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Paperback Light on Yoga : The Bible of Modern Yoga... Book

ISBN: 0805210318

ISBN13: 9780805210316

Light on Yoga : The Bible of Modern Yoga...

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Book Overview

The definitive guide to the philosophy and practice of Yoga--the ancient healing discipline for body and mind--by its greatest living teacher. Light on Yoga provides complete descriptions and illustrations of all the positions and breathing exercises. Features a foreword by Yehudi Menuhin. Illustrations throughout.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Best reference on asanas

One of the most complete books on asanas. And B. K. S. Iyengar don't just show you the picture. He goes on with explanations, benefits, variations, sequences, etc. If you are a serious practioner of asanas, this is the best and most complete reference. It goes well beyond what your asana hatha yoga teacher can do. For me, I find it a good reading to expand my knowledge on asanas, especially when I want to find something new to challenge my body. there is always something in this book that I cannot do yet, may be forever! This book is not intented to be a textbook on yoga, though. If you are beginner and don't intent to challenge your body too much, then this book may not be what you want. Try taking classes, and have a books such as " Yoga: The Iyengar Way" by Silva Mehta instead. I am personally interested in asanas, but not so much as in doing all of the feats here. It all depends on why you want to do yoga. Don't forget that asana is only a small part (one of the eight limbs) of yoga. Even if you do asana with a meditative mind, you still miss what deep meditation can offer¯peace, health, a focused mind, and eventually bliss. And don't forget pranayama too. This book does contain some basic instruction on pranayama. But it's not comprehensive. And some long-time practioners of the Iyengar pranayama have reported undesirable side effects. For a comprehensive and effective, non-sectarian approach to meditation and other advanced techniques in yoga, try Advanced Yoga Practices: Easy Lessons for Ecstatic Living by Yogani. Supplementing Iyengar yoga with these missing pieces will give you the best techniques you have for your body, mind and spirit.

Simply the best

This is the definitive text on hatha yoga. This is the book you want if you are serious about beginning your yoga practice. This is also a text of reference for professional teachers used throughout the world. It is no exaggeration to say that all yoga instructors in the United States know this book, and most of them own a copy and refer to it regularly.Iyengar's text is characterized by a thoroughness of content, a detailed, precise, step-by-step "how to" for instruction in asana and pranayama. There are 602 photos of Iyengar himself demonstrating the poses with extraordinary flexibility and precision. I have an early, hardcover edition with the photos collected together at the back of the book. The newer editions have the photos spaced appropriately throughout the text.The 34-page Introduction entitled, "What is Yoga?" is a concise overview of the nature, aim and extent of yoga as gleaned from the ancient texts, in particular Pantajali's Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and Swatmarama's Hatha Yoga Pradipika (from which Iyengar gets his Sanskrit title, Yoga Dipika). These are the three great texts of yoga and Iyengar knows them well. This Introduction rewards patient study, and is the kind of pithy text that needs to be returned to again and again, and yet it is written in an accessible, inspired, and inspirational style.Iyengar emphasizes precision and careful technique and a whole body mindfulness as prerequisites to success in hatha yoga. From my experience this mindfulness is absolutely essential for two main reasons. One, you will surely strain or pull a muscle, usually several little ones, if your mind goes astray or if you practice with your attention elsewhere. Count on it. Two, the full import and effect of asana cannot be appreciated, nor the psychological and spiritual lessons implicit within the practice be understood without a deep and continuous concentration--the mindfulness leading to meditation.The technical instruction of the poses includes some commentary on beneficial effects. It should be noted that according to tradition there are 84,000 poses known (or perhaps the number is 840,000) of which about 84 are said to be necessary for health and the progression to samadhi. It is also said traditionally that a cat was the first yoga teacher. I want to note that only a gifted person with a natural suppleness can hope to master all the poses that Iyengar demonstrates. So don't despair. Most authorities will tell you that a dozen or so will suffice.Even though detailed instruction is given in only three pranayamas, the subject is nonetheless throughly introduced and explained in the twenty-five elegant and succinct pages that constitute Part III of this book. Included and noteworthy is Iyengar's well-know warning: "Pneumatic tools can cut through the hardest rock. In Pranayama the yogi uses his lungs as pneumatic tools. If they are not used properly, they destroy both the tool and the person using it."There are two

Everything a beginner needs

Whether you are looking for a physical improvement or a mental one, Light on Yoga will give you what you need. Each asana is accompanied by at least one (usually more) photographs to illustrate the proper technique, a synopsis on the effects, and details instructions that anyone can follow. Breathing, focus, position of each limb and which muscles to focus on are all covered thoroughly. When applicable, there are even variations that can be applied, depending on the student's comfort and skill level, so that no one need skip an important technique just because he or she is starting out and has no outside help.Iyengar then further assists the beginning student with a list of which poses to start with and add each week, for a comprehensive schedule that will keep you improving for years. Also included is a list of common ailments and asanas that can relieve these ailments.Anyone interested in strength, flexibility, balance, and inner peace should have at least this one book.

Cant Miss for whoever is interested in yoga/spiritual stuff

Guru Iyengar's book cant be missed for whoever is interested in yoga/spirtual stuff or the like. After reading the introduction, you will have a new insight into life and I personally read the introduction many times. And the instructions for the asanas, pranayama, and the banda are indispensible for every yoga student. I bought this book 8 years ago and I was amazed and started learning how to do yoga. In the book, Guru Iyengar said you need a teacher or a guru and its true. I tried to do it without a teacher for 6 years and got very little improvement and even hurt myself. It is very important you have a teacher because the book doesnt convey those minor details which is critical in every asana poses. I now go to local Iyengar Yoga class weekly and practice daily by myself and I feel I learn much much more and benefit much much more. It takes time, but doing yoga(Hatha Yoga, asana, pranayama) will equip you with good health and you will feel you start integrating your body, mind and spirit. Its just wonderful. I dont know what else to say. Go to a local Iyengar yoga center and start go to class and practice it!
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