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Paperback How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence Book

ISBN: 0757001831

ISBN13: 9780757001833

How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence

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Book Overview

Time and again, the work performed at The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential has demonstrated that children from birth to age six are capable of learning better and faster than older children. How To Teach Your Baby To Read shows just how easy it is to teach a young child to read, while How To Teach Your Baby Math presents the simple steps for teaching mathematics through the development of thinking and reasoning skills. Both books...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The best children's education book I've ever read

I have no words to say how happy I am with this book. I read it just a few days before taking the course 'How to multiply your baby's intelligence' in Madrid, two weeks ago. If you want to read a Doman book, this is the one I reccomend you to start with. It is the one that gives you the broadest idea of his thoughts and theories. it is just so incredible and exciting, and if you already have a kid and have not started the Doman program right from birth, you will probably think ' oh my god, why haven't I read this book before?'. It is not a tragedy, you can and should start a program right away. I have two kids, ages three and one, and i have started the program with them. I guess it is working pretty well. I also took the course and was the best thing that happened in my life, after my children, nephews and husband! I enjoyed it so very much that I am taking the graduate course next week, in Philadelphia. Travelling from Italy to the USA to meet Doman in person! cannot wait! HIGHLY ; SUPER ;ABSOLUTELY reccomend this book.. my rate to this item is 5, but if I could write a number myself it wold probably be 5 million! Silvia Bilacchi

A compilation of three previous books by Glenn Doman

This book is a compilation of three books by Glenn Doman "How to Teach Your Baby to Read", "How to Teach Your Baby Math" and "How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge". You can buy these three books instead of this one. If you already have these three books, "How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence" won't give additional value. Initially I was skeptical about teaching my 18-month daughter to read and math, but found out that that Glenn Doman and Janet Doman have discovered the completely different method of teaching babies, not the same that is using in junior schools. Their method suits for a baby from zero moths old, i.e. from birth. The are three lessons per day, each lesson last fifteen seconds and give such a joy to the baby that she woke me up in the mornings asking me to teach her math. When she hears my steps when I return from my job, she runs to me to teach her math. The babies CAN and WANT to learn! The babies are eager to learn, they want desperately to learn everything they can, as quickly as possible, but the adults are often fail to provide for the babies the adequate opportunity of learning. Glenn Doman and Janet Doman offer funny and inexpensive way of teaching the baby to read, math, and encyclopedic knowledge by means of special inventory. For math, it is cards with big red dots indicating a real quantity. For reading, it is cards with printed words. For encyclopedic knowledge, it is cards with images. A few words from my own experience on producing the inventory: don't even imagine of cutting the cards or the red dots by you. Order the empty cards of the specified size in a nearby company, which prints business cards. For math, order five thousand 0.75-inch sticky red circles cut by a plotter on a roll of ORACAL in a nearby company, which decorates the shop windows. The authors do not emphasize on ORACAL, but my experience shows that the process of putting the circles to the cards should be much easier then. You can even give the baby to put the dots to the cards. It will develop the fingers. I also recommend "How to Teach Your Baby to Be Physically Superb" by Glenn Doman in addition to this book.

More than meets the eye

If you read past the first two chapters, which the person above obviously didn't, you will see that this program goes beyond reading and math by showing you how to give your baby "bits" of encyclopedic knowledge in a very comprehensive way. My son knew 50 periodic symbols when he was three, in addition to his states by sight, presidents, birds, and butterflies. Glenn Doman is a pioneer, a true visionary who sees a world where all children are intelligent--even ones who have had brain damage.

Imporve your childs life

When it comes to improving our children's life there are not enough stars in heaven to rate this book and the contribution Glenn Doman has made to mankind. On the surface the whole program looks like nothing but memorization. However if you understand the philosophy you understand that it is all about Quality repetitive stimulation, not memorization. The philosophy is simple and we have heard it a million times, The brain is like a muscle the more you exercise (stimulate) it the more it develops. There is one important difference however, the development of the brain is some what inversely proportional to ones age. The youngest mind (Infant mind) responds (develops) the best to stimulation. There is one other major point we need to understand. There is a difference between learning and developing the brain. Developing the brain is the establishment of the neuron connection in the brain in to the different areas of the brain, this is how your increase your IQ. Learning is the activity of studying a subject, and internalizing it, this is how you increase your wisdom/knowledge. We all understand to become a professional athlete, we need to develop the capability of the muscles to perform the work and we need to learn the skill to perform the work. We also understand there is no way to separate the two different development areas. That is as a beginner to any sport you have to and do develop both the skill and the ability at the same time as you participate. The whole point Glenn and Janet Doman are making is one that any good coach understands, the most effective way to increase the rate of development and potential of ability is to engage in quality repetitive stimulation.My degree is in Education, and I am a student of life and how we, and why we learn, Glenn and Janet have written several books that clearly explain why and how to increase your child's potential. The philosophy is sound and the methods are well proven. There is but one thing to consider, are you willing to develop children that are smarter then your self and give them a real chance to excel. If so read the books, understand the philosophy and consistently employee the methods. Your children will be greatly rewarded!!

When reading the book, be prepared to follow its suggestions

This book was very enlightening for my husband and I. We used these methods for both of our children. Both of them are in the gifted program at school and have been playing violin since 2 1/2. My son is in 6th grade making straight A's and my daughter is in 4th grade doing the same thing. They are also very active in sports activities. This book was the starting point of tapping into their potential at a very young age. The methods set forth in this book are not just meant as suggestions, but they actually work! We are very happy to have found this book, and are reaping its benefits already.
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