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Paperback Oh My Goddess! Volume 7: The Queen of Vengeance Book

ISBN: 1569714312

ISBN13: 9781569714317

Oh My Goddess! Volume 7: The Queen of Vengeance

(Book #7 in the Oh My Goddess! Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Good

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Book Overview

When their computerized support system malfunctions, Earth-bound goddesses Skuld, Urd, and Belldandy must count on a mortal, Keiichi, to save the day. This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Book 7 -- Goddess Power Failure

This graphic novel covers the original Japanese manga volume 6 chapters 40 - 42 and volume 7 chapters 43 & 44. Each chapter is a seperate story with 41-43 covering the story arc of the goddesses losing their main power source.In the first story, Belldandy restores everything from the Lord of Terror's attack before resealing her power. Skuld challenges Megumi to a contest using homemade robots. In the second story, the goddesses have lost their primary power sourse causing them to change in appearance while Keiichi searches for an alternate solution to the problem. In the third tale, has found a solution and restores Skuld, but there's not enough power left for Urd. Now in the form of a young girl, Urd befriends a young boy. The fourth story has the goddesses restored but Urd feeling the need to repay Keiichi for all he has done. It is time for another one of her love potions to help Belldandy and Keiichi "get it on".The final tale has Belldandy knitting a sweater for Keiichi while Sayoko plots her downfall.Bottom line: this book sees a return to the classic OMG humor that was missed in the previous book. OMG fans should have this in their collection. People looking for light reading material should look no further.

A great manga title

I used to think comics were for kids. The key words here are "used to." Having enjoyed the Oh My Goddess! OVA series immensely, I decided to give the manga a try, and that was a decision I won't regret it.The great thing about OMG is that it's a cute and funny romance with deeper aspects thrown into it as well. "Queen of Vengeance" is no exception. There's a bit of everything: a parody of Shakespeare, further proof that Skuld is a mega mecha genius (pun intended), plenty of sake and ice cream, touching moments in Urd's Fantastic Adventure (I love that chapter!) and a lot of laughs to top it all off. I won't start going into the plot, others have done a better job of that than I can.The artwork? In one word: lovely. The character designs are really well drawn, having evolved a lot from their notably worse original forms from the earliest volumes. It's a shame in a way that the pictures are only presented in black and white, but the overall quality makes up for this.A really good thing about this edition is that the paper is thick and you can't see what's on the other side of the page, with a few minor exceptions. And the ink hasn't smudged or been transferred onto the adjacent least in my copy.I personally think that the reading level of 9-12 years is a little harsh. Sure, it's not the most difficult of books to read, understand and (hopefully) enjoy, but the nature of the OMG series and its plot can appeal to a much wider age group. I really like it and, as Skuld would say, "I am NOT a kid! Biiii-da!". Also, there are some incidents of nudity (although these are hardly hentai), mild swearing at one point, and cases of alcohol consumption and drunkedness. Some parents might not want their younger children reading this.Highly recommended for any OMG or manga fan...although, in the latter case, I'd advise you to watch the OVAs first or read the preceding manga.

Robots, Moon Rocks, and Sayoko Mishima

Another great volume in the Oh My Goddess! series. In the first story we start where we left off in the last voume. First Belldandy repairs the Morisato residence with her uber powers and then Megumi, Keiichi's little sister, comes to check up on him. Skuld in the meantime has been repairing Keiichi's motorcycle. Megumi tells Skuld that there is a design flaw. This angers the young goddess, so she challanges Megumi to a duel. Tamiya over hearing this, decides that Skuld will face Megumi in a Robot war. Megumi defeats Skuld, so the pretty little goddess makes her robot self destruct! Later in the book, because the Yggdrasil system is out of order. The goddesses need another way to replinish their energy. The lack of energy has weird effects on the goddesses: Belldandy falls asleep for days, so she goes into chibi form to conserve energy, Skuld craves ice cream, and ages rapidly, and Urd craves sake and becomes younger. Luckily it is soon discovered that Moon Rocks replinish the girls' power. However, there wasa design flaw so Urd was only able to grow only a little. Not wanting to stay at home, Urd goes out and meets a young boy named Shohei Yoshida. They become fast friends. The boy falls in love with Urd at first sight, and it seems that Urd falls for him also. You need to read the rest of the story yourself. In my humble opinion itis one of the best. Later we see a drunk Sayoko Mishima stumble out a bar and make her way to Keiichi's temple, and she bangs the bell, Keiichi goes out and brings her in. touching stuff follows. Another one of my favorite chapters, but that is probably because i like Sayoko sso much! ^_^

You'd be a failure as an anime fan if you don't read this!

Honestly, the first time I bought this manga series, I did not expect much. I thought, okay, this is just some dumb childish story. Good thing I gave it a chance! Now I can't help but read this over and over again! I get something new out of it every time. Now, I'm saving up money to buy the rest of this series plus some subtitled videos. I recommend this fully, and beware of addiction! It's a romance/comedy leaning more towards romance. Yes, it is very funny and romantic. Some jokes the author uses are never-before-seen. We should all appreciate that tidbit, at least. The characters. Oh, what do I have to say about them? They're wonderful!! Each goddess has a unique personality. I do not want to give anything away, but please read it. It is worth your every penny and minute spent.

Episodic romance with great artwork

Oh My Goddess is a real treat. It's a very innocent romance story between a mortal and a goddess who happens to have two troublemaking sisters. The stories are very episodic, with only a basic chronology of events tying them together. The best stories here are the robot battle at the start between main character Keiichi's sister Megumi and the goddess Skuld, and in particular, the adventure of the goddess Urd when she's regressed to childhood by lack of energy. The artwork is gorgeous, with a caveat: Kosuke Fujishima tends to have simple, but pretty characters with wonderfully elaborate clothing and little to no background scenery. If you can accept that style, this book and all the others in the series are wonderful reading.
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