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Paperback Vera's Finishing Sch Book

ISBN: 0385484569

ISBN13: 9780385484565

Vera's Finishing Sch

It is estimated that three to five percent of the adult male population of the United States feels the need, at least occasionally, to dress in women's clothing. Judging from enrollment at her academy, Miss Vera would say that figure is low. Veronica Vera founded Miss Vera's Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls in 1992 and started a gender revolution. Working from the pink palace of the Academy's intimate Manhattan campus, she has helped...


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I LOVED this book!

I was overjoyed when I began reading this book. I have been a phone sex operator for more than 10 years, with MANY of my clients being "boys who want to be girls". As part of my ongoing learning experience, I bought this book, and was THRILLED when I read it. The book doesn't condescent, isn't "Domme", and isn't a boring critical read. No, it doesn't give as many tips as one might expect, but it allows crossdressers to see themselves in a positive light, to learn that they are "OK" instead of abnormal, to see that one should walk with pride (and more than a bit of grace), instead of hiding out in the closet, fondling the pretty dresses instead of wearing them. The message is upbeat, humorous, and wholly positive. Thank you Miss Vera for helping to bring sexuality into the mainstream!

Amusing and enlightening look at cross-dressing

At the suggestion of a friend, I read MISS VERA'S FINISHINGSCHOOL FOR BOYS WHO WANT TO BE GIRLS by VeronicaVera . . . I found it both amusing and enlightening . . . and while it isn't my typical reading fare, I found it fun to learn about cross-dressing and what exactly it entails. In addition, I also believe it gave me some insight into the female psyche.Yet no need to fear. I don't see myself becoming a cross-dresserany time in the near future, particularly since I like my mustache. And Veronica notes that "no applicant is ready for the freewheeling life an academy deb if he is not ready to let go of a handlebar."Yet," she went on to say, "there are exceptions to every rule, even this. I relaxed my rule once when a Hassidic Jewish man applied for entrance. I knew that his long beard and side-curls were part of his religious observance and thus not to be removed. Under all of that hair, his long-lashed eyes emanated sincerity and earnestness, so I took pity on him. We used a veil and turned him into an Arabian princess, not only accomplishing his transformation but doing our bit to heal Mideast relations.There is a basic difference between the way women walk and the way men walk. Men take control of the earth. Their feet are planted firmly on the ground. Women go with the flow. We dance through life. High heels are designed to complement that dancing,light-footed movement. In the days before sidewalks, the entire base of the shoe was often elevated. These early platform shoes made it possible to rise above the muck. Men wore them as well as ladies. But while men have toppled from their pedestals, we ladies remain there, usually being admired. High heels show off the calves and other parts of the anatomy to advantage. The higher the pump, the higher the rump. In high heels the buttocks are raised to provocative heights, inviting admiring glances. Just as some women choose not to wear high heels because they do not want to invite those glances, many men are starved for that attention. In high heels, our students' legs appear longer and, though our girl may be concerned with her height, her legs can never be too long. Even before the first official Voice class, new students at Miss Vera's Finishing School receive some instruction on girl talk. I don't know how many times I have asked a student to say "yes" instead of "yeah." There she is, all dressed up in the sheerest nylons and sexy pumps, seated in the makeup chair, wearing a lovely, soft negligee or perhaps a silk slip, bra, garter belt, and stockings while being transformed be the Dean of Cosmetology, who used the finest powders, lipstick, and blush. Inside she feels all relaxed and excited at the same time . . . all lush and juicy. Then I ask a question and she answers, "Yup," in a voice like John Wayne. This won't do. We start be refining speech in small, simple ways. Say, "Yes." The phrase "Yes, Miss Vera" is music to my ears. It is not so much how high she speaks her words that counts, bu

Miss Vera's School Helps an Actor Perform

I've not done much in the way of cross-dressing before. (Just a little dabbling for Rocky Horror) But I found myself in the position of being cast to play Albin in the Broadway musical version of La Cage Aux Folles for our local repertory theatre. This book was absolutely the most helpful source of information I have yet come across! I'm especially grateful since, playing the lead drag-queen, I'm expected to be able to assist some of our "Cagelles", about half of which are high school age boys! The light-hearted tone of this book has made it easier to get across some of the challenges involved in a less daunting fashion. Thank you, Miss Vera!

When you need a friend.

It was just an ordinary day for me, perhaps one more of so many hundred. Like a Lady you find, just dressed to the nine's, it took my breadth for a second. There it was"Miss Vera's finishing school for Boys who want to be Girls" by Veronica Vera. "Great Mother in Heaven" I exclaimed under my breadth,"I must have this book!" I wasn't let down, In the first few minutes I had the book in my hands, the picture's were telling me somebody really could like me out there. Her stories wer very suportive and very kind. Sometimes I feel that I may be asking to much of myself in dressing the way my imag-ination sees me. What I get most from the book is the idea that with the right attitude and confidence and the many ideas from the book, I can give it the Academy try. Miss Vera is insightfull, and simply wonder-full. A not to be missed, cover to cover hug.
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