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Paperback Jnana Yoga: The Path of Knowledge Book

ISBN: 150277397X

ISBN13: 9781502773975

Jnana Yoga: The Path of Knowledge

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Book Overview

Jnana Yoga (The Yoga of Knowledge) is a book of lectures by Swami Vivekananda as transcribed by Joseph Josiah Goodwin. The lectures were delivered mainly in New York and London. These lectures were... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Jnana Yoga

For those who reject standard religious dogma but still recognize the certain spirituality of mankind, this book is for you. Best comprehensive explanation of the Hindu Faith I have ever read! Written for easy comprehension by the western mind.

Vivekananda's best lectures...

Though Jnana yoga is presumably the favorite subject of Vivekananda, he himself is supposed to have quoted that his bhakti is covered by a cloak of jnana, while his guru's (Sri Ramakrishna) jnana is covered by a cloak of bhakti. Whatever he may have learnt from Ramakrishna, who spoke in parables, Vivekananda transforms them into powerful words with striking sentences to give a sublime meaning. He is at his best while expounding the Vedanta philosophy. His examples simplify the understanding of such a complex and profound philosophy. The way he coins the words and grammar in his lectures is unbelievable. His logic is almost always unarguable. One of the best lectures is "The Real and Apparent Man" where he lays a solid foundation of the nature of man, the support of which comes in later lectures on Maya and Cosmos . The exposition of Katha upanishad is beautiful and one does not get that picture and depth of understanding while reading the original upanishad. The final lectures delivered in Pasadena, California appeals to the unity of religions and friendship with science - a subject which is probably never more important than now.No wonder during his lectures in America, he was the last to deliver, as the audience would wait patiently to listen to him.

are you ready for the REAL thing?

swami vivekananda is/was one of the giant intellects of all time. a direct disciple of the great 19th century indian god-man, sri ramakrishna, vivekananda learned his lessons well at an early age and built upon it to the point of sometimes surpassing his master. especially in the sense of providing a bridge from the worlds oldest extant religious traditions to plain spoken accessability for the spiritual seeker of our own time. jnana yoga is the approach of experiencing oneness with God using the path of knowledge/philosophy/contemplation. this book is among the very best in laying out the methods and ideas the aspirant can use for his own search [ thru the path of knowledge ] of direct experience of God, i.e. being-conciousness-bliss absolute. the book carefully and clearly leads us thru our most primitive lowest levels of humanity up the ladder of understanding spiritually we are truly One with the highest of all realities. that indeed, "thou art that". "what frightens you? what holds you down? only ignorance and delusion; nothing else can bind you. you are the Pure One, the Ever Blessed...he who knows this and models his life accordingly will no longer grovel in darkness." the good swami's writings on all the yoga paths are among the best the world has yet seen. this particular volume is a must read for the student practitioner of jnani yoga. if i could spend an hour having a cup of tea with any person who ever lived, swami vivekananda might well be the one i would choose. not only for his giant intellect but his purity and holiness and breadth of understanding man's need for transcendence and the ways of actually doing so. this is a great book for anyone looking for the true innermost Self.

Marriage between religion and science

This book if anyone was to read it is amazing and I find it difficult to find words of praise that could do it justice. Therefore the best thing would be to read it. Some one said that this 'does not appeal to the modern mind' This is certainly proof that the person has not read the book or read it with closed eyes, what a pity! Vivekananda blends ancient hindu texts, into modern thought and also weaves into his work modern scintific thought into the ever so ancient wisdom of India. Whosoever reads this book is bound to become transformed, trasfigured and awakened to higher truths in this universe. This rare crest-jewel of a book has come from a great soul, and I feel blessed and thrilled to have come accross this precious gem.

Pinnacle of Philosophy

A beautiful book elucidating the crux of Vedanta, one of the oldest philosophies of the world. Jnana Yoga is the method of 'realizing' religion or God through knowledge and discussion. The other methods are Karma(work), Bhakti(devotion) and Raja(mind) and everybody should select a method according to his/her interests/capabilities. Jnana Yoga presents an extremely logical and intellectually satisfying view of God and religion. Vivekanand has been quite impressive, his style very 'scientific' and language : simple and superb. Must read for people with an inquisitional bent of mind. I especially recommend the chapter called "Atma".
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