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Paperback Psycho Cybernetics Book

ISBN: 0671416952

ISBN13: 9780671416959

Psycho Cybernetics

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Format: Paperback

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A pioneer in the field still standing strong

I don't make it a habit to read self-help books, but the off-color fitness guru Matt Furey has made a killing on selling a program based off of Maltz's work, and most other "motivational speakers" usually bend a knee in respect to Maltz as a forerunner. So I picked up a cheap used copy and read it cover to cover. The only question I have left is why anyone would bother with any of the other crap. This book effectively condenses the entirety of the self-help field. Firstly, Maltz had the raw clinical experience necessary to write this kind of book. As a crackerjack plastic surgeon he saw immediately and firsthand the life-changing or life-stalling power of self-image at work in the faces of his patients. (And anyone who scoffs at unorthodox contributors to a research field ought to know that Albert Einstein was working for the Swiss patent office when he submitted the Special Theory of Relativity.) Yet Maltz also admits where exactly the limits of his knowledge lie rather than try to convince the reader of his omniscience. Secondly, Maltz was receptive to many fundamental tenets of psychology and philosophy and works them into Psycho Cybernetics clearly and without contradiction. Nor does he try to repackage ancient metaphysical hokum with inane and feeble examples. Thirdly, there are no workshops, special reports, live phone help, or products to buy. (Though I cannot speak for the organization that has cropped up around Maltz's name.) All pretense and exaggeration for marketing purposes seem absent from his book. Maltz was definitive and unequivocal in his ideas, quick to set a standard and stick to it. He concerned himself with some very fundamental issues of life and makes clear statements. This book rises high above the haphazard pop philosophy/ethics smeared all over mass media which are either shallow and weak or imperiously stupid. Maltz simply faced the truth of his own convictions. Psycho Cybernetics by no means outlines life management skills as an exact science, but its suggestions are intellectually compelling. Overall, the book is worthwhile because Maltz' honest and non-condescending style at least earns your respect, if not your belief.

Why publishers should keep publishing

I was a junior in high school. It was 1976 and my psychology teacher, Mr. Potashnik, required us to read "Psychocybernetics" by Maxwell Maltz. I let a lot of homework slip by as a junior, but this book I read. "Psychocybernetics" and my psychology teacher, inspired me. I suddenly felt empowered to do something with my life, besides graduating from high school and becoming someone's wife. I was 5 feet 4 inches and I weighed 102 lbs. I thought about becoming an airline stewardess because I wanted to travel the world, but instead I became a United States Marine. I never did serve in a war zone, but I am very proud of my 21 years of service as a Marine. More recently, my husband, also a former Marine, and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. We have two beautiful children; a son who is a freshman in college and a daughter who is a senior in high school. I have a Master's degree from the Catholic University of America in Library Science and Informations Systems, and love life. "Psychocybernetics" started me believing in myself, and I have never looked back.

A Revelation for Underperformers & Procastinators

I have not read the original book by Maxwell Maltz yet, but after reading this book I will.I was a newcomer to the conceptual ideas contained in this book. In the UK no-one seemed to know Maltz or his theory.The ideas and the way this book was written are conducive to a clear understanding and application of Maltz's theory. As a newcomer I can recomend this book on it's own merits. It is clearly written, the theory is clearly laid out and in simple terms.The theory itself is breathtakingly simple, but the repercussions on areas such as goal setting and goal attainment are INCREDIBLE. I had always grown up to understand that it is Willpower that will conquer all, and goal success can only be attained by using willpower. Everytime I tried to use willpower I seemed to fail. This theory explains why failure will occur, and what to do about it, and how to set goals and achieve them.If you are a failed goal setter, who habitually prefers procrastination than action, this book and application of the theory, will change your life.Application of the theory contained in the book will have a profound affect on your life.Highly Recomended

tools for success

This book is so instrumental that I plan order additional copies for family and freinds.The results I have achieved are fascinating.The techniques are simple and effective but you must take action! Just reading the book will not do, you must apply the imformation.I've used this book to improve my self esteem,release stress, improve focus and master the art of goal setting.I highly recommend it for those serious about changing their life.I would also recommend"Psychology of Winning and Nine Empowering Secrets of Successful Living-Dennis Waitley,Think and Grow Rich-Napoleon Hill and Awaken the Gaint Within and Unlimited Power-Anthony Robbins".I would also recommend Using your Brain for a Change-Richard Bandler-a teacher to Anthony Robbins,covers the subject of NLP.Take back your life and read this book!
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