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Paperback How To Draw Manga Volume 26: Making Anime Book

ISBN: 4766112393

ISBN13: 9784766112399

How To Draw Manga Volume 26: Making Anime

(Book #26 in the How To Draw Manga Series)

Explains and provides examples on how to draw animation pictures, add colorso animation, draw actions, and make animations more interesting to viewers.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Really Informative and Interesting!

This is book is Excelent! I love it! It tells you alot about the process of making anime in Japan. It gives you a informative run down of the perspective of screen shots, coloring the animation, the background images, the tools and equipment used and the movement of the charcters. I found it very interesting. I think that anyone could use this and pick up the basics of anime and try and create their own. I recomend this to those who have a passion to become a animator (like me) or just love anime and want to know how it is made!

Very good concise reference

This book is definitely for someone with a bit of knowledge in animation and manga in general. Personally, I love concise texts (like this one) because they go straight to the point and only really say stuff that needs to be said. This book introduces you to the world of Manga animation (i.e. Anime) in the quickest way possible, and it does touch on a bit of everything: how coloring is done in cel animation, what frame rates are normally used, how you could improve your artwork, how to achieve particular special effects, and how to do backgrounds. The only thing missing from this book, which in my view is a pretty important thing, is the digital animation process - i.e. coloring anime digitally, and digitally animate drawings. Other than that, this book is excellent as a quick reference - especially if you already have some knowledge in animation and you are thinking of making your very own anime, in which case this book will serve as an excellent quick reference. However, if you are looking for something that will walk you through every single step of the animation process, this book is probably not for you. Actually, if that is what you are after, you should be taking a course in animation instead of reading a book anyway.

Everything you need to know about Japanese animation

If you really want to learn about animation, then this is the book for you! Put together by the folks at Yoyogi Animation and AIC who've worked on countless popular animations from Tenchi Muyo!, Ah! My Goddess, Moldiver, and Artimage III to name a few. After reading this book, it demystified the process of animation and I must say that I felt quite confident about making my own animation! And I'm a complete novice when it comes to animation. Everything is explained quite nicely with multiple examples shown in a majority of the areas covered. Tips and other helpful insights are also given for that extra step towards making your own professional animation. There is even a hilarious sample flip animation on the upper right corner of the book you can study. The book covers an overview of AIC, an introduction to the animation process which covers the step-by-step process of animation in easy to read flowcahrt, about images, why pictures drawn by animators move, drawing animation pictures, how to add colors to an animation, drawing actions, and tips for improving the fun factor of animations. First and foremost, this is not a how to draw book even though it has the "How to Draw Manga" title. It's strictly about animation. There is no nudity or suggestive drawing of any kind in this book so it's excellent for all age groups. And if you don't have the fancy equipment the animators have, the book ends with information on creating animations on your computer which earns this book a 5-star rating. For simple to complex animations, you can use Macromedia Flash or Shockwave but if you're really on a budget, Windows comes with a neat software called Movie Maker and if you have it, you can also use a software called GIF Animator.

'Making Anime' is a great book!

This book has wonderful easy to understand instructions on everything from creating cels to perspective and finishing.

An excellent, excellent book!

This book is an unprecendented step-by-step guide for the making of (Japanese-style) cel animation. Nowhere else, even in American books (and have I looked at a few!) are the complete procedures for animation wrapped up so tightly or professionally.Reasons I recommend the book:1) Besides being immensely clear in its text (a fine, strong translation, unlike some others in this How to Draw Manga series), this book has pictoral examples accompanying every principle about layout, perspective, depicting emotion, staging, anticipation, realistic lines of motion, and so on.2) The *complete* start-to-finish process is covered -- rather than just the animation and inbetweening bit, on which most other books focus; even aspects of animation such as tracing/inking, coloring/painting, visual and lighting effects, background design and execution are covered magnificently.3) Typical amateur work is scrutinized for common mistakes and is corrected by professionals, for an indirect application of techniques covered.When our local Anime Club decided to make a cel-animated film of our own, this book proved immensely useful. For additional animation techniques and advice, I also recommend "The Animator's Survival Kit" by Richard Williams and "The Illusion of Life" by Ollie Frank and Johnson Thomas.
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