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Paperback How To Draw Manga Volume 28: Couples Book

ISBN: 4766112415

ISBN13: 9784766112412

How To Draw Manga Volume 28: Couples

(Book #28 in the How To Draw Manga Series)

Explains and provides examples on how to draw manga style human couples ashey engage in activities including walking, sitting, holding hands, kissing,n the bedroom, and getting married.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A Must For Any Manga Artist

I love this book. It's the 8th How To Draw Manga Book in my constantly growing collection. I decided to get this book when I felt that it was time to add a little more depth to my manga art. Mostly I draw single character comics, so I really wanted to add some couples to my manga. This book is a great refrence and really helpful in breaking down the basis of two people together. However this is not a step-by-step instuction manual. If you are a beginner you should start with classes or maybe if you really want these books then start with How to Draw Manga Volume One: Getting Started. It should also be noted that book goes into depth about drawing heterosexual couples as well homosexual couples in various poses including making love. There is also nudity away for the couples in bed. Though the book doesn't go into hentai(animated japanese pornography)type detail, it should be noted that it still refrences the material. I don't recommend this for parents looking to boost their children's art skills. And anyone who might be uncomfortable with this sort of material shouldn't buy this book. I recommend the entire series for those looking to expand their techniques.

Drawing Couples Explained

Drawing people in relation to one another is challenging and has eluded me for a time. After reading through this book, it became easier for me to portray them. Hayashi did a wonderful job of breaking down every aspect in simple, easy to understand terms and images. For example, the walking couples section is broken down into several sub-sections with other areas done in a similar fashion: -walking side by side -holding hands while walking -pulling arms while walking -female holding onto male hand while walking -female being pulled by male while walking -clinging to arm while walking (male & female, same-sex, rear view) -arm over shoulder (carrying arm over shoulder, arm behind back, two males, two females) -placing hand on shoulder -wrapping arm around the waist This book focuses on male and female couples but Hayashi also included same-sex relationships. Not all couples scene are relationship based but rather, they're platonic such as two guys or gals hanging out. But be aware that there is nudity in this volume and it does includes more expressive couple actions such as kissing, embracing, and the more intimate bedroom scene. This book is highly recommended and even more so for those interested in making shoujo manga.

Another Success

This is another great book from the how to draw manga series, it hows you how to draw female/male couple's, male/male couple's, and female/female couples. As is traditional with this series it mostly shows how to draw the characters using blocks.This book however starts on the assumtion that you can already draw faces/bodies etc...and therefore I'd advise that you purchase an earlier book first (i.e compiling characters or getting started).This book does briefly show how to draw characters 'making love', but it's not graphic, this book also contains nudity.Overall this book is excellent for people who enjoy drawing manga ^_^

A great tool for any artist

I just got this book, it is great. It shows you everything from dating to marriage. It teaches you about prespectives and proper placement of the characters. It even helps in placement of background items such as a park bench or a scene in a cafe. Ideally this is a great tool for any artist who is wanting to improve their skills, I know it helped me out and I do plan on getting other books from this series.

Excellent book for couples studies!

As an artist, I am always looking for books to make my life easier when looking for effective poses to use as reference. This book is exactly what I was looking for and delivered all I expected and more.Drawing bodies can be hard and drawing two bodies together can be mind-boggling. This book really helps break it down into managable pieces and provides a myriad of poses to study. And some of the manga tricks are very helpful and different than the traditional drawing methods taught in college courses. One of the best parts of the book is the fact the author included same gender couples in the studies, very important when studying the shape, contour and solidity differences of the male and female form and how they relate to each other in same gender and mixed gender pairings. The pages on the differences about how the arm lengths of men and women line up when wrapped around another body, which changes if the second body is male or female, is fascinating. This book does contain nudity so the muscles can be studied and referenced so I recommend it for the serious art student or the self-taught artist who has already worked with life studies who is now wanting a book to continue these studies. The book also includes poses of people in bed together so those inclined not to view these sections should not look at them.This book does not teach basic drawing skills so the person purchasing this book should already have those skills before using this book.
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