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Paperback The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness Book

ISBN: 0446675237

ISBN13: 9780446675239

The Celestine Vision: Living the New Spiritual Awareness

(Part of the Celestine Prophecy Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

A Wonderful New Addition to the Vision that Began with the Celestine Prophecy... When James Redfield wrote The Celestine Prophecy and The Tenth Insight, he crystallized a new spiritual vision for millions of people around the globe. Since then people have been gathering together to discuss how spiritual experiences have touched their lives and to explore the global renaissance already under way. Now in an exciting nonfiction book, James Redfield further...

Customer Reviews

4 ratings

This book gave me the answers

I have always wondered about the dreams that came true,thinking of people and seeing them same day,being hesitant between two decisions and getting the hint to choose one of them. I have always wondered about the behaviour of people in society and why they behave in the way they do.This book answers these questions and many more.i think you have to be a believer in God to be able to absorb the ideas presented by the auhtor.He takes you in spiritual journeys high up to afterlife and back to before birth and makes you cotemplate the profound ideas in the book.After I finshed reading the book i want to read it again to fully absorb the magnificent ideas presented in it. I strongly advice reading it by those who are wondering about life and our mission in it for the writer emphasises that we are all here on missons for the welfare of humanity.

Transformation: Entering A Responsive Universe...

First, a few of my overall gleanings about The Search.# We are spirits in human bodies.# Our destiny/evolution somehow involves whether we collectively decide that since we are human, do we reach for and wish to achieve the divine and spiritual in each of us (because when we all are mindful of God, it actually creates God) OR, do we wish to remain animals like all the rest of God's creatures--to encourage our animal/beastly natures with simple desires, intuitions, and thus, in doing so, remain strictly of the Earth?# There is generally more good than bad in life. Like Camus says, it is Sisyphusian even though we all ain't in rock rolling maintenance. And it is definitely worth living. You can get more of the goodness from life by focusing on the good/positive in any circumstance...even if there may be inconceivable pain and suffering involved. Like Frankl also says.# I am quite sure a whole lotta people, some of them famous and great, have come up with something very similar thoughts and conclusions to the items I've listed above, but they are basic musings. OK...what do these musings have to do with Redfield's book? Right. See, in the mid to late 1990's a handful of so-called New Age writers, self help authors, and televangelists were putting together their portfolios, so to speak, on the prediction, and, in their minds, "the need" for some kind of spiritual upheaval/spiritual explosion associated with the coming of the New Millenium. Some may say they are blessed with vision, others may say they are in it for personal gain. It ain't my intent to debate all the individual motivations here. But, during that time, Marianne Williamson comes out with a new book, Shirley McLaine comes out with a new book, Ken Wilber comes out with a new book, the Dalai Lama....And Redfield. But, note. They are very similar. But, note. We everyday people don't get the basic messages of what they are saying until it either gets real, real close to it being too late or alas, it is ALREADY too, mebbe, with another new voice out there sharing the message in their own style, SOMEONE may get the basic lesson. That's the real beauty of having so many of these visionaries out there.Redfield may not be a new voice but certainly he has more than a few ways of getting your attention. Of this book, I found his subchapter on how it seems that the emergence of Einstein and Bohr and Pauli and Heisenberg and the new Quantum Physicists (and the adoption of the scientific paradigm which diverted from the Old Newtonian mechanistic world view) began to parallel the beginning of the western world's examination and adaptation of Eastern religion and thus what Redfield says is the beginnings of the (re)discovery of the Human Energy Field quite elegant in it's simplicity. (He did not, however, much mention how WW II influenced evverything during that this era he was speaking of, and to me, that is quite an oversight..) His exploration of the Jungian Synchronistic world view is also

A great book to help on life's journey

This book is James Redfield at his best. James helps to become more familiar with our spiritual side and to study the coincidences in life to help shape our spiritual destiny going into the 21st Century. The book chronicles one man's journey to find himself and the answers to the universe and to the age old question, "Why are we here on this planet?" His journey leads him to South America where he meets many people like himself who are looking for the celestine prophesies. These prophesies are said to hold the key to the understanding of the universe and why we are here. I often find myself asking myself the question, "What am I here on this planet to accomplish?" The Celestine Prophesy helps to understand the possibilities of life more clearly. They say God works in mysterious ways, God can work through the coincidences in life as answers to prayer. This book helps to understand these coincidences and unlock a whole new world of possibilities. This is not just a philosophical book, it also contains action and a little romance. I highly recommend this book to all people who are seeking more out of life.

Perfect for one in search of spirituality and inspiration!

On the way out of town, I picked up the audio version of The Celestine Vision. Life was throwing me a lot of challenges at that time. The words of Redfield helped guide me through those challenges. Over and over, I told myself to remember that every challenge brings an opportunity for growth, a message I received from Redfield's work. Citing that mantra helped me focus on the important things in life and block out the incidental difficulties. Redfield does a subperb job of describing and explaining the spiritual side of life. He delves into every major area of life, including family, careers, and politics. The Celestine Vision is a perfect handbook for anyone needing spiritual guidance or just a little inspiration.
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