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Hardcover The Bone Density Diet: 6 Weeks to a Strong Body and Mind Book

ISBN: 0345432843

ISBN13: 9780345432841

The Bone Density Diet: 6 Weeks to a Strong Body and Mind

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

It's a fact. As a woman, you are at risk for developing osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and related diseases as you grow older. What you ate as a young woman and what you eat now, and how often you exercise and the kind of exercise you do, can contribute to these conditions appearing later in life. Are you getting enough calcium from milk and other dairy foods? Should you stop drinking coffee and soda? How much calcium should you take every day, and when?...

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Well Done

George Kessler did an excellent job explaining bone health, how to maintain it, and how to minimize bone loss.

Should be required reading for parents

George Kessler clearly explains how the bones grow, what they need and what is bad for them. It includes our lifetime building new bone and getting rid of old bones. The most important thing is that most of the future of one's bones are based on childhood, where many parents are doing the worst things possible. For example, children that drink soda with phosphoric acid confuses the bodies analysis of blood stream levels of the calcium, and leaches calcium from the bones. It is horrifying when there are children drinking lots of this junk food. He reviews international bone health and demonstrates that milk is not especially good for bone density. Studies of children in the US that drink a lot of milk show better bone health, but I suspect it's the wrong variable being measured, as these children drink less soda. But Asians, that have eaten traditional Asian diets without dairy have a low incidence of osteoporosis. He offers healthy foods and exercises. The book is also filled with many great recipes that are both healthy and promote bone health. These are examples of gourmet Californian cooking. Please note that there are new findings questioning the use of Fosamax and similar drugs, as they cause problems healing dental surgery and the incidence of cancer of the esophagus is much higher than originally thought. Pills are not a great solution. These new studies are not included.

Good for your whole body, not just your bones

This is a very practical book! The set of information is very up-to-date as well as easy to absorb. The author provides a good explanation of the mechanism behind bone loss, which helps readers understand why the various suggestions might be helpful.The format of the book is based on an easily-implemented 6-week plan, including recipes and menus. Each "week" the author carefully discusses one of several lifestyle changes readers might consider, including diet, exercise, prescription drugs, vitamin supplements, hormone supplements, and various natural remedies (like herbs), though the author's intent is to keep you off drugs if possible.In spite of the fact that I've read many books on osteoporosis, I learned a great deal reading this book. For instance, I had no idea that taking certain common prescription drugs (including thyroid medications, anti-convulsants, and diuretics) can increase your odds of developing osteoporosis. I am impressed by the author's knowledge of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for healthy bones. His extensive table of recommended supplements (p. 185) is similar to only one I've ever seen (in Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis by Alan Gaby). Many people, including medical doctors, still don't seem to realize that the body needs many compounds other than calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin D to build bone. If the only thing you learn from this book is that your bones need several other compounds every day, the purchase will be well worthwhile.The author gently advocates a diet that leans toward vegetarian (and organic in fact), since consuming animal proteins promotes bone loss. He points out that dairy products aren't the bone-building panaceas the marketing boards would lead us to believe. (Like meat, dairy products are very acidic, and in order for your body to process them, calcium is actually depleted from the bones.) The author doesn't go so far as to say one should avoid such foods at all costs, but he does offer menus which are friendly to readers who want to follow a strict vegetarian diet. I found this refreshing in an age when many hospital dieticians are still espousing very traditional diets in spite of strong medical evidence supporting diets that are low in (or exclude) animal products.One minor "bone" of contention I have ;) is on p. 200 where the author states that Premarin contains estradiol. In fact Premarin contains very little estradiol; its main components are compounds that are not found in humans. The rest of the author's discussion of hormone replacement is top-notch. When deemed necessary, he advocates using natural hormones (like estradiol, estrone, estriol, and progesterone) over pseudo-hormones (like Premarin, Prempro, equinone, and progestin, each of which is molecularly very different from any hormone you'll find in a human). Be aware of what your doctor prescribes; the long-term effects are yours to live with.Bottom line: This book is helpful to men and women of any age who are interest

Change Your Life For Good!

I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis at the premenopausal age of 40. I thought a book about a "diet" would help me learn how to change my eating habits to address the situation. This book gave me a lot more than daily menus! I have learned volumes about my disease and now feel I can discuss my situation with my doctor on a much more informed level. The exercises illustrated in the book are quite helpful, but knowing I'm not disciplined enough to do them alone at home, I joined the gym. Who would have ever thought I'd enjoy weight-lifting and kick-boxing?! After reading this book, yes, I still have osteoporosis, but by incorporating the foods that were suggested into my diet, regularly exercising and taking medication (which was also explained in great detail), I feel better about my physical well-being than I did before I was diagnosed. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants information on osteoporosis and is committed to preventing and/or improving their condition.

I love this book

I wish I had read this book before I started ta seek treatment for osteoporosis.Dr. Kesslers approach is a refreshing change from the way most of my physicians have dealt with this in the past. He seems to have experienced my frustrations with current therapies himself. Do yourself a favor and read this book.

Bone Density Diet

I am 43 years old and was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis. This book answered all my questions and gave me enough information to effectively deal with my doctors. I feel able to manage my own care - steer my own ship -as Dr.Kessler says. I wish I had known about his book before I bought others because this book really has it all.
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