, or the more accessible "The Art of Virtue" also based on Franklin's words, Dale Carnegie and as much wisdom and self-examination as you can come up with. The results won't be magic, but I'm pretty sure the improvement will be easy to notice.


David Schwartz's classic success book "The Magic of Thinking Big" is one of the top ten all time best proactive success books. After you have read it you will begin to refer to the earlier part of your life as "before I read the book." Even before you finish reading it the first time, you will be a changed person - it's that incredible. I say first time because you will want to read it again and again. My copy is well read, well read, and well marked. It has been a treasured part of my library and I've recommended it to others countless times. I consider David Schwartz to be one of the earliest "proactive thinkers" in the world. If you haven't read this book before, get ready for profound wisdom. Schwartz makes it easy to understand that our thoughts are things and have God given powers, far beyond what is commonly taught by others. I can tell you from my own astonishing situations and experiences that, "your success really is most definitely determined by what and how you think."Schwartz covers all of the proactive bases: smart thinking, system thinking, futuristic thinking, and positive thinking. If you are truly seeking the kind of success and abundance that makes your life 100% livable - you must read this book. Many of his ideas are found in SUCCESS BOUND, another book built on learning how to live a proactively life that is God centered and fulfilling.You will find that this exciting book becomes a part of you. Don't hold back - let it happen. In fact, you should spend 10 to 15 minutes every morning focusing your thoughts on the truths of this book, thereby allowing them to seep deep into your subconscious mind. If you do this I guarantee this wisdom will most assuredly bring you the success and abundance you deserve.Enjoy the book and your new proactive success life!

A Fantastic book!

The Magic of Thinking Big is a fantasticbook and must reading for anyone who wants optimum success. The 30-second commercial made a major impact on my life, although it seemed ridiculous in the beginning. I have Dr Schwartz's other books, but this is the best. I also suggest "SuperSelf" by Charles J. Givens, probably one of the most under rated self help books out there and a must read. Great books---great results!

Open this book to any page, and you will benefit!

This has got to be the best self-help book ever written! No pie-in-the-sky sweet talk here...just good common sense advice on hundreds of common "thought traps" that people of all ages fall into. Pick the book up and open to ANY page and start will find yourself nodding your head in agreement with the author, and saying to yourself,"Why didn't I ever think of things this way?" This book cleared out the cobwebs in my own head over ten years ago, and once you pick it up, you won't be able to put it down! You'll also want to share it with any of your friends who aren't thinking "big enough" in their lives. Unlike most of the other self-help, positive thinking books out there, this book uses "real world" types of examples, not lofty hypothetical discussions that the reader personally can't relate to. It changed my entire thought process with regards to what I expect out of life, and it will do it for you, too!

This is a super book!

Actually, one of two great books that has poitively affected my life, this great book by Dr. Schwartz is a must for anyone and everyone who wants more out of life; relationships, fn, business, career growth and of course--more money. The other book that affected my life isMore Wealth without Risk by Charles Givens. This will do for your financial life what Magic of Thinking Big does for personal growth. Both are must reads.
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