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Paperback Jla: Rock of Ages - Vol 03 Book

ISBN: 1563894165

ISBN13: 9781563894169

Jla: Rock of Ages - Vol 03

(Part of the Justice League Series, JLA (#3) Series, and JLA de Norma Editorial (#3) Series)

The JLA's greatest enemies-Lex Luthor, the Joker, Circle, Mirror Master, Dr. Light, Ocean Master-have united as the Injustice Gang. Marshaling the skills of a mysterious seventh member, they remain safely hidden while controlling evil duplicates of the JLA: duplicates that are laying waste to Star City. In addition, Luthor is planning a hostile takeover of the League, the evil Darkseid is waiting in the wings, and if the JLA manages to thwart author's...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

"The only way we're gonna serve you is medium rare."

This story is Morrison, arguably at the top of his form, writing a runaway train of a story with so much complexity that it takes several re-readings to understand everything. While the writing gets the book its five stars, there are a couple of sequences near the end of the book that are illustrated by artists who are not so much inferior to Howard Porter as they are jarringly different. Porter is a big, splashy superhero artist, and some of the art in the final chapter is a lot less showy. Usually, I'm all for that, but if I'm watching Charlie's Angels, let's please not have it intercut with clips from My Left Foot. That said, Porter's visions of the future JLA are really cool looking, and the final showdown with Darksied is worth the price of the book all by itself. One more caveat: this book does indeed feature the horribly designed, conceived, written, advertised, and promoted Super-electricity-man, representing perhaps the single most shameful "let's make a buck" moment in the history of DC Comics, so while the smart, funny writing and blockbuster art make the story fun, you can't turn a page without going, "Oh yeah, that costume." Be warned, but read it anyway.

Spacey Superheroey Action

And by "spacey" I don't only mean happening in outer space. This is also one of Grant Morrison's strangest tales. It starts as a pretty straighforward adventure of the JLA against Lex Luthor and his Injustice Gang. What the superheros of the JLA, including Superman and Wonder Woman, don't know is that the choices they make in defeating the Lex Luthor might endanger the whole planet and leave it open for an invasion by Darkseid.Then things get weird.This story arc is hailed as Morrison's best in his long run on JLA and I recommend it fully.

Fantastic (again)

This book is truely the best ever, as I said in my last review. I recently re-read this book, and I was blown away by it's amazing story line, brilliant characters, and superb illustration. I don't think that words can do this excellent book credit. If you only buy one thing ever, buy toilette paper, if you buy two things buy JLA ROCK OF AGES!

Excellent as usual from Grant Morrison

What can I say. I have never written a review..., let alone for a comic book. I was an avid Superhero fan as a kid, but gave it up for the joys of girls, sports, and alcohol as an adult. Luckily a few years ago I walked into a comic book store and found Grant Morrison's work. I mostly collected Vertigo, but when I found out that Grant was writing JLA, I thought I would give it a shot. AM I GLAD THAT I DID. His entire run was tremendous! I don't know how the book is now, that he has stopped writing it (I have always found Mark Waid rather boring...yes JLA got me back into Superheroes for a while, but I have dropped out since) The plotting, dialogue and action is terrific. Some points of the story may remind "old-school" comic book readers of the X-Men's "Days of Future Past", but it exceeds that story on every level. (Of course I am biased being deep in my heart a DC kid forever!) In this storyline and all others Mr. Morrison manages to find depth in these characters, and keep the story complex. May I just say that I wish Grant Morrison wrote my favorite childhood character, Batman, on a monthly basis for eternity! He writes the intrepid Batman-the mere mortal amongst giants- better than anyone!

A great synthesis...

...of Morrison's wacky, deconstructive style with traditional super-hero action. The first writer to make Darkseid seem scary in years. His characterization and imaginative use of such characters as Lex Luthor, the Joker, Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, the Atom, Aztek, and the Mirror Master is better than almost any I've seen in comics. This has so far been the peak of Grant Morrison's run on JLA. Be forewarned, though: you need a brain to understand it. I also recommend Morrison's work on ANIMAL MAN, DOOM PATROL, and THE INVISIBLES, but the same caveat applies.
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