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Paperback It's Always Something : Twentieth Anniversary Edition Book

ISBN: 1439148864

ISBN13: 9781439148860

It's Always Something : Twentieth Anniversary Edition

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

To honor the twentieth anniversary of beloved comedienne Gilda Radner's death from ovarian cancer comes a commemo- rative edition of her memoir, It's Always Something --featuring a newly updated resource guide for people living with cancer and a tribute by Radner's former colleagues at Saturday Night Live . As a cast member on the original Saturday Night Live , Gilda Radner created a compelling character named "Roseann Rosannadanna" who habitually...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Even better the second time around

I found that this was even better the second time I read it. When speaking with friends, they all remember the book with fondness and had all lost track of their original. Seems when it first came out it was borrowed over and over. I think people forget that not only did Gilda Radner bring us enduring entertainment, but she also opened the world eye to ovarian cancer. This is an excellent read and reminds you what a difference one person can make.

Still Wonderful After 20 Years

This twentieth anniversary edition proves the timelessness of Gilda's story. Her courage and humor shine through in her writing, and they are just as apt in their dealings with illness and life as they were in 1989. Just like her characters on Saturday Night Live, Gilda seems to be at once vulnerable yet incredibly strong. This comes from her ability to be utterly honest about her fears and flaws during her life and her experiences with cancer. I can read this book over and over again. Whenever I want a sort of pep-talk for life, I turn to Gilda. Whether you loved her on SNL, are living with cancer, or just want to read an amazing story about one of the funniest and brave women of our time, Gilda's book will not disappoint. This new edition also has an interesting introduction by one of Gilda's friends and former SNL writer Alan Zweibel, and and afterword by Gilda's cancer mentor Joanna Bull. Bull includes a helpful resource guide for those living with cancer and a nice overview of Gilda's Club, the network of cancer support groups set up in memory of Gilda.

I truely couldn't put it down.

When I found out I had to do a project on Gilda Radner I was stunned. It was for my American history class. I had never been a huge Gilda fan, but seen a few of her SNL skits, so I thought to myslef 'how did she change history'. I had no idea, until I read this book. Not only did Gilda change comedy forever, but she gave many cancer patients a reason to try and live. My Aunt had ovarian cancer durring the 80's, and told me that with out Gilda's advice, she would have wanted to die. Gilda wrote this book while she had cancer, what an amazing thing to do. She wrote a beautiful book that truely I wouldn't put down. I read the book 4 times, and still wanted to read it again. Gilda finds a way to tell her story as your own. She touches something from your past or future. It's such an amazing book, and i recomend it to people of all ages.

Life As Gilda Saw It.

I have read "It's Always Something" by Gilda Radner probably a dozen or so times. Last night, I finished it once again. The message that Gilda gives to us is that you can never give up and no matter how bad things may seem in your own life, it can always be worse. Gilda Radner was a class act. She left behind memories that will someday make my children laugh. Gilda died as she lived; with respect, humor and dignity. Whenever I feel that life cannot get any worse, I pick up her book and it inspires me to go back out there and do whatever I can do to just get through the day. She is right when she says that some poems don't rhyme and some stories do not have a clear beginning, middle or end. Life was too short for Gilda. Her incredible life is her legacy. She made me laugh and I miss her. I finished the book once again, and I feel very sad today.

You will Cry and Laugh reading Gilda's beutifull Book

I've always been a fan of Gilda Radner.She was the greatest new comedian to come from the 70's.Just to look at her face doing skits on S.N.L. had me laughing out loud.I was so happy when it seemed Gilda was winning the battle over cancer.When she appeared on Gary Shandling's show,and made jokes about it.She looked fantastic.They even had a special lunch for Gilda,thinking she was cancer free,but she knew it was back again.Gilda still didn't give up. There's a part in the book when Gilda was walking down the street,and a car splashes muddy water on her.She starts yealing something about being "Cancer Women." Its the funniest part of the book.Gilda also write's about her childhood,and the S.N.L days,and her life with Gene Wilder.This book is very helpfull for anyone who has Cancer,and what to do if cancer runs in you family like it did in Gilda's.If only she knew,everything would have been different,but Gilda and her family have saved so many lives through Gilda's place. This is a beutifull book,and its not sad.Gilda's last gift to the World.
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