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Paperback Obesity Cancer & Depression: Their Common Cause & Natural Cure Book

ISBN: 0970245823

ISBN13: 9780970245823

Obesity Cancer & Depression: Their Common Cause & Natural Cure

This book, the result of over 20 years of research, looks at the conditions of obesity, cancer and depression through a new physiological perspective and offers a new approach in preventing and... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Obesity Cancer & Depression: Their Common Cause and Natural Cure

This interesting clearly written book gives insights into how the human body actually requires considerable amounts water, salt and exercise, when these are adequately supplied the changes that the practitioner can expect. Helpful asides are given in various places including how to calculate your water requirement using your actual weight, and how to use salt as a sleep inducer. A carefully written work which will be useful to both the professional and layman alike. The clear style almost pedestrian pace will allow all readers to gain valuable insights in how to manage their water and salt intakes to facilitate health improvements. Having changed nothing in my diet except follow this book's guidelines on adequate water consumption for two months my cholesterol level and weight have significantly changed for the better, the diabetes sugar readings have lowered and the acidic perspiration has gone (we live in a humid rather hot area). I recommend this book to those discerning people who having tried to follow the present day hype and found their health deteriorated as a result. The healthy water intake requirements of our bodies today are often needlessly ignored to our detriment and this book addresses the imbalance that exists in many peoples busy lives. It was so simple to read, understand and implement but the benefits have been excellent, I recommend this book to all who are concerned about their health and want to do something safe and beneficial that will either impact on problems which may already trouble the person, or prevent deleterious conditions developing in the first place.

a breakthrough book!

dr. b should get a nobel prize for his breakthrough work on the vital importance of at least 8 glasses of water per day plus sea salt to prevent chronic dehydration of our cells and body - a condition all too prevalent and usually undetected by doctors and victims alike - we don't feel thirsty until the last stages of dehydration - read this book! it could extend your life -

Water and Sea Salt = Wellness

This book is revolutionary. Everyone should have his, and Bob Butt's 2 web sites bookmarked, in case they ever forget about the important of water and sea salt. Most diseases are directly related to either dehydration or mineral deficiency. The water addresses the dehydration, and the unrefined sea salt addresses the deficiencies. The tandom go hand in hand, and you really can't go wrong. Mixing the sea salt into the water makes a "saline solution" type of water, that I find to be extremely balancing, hydrating, and the minerals in the sea salt structure the water (reducing the surface tension). The water becomes "alive" and ready to nourish your 60 trillion cells. I can't say enough great things about his work.

His Best Book Yet

This Dr Batman's best and last book. If you want to learn about the deadly effects of dehydration, youll learn about it here. The book has interesting information on how obesity , depression and cancer are caused by dehydration and are cured by hydration with water and only water. Dr Batmans present his information with good science and plenty of testimonials in regard to the healing power of water. All of his books are real eye openers and this is his best. Dr Batman is no longer with us, so you might want to read this one as well as his earlier books. Read with an open mind and try it for yourself. Its safe if you do the protocol correctly, it works, and its free. There are no drugs to buy, no doctor fees and no hmo costs. Read the book and give it an honest try.
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